Miss Gladys Knight Album

Artist(s): Gladys Knight

Cover Art

Gladys Knight Miss Gladys Knight Cover Art


I'm Coming Home Again

length: 4:21

Sail Away / Freedom for the Stallions

length: 4:31

I'm Still Caught Up With You

length: 3:56

It's a Better Than Good Time (disco)

length: 5:54

We Don't Make Each Other Laugh Anymore

length: 4:29
I don't think he's changed that much and I know I don't love him less But there's more to life than living at the same address. One thing is for sure, we don't make each other laugh anymore. Sometimes just the slightest word and one of us will just let go, Then almost at last we patch it all up, even so... It's never like before, we don't make each other laugh anymore. But sometimes at a party in another room from me I'll hear him laughing with his friends, And I remember how it used to be with us, how when we're home the laughter always ends. But sometimes in the hush of night you almost think they're still away Then the days go by like lonely Mondays 'til they say... We don't make each other laugh anymore.

The Way It Was

length: 3:23

I'll Take a Melody

length: 3:40

With You in Mind

length: 3:51

Love Gives You the Power

length: 3:55