Turn Your Love Around Album Cover Art

George Benson


7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Turn Your Love Around
    length: 3:51
    producer: Jay Graydon
    membranophone: Jeff Porcaro
    piano: Jai Winding
    vocal: George Benson
    trumpet: Chuck Findley and Jerry Hey
    arranger: Jay Graydon
    flute: Gary Herbig
    background vocals: Bill Champlin, Vennette Gloud and Carmen Twillie
    guitar: Jay Graydon
    saxophone: Gary Herbig
    trombone: Bill Reichenbach, Jr.
    synthesizer: Jay Graydon and David Foster
    horn arranger: Jerry Hey
    bass synthesizer: David Paich
    Rhodes piano: Jai Winding
    cymbal: Mike Baird
  • 2 Nature Boy
    length: 4:21
    producer: Tommy LiPuma
    membranophone: Harvey Mason
    conductor: Claus Ogerman
    piano: Jorge Dalto
    vocal: George Benson
    bass: Stanley Banks
    percussion: Ralph MacDonald
    electric piano: Ronnie Foster
    Clavinet: Jorge Dalto
    arranger: Claus Ogerman
    guitar: George Benson
    Moog: Ronnie Foster