Songs My Father Left Me Album

Artist(s): Hank Williams Jr.


Cajun Baby

length: 2:38

Way down yonder in the bayou country in dear old Louisianne
That's where live's my cajun baby the fairest one in the land
Her teeth're white and pearly hair black as coal
Wouldn't trade my cajun baby for the world's gold
Way down yonder in the bayou country in dear old Louisianne

My heart's been sad and lonely since the day I left her side
But today I got her letter said she'd be my cajun bride
Gonna go and wed my cajun baby and ive by the old bayou
Eat a lotsa shrimp and crawfish ride around in my old pirogue
Way down yonder...

Before the sun goes down this evening I'll be on my way
To see my cajun baby and there I'm gonna stay
On a Saturday night we go dancin' and listen to the fiddle-o
Lord I got me a cajun baby just a livin' and a lovin' by the old bayou
Way down yonder...

For Me There Is No Place

length: 2:15

Is This Goodbye

length: 2:05

I'm Just Cryin' Cause I Care

length: 2:43

Your Turn To Cry

length: 1:52

Where Do I Go From Here

length: 2:21
Slowly but surely I've watched your love die now you run my heart over with care
I know oh so well that you don't want me now tell me darling where do I go from here
I've built all my plans and my hopes around you no other can replace you dear
I've seen all my dreams and my hopes fade away
So tell me darling where do I go from here
You know that your pride is making you stay but sympathy ain't what I want to hear
Cause what good is kindness to a man that needs love
So tell me darling where do I go from here

I know that your heart is far away and there's nothing for me but my tears
I didn't want to see my tears turn to hate so my darling I'm going from here

Are You Lonely Too?

length: 2:33

Darling I'm so lonely here all alone things're not the same dear now that you are gone
Are you lonely too my darling do mem'ries make you cry
Are you sorry now that we said goodbye
My days are full of sorrow my nights are full of tears
And there's no hope of tomorrow weeks have turned into years
Won't you please reconsider take me back in your heart
For I don't want to live if we're gonna stay apart
Now when you get this letter if you feel the way I do
Please hurry on back home for I'll be waitin' there for you

Won't you please reconsider...


length: 2:24
Homesick and lonely I'm worried and blue
I want to see the baby and the baby's mama too
I'm so tired of roamin' I'm about to lose my mind
Homesick and lonesome for that gal of mine
Mean old trouble is all that I've known
I'm missing my honey and boys I'm going home
If she'll just let me tarry when I come draggin' in
You couldn't take a shotgun and run me off again
This old boy's got misery deep down in his soul
This old world's too big and this old world's too cold
I'll be ridin' that freight train when she comes down the tracks
And next time you see me leave I'll be flat on my back


I never knew a body could ever feel so low
I have often asked myself why did I ever go
I'm a headin' home and this time there I'm gonna park
And if she wants a new dog then I'm gonna learn to bark
Homesick and lonely...
Homesick and lonesome for that gal of mine

Just Me And My Broken Heart

length: 2:37

My Heart Won't Let Me Go

length: 2:15

You don't care one thing about me and you never will I know
Still I hang around you darling you know I can't let you go
I know you will only hurt me just because I love you so
I know I should be leaving but my heart won't let me go

Tonight when you are sleeping I will lie awake and cry
For in my heart I know that soon you'll say goodbye
How I hate to see tomorrow it will just bring tears and woe
I know I should be leaving but my heart won't let me go

You Can't Take My Memories Of You

length: 2:43