127 Rose Avenue Album

Artist(s): Hank Williams, Jr.

Cover Art

Hank Williams, Jr. 127 Rose Avenue Cover Art


Farm Song

length: 3:52

Let me tell you about the farm
All my friends are in the barn
Barn Life, Farmers Wife
Don't you make me say it twice
Sunny days
Bale and Hay
Go to church and learn to pray
Cornbread, feather bed, buttermilk
Scratch my head
Brown cow, Cat's meow
C'mon mule, pull my plow!

Oats and bread, turkey breast
Wait a minute
Catch my breath!

Candied yams,
Scrambled eggs
Crazy Rooster plucked my leg
King nose, garden hose
Watchin all the flowers grow
Tractor rattle, horse and saddle
Open line, fishin' paddle
Green beans, blue jeans
Electric guitar,washing machine
Ho' down, gather around
Listen to the barnyard sound
Fiddle and bow, mountain blow
Bluegrass, country, rock and roll!

House fly, Apple pie
Coon skin hat, eagle eye
In-law, Out-law
Suit and tie, overall
Great oaks, best smokes
Jelly jam, jell-o roll
Fried tomato, baked potato
Soup and kettle, double barrell
Bow and arrow, camouflage
Left Paw, Buzz saw
Country boy, C'mon now
Make that good ol' fiddle squak!!

Hound dog, Bullfrog
Deer head hangin' on the wall
Clothesline, grapevine
Sippin on that ol' moonshine
Amen, women hollerin'
Grey head men,brown eyed daughter
Mom and paw,snake in the grass
Duck call,2 steppin helpin
Sun comin up, over the mountain
When it rains I'm insane
Guess that covers ever-thang!!!!

Pick-up truck, muffler loud
Welcome to the sunny south!!
Birkenberth, KFC
ASP, won't take cards
Civil war was in the yard
Love Life
Out of hand
Waited on ten level tan
Only going to do 20 shows
Hunting season, told ya so
He's goin' fishin!!
There he goes!
There he goes!
There he goes!

Red, White & Pink-Slip Blues

length: 4:18
I used to love this town and this neighborhood
The streets were safe, the schools were good
The mill was hummin' twenty-four seven
I was formin' on the line, three to eleven
But eighteen months, two days ago
The Mill closed down and moved to Mexico

I payed my bills, I payed my dues
I payed my share of taxes too
Now I cant buy my baby shoes
Ive got the red, white, pink-slip blues

I hide the pickup truck in Ricky Browns garage
Over on the next block, cause there's Repo's to dodge
I slip out the back door Lord, I never thought Id live to see this day
Where gonna need that truck when they come to take the house away

You know I love my country and I'm not one to complain
But there's a lot of us that feel like we've been left out here
Out in the rain

I payed my bills, I payed my dues
I payed my share of taxes too
Now I cant buy my little baby shoes
Ive got the red, white, damn pink-slip blues

High Maintenance Woman

length: 4:28

She wants a ten carat diamond ring And that's somethin' I ain't got
Oh, but the way that she shakes that thang she's gonna have one sooner than not
A hundred thousand dollar baby blue car that is also in her plan
She's a high maintenance woman and I'm a low budget man
She's a high maintenance woman
She's what you call a ten
She's a high maintenance woman
It takes a lot to keep her tuned in
Oh that very high maintenance woman got me in the shape I'm in
She's a high maintenance woman and I'm a low budget man
Now the beauty salon where she goes they do everything to...everything from her head down to her toes
And all the hot spots in between she blows about eight hundred there and then a champagne shopping spree
She has very expensive tastes but she's worth every penny
She's a high maintenance woman
She's is what is known as a ten
She's a high maintenance woman it takes a whole lot to keep her tuned in
Oh this very high maintenance woman got me in the shape I'm in
She's a high maintenance woman and I'm a low budget man
She's a high maintenance woman and I'm a low budget man
She's a high maintenance woman but I'm gonna find some more money, honey
She's a high maintenance woman
She's a high maintenance woman and I'm a low budget man

Mighty Oak Trees

length: 3:15
Like mighty oak trees
They line a shaded, well-worn path
They're the souls that have walked beside me
And I can see that, lookin' back
Friends that stood by me
Right up to the last
Like mighty oak trees
They've helped me walk this well worn path

Down by the waters
Of a stream that never ends
They sheltered me from the noonday sun and guard me
From the wind
Now I close my eyes and I can see them
All once again
Like mighty oak trees
Down by that stream that never ends
Strong and always there
When I needed them the most
You know they're rooted
Way down deep in my soul
Now I think about 'em all the time
When I'm out on the road
And every night when I lay down I know I'm lookin' up
At mighty oak trees

Like mighty oak trees
They have stood the test of time
They were always there to lean on
When strength was hard to find
I just hope that one day
You're lucky enough to find
Mighty oak trees
Mighty oak trees
Like those rowdy friends of mine

Forged by Fire

length: 3:54
It was hard for him to get out of bed
When the phone rang, sleep-eyed she said
Charlie's drunk again
Why don't you just let it ring
Through the years he'd always picked it up
For the guy who came back and saved his butt
What they have in common is a brotherhood
So few could understand
They were...

