An Elegant Evening Album Cover Art

George Shearing & Mel Tormé


  • 1 I'll Be Seeing You
    length: 3:30
    lyricist: Irving Kahal
    composer: Sammy Fain
  • 2. Moon Medley: Love and the Moon / Oh, You Crazy Moon / No Moon at All
    length: 4:18
    composer: David Mann, Jimmy Van Heusen
    lyricist: Redd Evans, Johnny Burke
  • 3 After the Waltz Is Over
    length: 5:08
  • 4 This Time the Dream's on Me
    length: 3:24
    lyricist: Johnny Mercer
    composer: Harold Arlen
  • 5. Last Night, When We Were Young
    length: 5:17
    composer: Harold Arlen
    lyricist: Yip Harburg
  • 6. You Changed My Life
    length: 2:32
  • 7. Dream Medley: I Had the Craziest Dream / Darn That Dream
    length: 4:21
    lyricist: Eddie DeLange, Mack Gordon
    composer: Jimmy Van Heusen, Harry Warren
  • 8. Brigg Fair
    length: 4:20
    composer: [traditional]
    lyricist: [traditional]
  • 9 My Foolish Heart
    length: 6:11
    lyricist: Ned Washington
    composer: Victor Young
  • 10 You're Driving Me Crazy
    length: 4:42
    lyricist: Walter Donaldson
    writer: Walter Donaldson
    composer: Walter Donaldson