Halcyon Album

Artist(s): Gretchen Peters


Tomorrow Morning

length: 3:40

baby you just slipped right through my fingers
baby took the words out of my mouth
i could start all over but the thing is
you were never something i could live without

you were always looking for the silver lining
i was always waiting for the rain
every now and then i need reminding
love is never really love in vain

this night will end
this heart will mend
and i'll smile again
tomorrow morning
as right as rain
as pure and plain
i will rise again
tomorrow morning

if i have a soul i've never seen it
if i have a prayer why can't i pray
i say that i'm alright but i don't mean it
what i really mean is i'm okay


i dreamed i was a sailor on the ocean
i dreamed that i was lost inside a storm
maybe i can find a fair wind blowin
somewhere in the dark before the dawn

The Aviator's Song

length: 4:41
you fell out of the sky when you were 21
your bomber took a bullet from a german gun
did you think about your wife
your brief and tender life
did you pray to anyone?
how does it feel when you're falling
can you hear sweet angels calling
is it empty up in s___e
did you touch god's holy face
did you tremble, did you cry
did you fall or did you fly
you fell out of your life when you were 43
you saw her and you thought she was your destiny
you wandered from the path
and we cursed your aftermath
but that's ancient history
you make it so d___ hard to love you
i don't know why i even try
and all i ever wanted of you
to take me with you when you fly
you fell out of my life one last time today
i held your hand and watched you as you slipped away
you cast your pilot's eye to the endless open sky
and i sent you on your way

Blessing in Disguise

length: 3:29
Are you lonely? Are you crying?
Are those teardrops in your eyes?
Is it more blues? Is it bad news?
Is it a curse or a blessing in disguise?

Did you leave him? Do you love him?
Have you said your last goodbyes?
Is it over? Are you sorry?
Could it be a blessing in disguise?

It's the scars that make you stronger
It's the hard times make you wise
It's the sweet things only time brings
That arrive like a blessing in disguise

Clouds roll by and bring the rain
Tears will dry and ease the pain

Let me be your silver lining
Shining through like a blessing in disguise
Shining through like a blessing in disguise

Child of Mine

length: 3:10
I can't fight your dragons anymore
They no longer live behind your closet door
My magic's lost its power to ease your mind
But if I could, I'd slay them child of mine

What I wouldn't give for just one day
When holding you was all it took to wipe those tears away
Remember all the days we've left behind
And hold them in your heart, sweet child of mine

It fills me like a river fills the sea
Holds me in its sway and sets me free
It reaches far beyond all tide and time
This love I have for you, sweet child of mine
This love I have for you, sweet child of mine

A Cool Goodbye

length: 3:02
Will I see you tonight with the moon in your hair?
Your sad little smile, your poetic despair
Will we meet on the freeway under the sky
For a cool goodbye?

There's a crack in my voice, there's a crack in my heart
The foundation is crumbling, I'm falling apart
And the cars on the freeway are whistling by
Like a cool goodbye

I've learned my lesson, I've been to school
You were the teacher, I was the fool

Well, how do you do it, baby? What is your trick?
You make it look easy, the kiss and the kick
A shrug of the shoulder, a wink of the eye
And a cool goodbye


length: 3:29
Imogene, she lives in Reno
All alone with thirteen cats
Every night she passes the casino
Imogene, don't fool with that

Imogene, she drives an old Camaro
But she hardly ever takes it out
If it's true, God's eye is on the sparrow
She's got nothin' to worry about

She says that's life, that's my life
Well, I get what I need and I want what I want
And the bills roll in and the money don't

And I do what I do and I fake the rest
And somehow it all works out for the best
That's life, that's my life

Imogene, she don't take chances
The girl's got a level head
Evaluate the circumstances
That's what her daddy always said

Then one night she passes the casino
Puts a quarter in the slot machine
Drops down, comes up cherries
Way to go now, Imogene

She says that's life, that's my life
Well, I get what I need and I want what I want
And the bills roll in and the money don't

And I do what I do and I fake the rest
And somehow it all works out for the best
That's life, that's my life

Former high school football hero
Knocks on her door like the sweepstakes man
She says, I'm a former high school zero
Now you want to be my friend?

