Soul Searchin' Album Cover Art

Glenn Frey

Cover Art

Glenn Frey Soul Searchin' Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Livin' Right
    length: 5:02
  • 2 Some Kind of Blue
    length: 4:43
  • 3 True Love
    length: 4:41
    producer: Glenn Frey and Elliot Scheiner
    background vocals: Glenn Frey, Maxine Waters and Julia Waters
    keyboard: Robbie Buchanan, Barry Beckett and Glenn Frey
    percussion: Ralph MacDonald
    saxophone: Chris Mostert
    horn arranger: Glenn Frey and Greg Smith
    instrument: Glenn Frey
  • 4 Can't Put Out This Fire
    length: 5:09
  • 5 I Did It for Your Love
    length: 4:03
  • 6 Let's Pretend We're Still in Love
    length: 4:50
  • 7 Working Man
    length: 3:34
  • 8 Soul Searchin'
    length: 5:36
    producer: Glenn Frey and Elliot Scheiner
    membranophone: Roger Hawkins
    background vocals: Maxine Waters, Glenn Frey, Roy Galloway, Duncan Cameron, Oren Waters, Institutional Radio Choir and Julia Waters
    guitar: Duncan Cameron
    keyboard: Glenn Frey, Barry Beckett, Steve Nathan and Steve Thoma
    strings arranger: Glenn Frey and Nick de Caro
    bass guitar: David Hood
  • 9 Two Hearts
    length: 4:05
  • 10 It's Your Life
    length: 5:01
  • 11 It's Cold in Here
    length: 3:48