Where My Heart Belongs Album

Artist(s): Gladys Knight


Need You Love You

length: 4:45


length: 4:40

Just Look Up

length: 4:02


length: 5:22


length: 3:50
It's okay, to let the tears flow
Let it wash away, all the things you've held inside
You witnessed tragedies, take so many lives
But even that couldn't brake you, cause your were destined to survive
It'll be alright, you can let go
Of the thoughts that filled your mind, and brought you sleepless nights
You may not understand, but the road thats up ahead
It's much brighter than the past
And suffering won't last

So, don't ever walk away
And don't ever be afraid
Cause you're immersed in, His love
Even though the storm is here
Soon the clouds will disappear
Cause you're immersed in, His love

It was hard to endure, but it made you stronger
And you survived
Every obstacle, that was inside
There was times when life pushed you, close to the edge
But you stood a champion
And refused to give in


Nothing, can separate, you from, the heart of God
He has, the power, to mend all the broken pieces
Lift up, your head
Let the light, dry away
All of yesterday's, pain
And bring, you, sunshine

[Chorus x2]

You're immersed in, His love
You're immersed, immersed in, His love
Oh, yeah

Midst of the Rain

length: 3:52


length: 4:29

There Is a Green Hill Far Away

length: 2:07

Were You There

length: 3:37

Happy Birthday Jesus: Sweet Little Jesus Boy

length: 5:12