You're as dumb as a day old puppy
You ain't as pretty as you used to be
Here's a quarter baby, go get lucky
Put one in the slots for me, yeah

That's life, that's your life
Well, you get what you need and you want what you want
And the girls roll in but the right one don't

And you do what you do and you fake the rest
And somehow it all works out for the best
That's life, that's your life

This Used to Be My Town

length: 4:32
The altar boys are sneaking cigarettes
The friends and neighbors offering their regrets
The station wagon's in the pouring rain
And all that water goin' down the drain

A white lace dress for when I turn thirteen
And a bright red stain that wouldn't quite come clean
Walking by the football field, trying out my sex appeal
While all around the leaves are turning brown
This used to be my town

He waited by the swing set in the park
He tore at my new raincoat in the dark
And all that I could think about
Was getting through and getting out
And how the night could fall without a sound
This used to be my town

I'm flying through the clouds as white as snow
I'm looking at the people down below
The whole world holds its breath for me
The priest evokes eternity
And everywhere the rain is pourin' down
This used to be my town

If Heaven

length: 3:19
If heaven was an hour it would be twilight
when the fireflies start their dancin' on the lawn
and supper's on the stove and mama's laughin'
and everybody's working day is done

if heaven was a town it would be my town
on a summer day in 1965
and everything i wanted was out there waiting
and everyone i loved was still alive
chorus: don't cry a tear for me now baby
comes a time we all must say good bye
and if that's what heaven's made of
you know i ain't afraid to die

if heaven was a pie it would be cherry
cool and sweet and heavy on your tongue
and just one bite would satisfy your hunger
and there'd always be enough for everyone
if heaven was a train it'd be a fast one
to take this weary traveler round the bend
and if heaven was a tear it'd be my last one
and you'd be in my arms again


length: 5:06
It's Friday night down in Germantown
You're ridin' shotgun wearin' black
Just another Friday night in Germantown
But something tells me we ain't goin' back

Mary's glowin' by the dashboard light
Giving benediction to the lost
Something's stirring in the black, black night
I guess, every blessing has its cost

Do you remember graduation day?
I burned like fire beneath your kiss
Said, you could see us somewhere far away
Oh, but baby, not like this

I heard a siren and a shot ring out
But my mind would not believe
My plates expired and my taillight's out
And you've got something up your sleeve

I'm doin' ninety toward the county line
And the rain is comin' down
Said, you were onto something big this time
But it's the other way around

It's Friday night down in Germantown
The blood is pounding in my veins
Just another rainy night in Germantown
Why does it always have to rain?

Drowning in You

length: 3:37
You blow in harder than a hurricane
I'm always standing in the pouring rain
Sometimes it's all that I can do
To keep from drowning in you

You come on softer than a summer wind
Love me 'til I'm weak and then you're gone again
And I ain't got no anchor to hold on to
To keep from drowning in you

You always pull me under
While I'm trying to stay afloat
You bring the rain and thunder
I bring the boat

I used to come running when you'd cry for help
But this time around, baby, I gotta save myself
Gotta keep my head above the blue
Gotta keep from drowning in you

Sometimes it's all that I can do
To keep from drowning in you


length: 3:12
I am an artist, I won't crawl
I'll paint a picture of my heart
And hang it on a wall

It's my sweet release
It's my masterpiece
Hanging on a wall in a museum

You can hurt me but I'll fight back
I'll rearrange the shadows and the light
'Til the colors turn to black

'Til my broken heart
Is a work of art
Hanging on a wall in a museum

And I'll paint the golden summers
And I'll paint the starry nights
And I'll paint the bloody battles
And the refuse of the fight

Like a message in a bottle
Like a ghost beyond the grave
You're looking for some meaning
But it's my life I'm trying to save

I am a stranger to myself
Not living breathing flesh and blood
But dust upon a shelf

It's my joy and my strife
It's my lot in life
To be hanging on a wall in a museum