Forged by fire
Hard times you get beyond
Gives you an unbreakable bond
Forged by fire
When you pray to god, bet the odds
And walk through hell together
You're forever
Forged by fire

The young GI said from his V A bed
Why you wanna hang out with us broken men
When you could be spending your time with your family and friends
He told him son, you're family too
I see myself when i look at you
In a place and time you don't forget
And even tho we've just met


He said goodbye GI see you next week
Then he rolled himself out to the street
It was pretty hard for him to get his van
And throw the wheelchair in the back
He was headed home ready to unwind
Charlie called can you help me one more time
He said Chuck, I'll be there on the double
For a brother, it's no trouble


Last Driftin' Cowboy

length: 3:05
Sure was a way back when
But that's when they formed the band who influenced
All of the music since then
The twenty-five year old singer
Was the king of moanin' the blues
His words would make you feel
And with that cryin' steel
Why they just
Over powered you

I was one of the lucky few that
Got to play with him
When I turned twenty-one he told me
Son, I'm gonna fill you in
Don't believe that stuff about your dad bein'
Sad to the end
He knew how to have fun
He owned the music son
He was a sharp dressed ramblin' man

Well now I gotta tell ya somethin'
I want the world to know
It's gonna shake your boots
And it might chill your soul
'cause I just got the news
Not too long ago
I've gotta break it to you
It's the...end of the show

The last driftin' cowboy is gone
Our one link to Hank
And those great songs
I'm gonna play his steel guitar licks
All night long
'cause the last driftin' cowboy has
Found his way home

127 Rose Avenue

length: 4:09
Somewhere in the cradle of the deep south
Magnolias sway in the breeze
To the lonesome sound of a Red Boned Hound,
Howlin' at the moon and the trees.
There's a sad eyed boy, with his guitar,
Cuttin' his teeth on the blues.
Wishin' on a falling star, at 127 Rose Avenue

The distant moan of a midnight train,
Comes blowin' through the night.
He dips his pen in tears and pain,
And he begins to write.
Bout a whippoorwill too blue to fly,
And the Indian he once knew.
Bout lost highways, and purple skies,
At 127 Rose Avenue.

Caretaker said as he shook his head,
"Son to you believe in Ghosts?
For a five dollar bill you can feel the chill
That he felt long ago."

So a I bought me a ticket at the front door,
Guess who was there inside.
I felt his presence through the whole tour,
God I swear, he was alive.
I saw the train, I felt the pain,
I heard him moanin' the blues.
Twenty-nine years of memories,
At 127 Rose Avenue.


Another side eyed boy with his guitar,
Cuttin' his teeth on the blues.
Here I am wishin' on a falling star,
At 127 Rose Avenue

It ain't in Nashville
It's not in Montgomery

All the Roads (feat. The Grascals)

length: 3:09

Sounds Like Justice

length: 3:57
He lived right across the street
It was on the news for the world to see
They caught with his hands on a neighbors child
Now he said he never done it before
And he cried before the judge in court

So they put him away for a just a little while
Warden found him in his cell
Somebody sent him straight to hell
Beggin' for his life down on his knees
Sounds like justice to me

Mom and pops had a corner store
It had been there 30 years or more
And it had been robbed about a hundred times
Punk walked in like he owned the place
Said, give me the money as he slapped his face

He didn't know pops had a .45
They found him face down on the floor
Dude never made it to the door
Pops said, I learned in the Army
How to point and squeeze
And it sounds like justice to me

Sounds like justice, justice, justice

Long Gone Lonesome Blues

length: 6:07
composer: Hank Williams
lyricist: Hank Williams
I went down to the river to watch the fish swim by;
But i got to the river so lonesome i wanted to die..., oh lord!
And then i jumped in the river, but the doggone river was dry.
She's long gone, and now i'm lonesome blue.

I had me a woman who couldn't be true.
She made me for my money and she made me blue.
A man needs a woman that he can lean on,
But my leanin' post is done left and gone.
She's long gone, and now i'm lonesome blue.

I'm gonna find me a river, one that's cold as ice.
And when i find me that river, lord i'm gonna pay the price, oh lord!
I'm goin' down in it three times, but lord i'm only comin up twice.
She's long gone, and now i'm lonesome blue.

She told me on sunday she was checkin' me out;
Long about monday she was nowhere about.
And here it is tuesday, ain't had no news.
I got them gone but not forgotten blues.
She's long gone, and now i'm lonesome blue.

Gulf Shore Road

length: 4:11
I want to live on Gulf Shore Road
And lighten up my heavy load
Make all my blues go away
Lookin' across Pelican Bay

I want to live on fresh seafood
And never be in a bad mood
I want to dance with you real slow
On Moonlight Beach on Gulf Shore Road

Not enough time now in the day
For people to ever find their way
Back to their heart and their homes
We're too busy talking on the phone

My little girl just wants to play
In the sand and in the waves
And that's all we're gonna do you know
Life is good on Gulf Shore Road

Wish everyone could come on down
Jump in the water and mellow out
Don't even think about the news
Just bring shorts and tennis shoes

Catch the fish and drink the wine
Stay here until it comes a time
For me to pass away and go
Lord let it be like Gulf Shore Road