Pointed Accounts of People You Know Album Cover Art

Game Theory

Cover Art

Game Theory Pointed Accounts of People You Know Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Penny, Things Won’t
    length: 5:16
  • 2 Metal and Glass Exact
    length: 3:33
  • 3 Selfish Again
    length: 4:08
  • 4 I Wanna Get Hit by a Car
    length: 3:28
  • 5 Life in July
    length: 2:38
    producer: Scott Miller
    membranophone: Dave Gill
    lead vocals: Nancy Becker
    engineer: Dave Scott Millington
    bass: Fred Juhos
    background vocals: Fred Juhos
    guitar: Scott Miller
    keyboard: Nancy Becker
  • 6. 37th Day
    length: 3:49
    guest keyboard: Dave Scott Millington