Songs for Beginners Album Cover Art

Graham Nash

Cover Art

Graham Nash Songs for Beginners Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Military Madness
    length: 2:57
  • 2 Better Days
    length: 3:51
    producer: Graham Nash
    piano: Graham Nash and Joe Yankee
    lead vocals: Graham Nash
    performer: Larry Cox
    mixer: Graham Nash and Larry Cox
    background vocals: Graham Nash and Rita Coolidge
    electric bass guitar: Calvin Samuels
    Hammond organ: Graham Nash
    acoustic guitar: Graham Nash
    drums (drum set): Dallas Taylor
    solo bass clarinet: Simon Posthuma
    recording engineer: Larry Cox and Bill Halverson
  • 3 Wounded Bird
    length: 2:14
  • 4 I Used to Be a King
    length: 4:42
  • 5 Be Yourself
    length: 3:10
  • 6 Simple Man
    length: 2:19
    producer: Graham Nash
    piano: Graham Nash
    lead vocals: Graham Nash
    recording engineer: Bill Halverson
    violin: David Lindley
    background vocals: Rita Coolidge and Graham Nash
    cello: Dorian Rudnytsky
    mixer: Nathaniel Kunkel
  • 7 Man in the Mirror
    length: 2:49
  • 8 There's Only One
    length: 4:02
  • 9 Sleep Song
    length: 3:01
  • 10 Chicago
    length: 2:52
  • 11 We Can Change the World
    length: 1:07