White Flag Album

Artist(s): Gorillaz

Cover Art

Gorillaz White Flag Cover Art


10" Vinyl 1
  • 1 White Flag
    length: 3:43
    conductor: Essam Rafea
    orchestra: National Orchestra for Arabic Music
    orchestrator: Essam Rafea
    composer: Gorillaz
    lyricist: Gorillaz, Kano, Bashy
    misc: وسام خضر
  • 2 Pirate's Progress
    length: 4:03
    producer: Gorillaz
    conductor: André de Ridder
    performer: Gorillaz
    orchestra: Sinfonia ViVA
    mixer: Jason Cox
    recording engineer: Jason Cox and Stephen Sedgwick
    additional membranophone: Gabriel Manuals Wallace
    programming: Stephen Sedgwick
    orchestrator: André de Ridder and James Redwood
    composer: Gorillaz

    Pirate's Progress Lyrics