If You Have Ghost Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Ghost If You Have Ghost Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 If You Have Ghosts
    length: 3:35
  • 2 I'm a Marionette
    length: 4:52
    producer: Nick Raskulinecz
    conductor: David Campbell
    lead vocals: Tobias Forge
    mixer: Nick Raskulinecz
    engineer: Niels Nielsen, Simon Söderberg, Paul Fig and Niklas Berglov
    choir vocals: St. Trident Tenors of Tinseltown
    assistant engineer: Nathan Yarborough
    instrument: Group of Nameless Ghouls
    orchestrator: David Campbell
  • 3 Crucified
    length: 5:13
  • 4 Waiting for the Night
    length: 5:38
  • 5 Secular Haze (live)
    length: 5:28