That’s Business Album

Artist(s): Home Grown

Cover Art

Home Grown That’s Business Cover Art


Get a Job

length: 3:33

I've been wasting my life for 19 years.
I'm tired of sitting around,
Watching football and drinking beer.
I don't want to go to work.
Pushed around by a ****ing jerk.
I don't want to do anything.
But my life is in a rut.
An education I gave up.
I don't want to do anything.

Oh yeah! I'm going out to get a job.
I'm gonna rise up to the top.
I'm gonna make a million dollars.
A couple years have gone by,
I feel I'm getting old.
Nothing to do with my life.
I'm just a loser with nowhere to go

The Hearing Song

length: 4:07
Huh? What did you say?
Repeat it again.
Talk a little louder, talk as loud as you can.
There's a ringin' in my ear.
My hearing is not clear.
Talk a little louder, man, I just don't understand.

You don't know, you don't know what it is like
When i try to talk to people, it gets me so uptight.
All you stupid people! Don't you understand?
To have a conversation, I have to use both hands.

Huh? What? I've got a hearing problem, it's my disability.
It's always the same, every single day.
Physically disabled and it's getting to my brain.
There's a ringing in my ear.
I cannot ****ing hear.
Talk a little louder, man, I just don't understand.

Don't try to raise your volume, it won't do any good.
Neither of my nodes are working like they should.
All you stupid people. Can't you understand?
To have a conversation I have to use both hands.
Huh? What? I've got a hearing problem and I try to comprehend.
If I want to talk, I have to use both hands.
I've got a hearing problem and I think I'm going deaf.

She Said…

length: 3:33

When I think about her, I just get down
Knowing that she doesn't want me around
Maybe if she would try
Things would work out
But I know that it's useless to maintain this state of hopelessness
'cause when i see her.. she said she's got better things too do

Masturbations' left me alone
I can't even talk to myself on the phone

Maybe if she would try
Things would work out
But i know that it's useless to think that she'd love me
'cause she is a stupid bitch an' she said she's got better guys to do

My heads spinning around I can't think about it
Maybe I'm someone she... she can't understand

My Friends Suck

length: 3:21
I feel estranged from all my friends.
I feel a disconnection, I guess I don't need them.
When they're around, they'll criticize...
About my happiness, it makes me hurt inside.

Overcoming all my fears.
Constantly criticized by all my peers..
I don't want you around me anymore.
Find someone else to be your friend leave me alone.

Leave me alone.
When I'm by myself, I feel so free.
No one to push me down and make me brush my teeth.
When they're around, they'll criticize.
My friends don't understand that they're hurting me inside

Alternative Girl

length: 3:43
Alternative Girl.
I can't believe I just fell in love with you.
Because you look so cool.
Some say you're strange but to me you're just plain beautiful.

You shop at the lab.
Expensive clothing cause the style is just another fad.
I love the way you dress.
Baggy jeans and a T-shirt showing off your breasts.

Alternative girl.
You rock my world.
Everytime I thing about you , my head starts spinning around.
With your colored hair, and you thrift store clothes.
You're the most wonderful person that I've ever known.

Alternative girl.
I love the smell of your petrole oil.
Yeah you smell so good.
You smell like rotten food that's overdue.
Alternative girl, I'm in love with you.
Alternative girl, you rock my world.


length: 3:07

Surfer Girl

length: 5:42
I was at the beach,
Sitting on the sand
When I saw this girl
Dark brown eyes, and a dark olive tan
She was watching the sets
With a surfboard underneath her arm
The first moment I saw her
I knew she'd do me some harm
She's so good
She came out of the water
From the best session I'd seen
Man, she had the biggest chi chis I had ever seen
She put down her board,
And sat down next to me
And played a soft ole lonely tune,
On her ukulele
I don't know what had happened
But I'd fallen asleep
The next morning I woke up
She was sleeping next to me 

I fell in love with her
I'm so in love with her
I fell in love with her
My little Surfer Girl 

She got out of bed
Waxed up both our boards
Grabbed me by the hand and then
She took me out the door
We surfed all that day long
At least eight hours straight
Man! I knew she was the one
And damn I couldn't wait
Well I asked if she loved me
She said, "Yeah well I guess"
So I asked her to marry me
Dammit, you know she said "yes" 


I was at the alter
In my tuxedo-o-o
Waiting for my Surfer Girl
Man, where did she go
Later on that day
A friend to me did tell-ell-ell
That she went to Mexico
To catch a, to Catch a,
To catch a 10 foot swell
That ***** 


My Surfer Girl


length: 3:23

You drive me up the fucking wall,
I can't stand you anymore.
I don't want to talk to you,
I'd rather be ignored.
Your mom's a bitch. Your dad's a jerk.
And you're a nasty whore.

I'm sick of all the things you do,
I can't stand you anymore.
Your breath is fucking stinky, and your body smelly.
Smoking all your cigarettes, you're gonna burn in hell.
You're a fucking loser, you're always getting stoned.

Masturbating in your bedroom, when you're all alone.
Well, I don't want your money.
I don't want you around.
I don't need your fucking company.
Because you bother me.
You're so damn annoying.
Irritating you are.
You're so irritating,

Whenever you start yelling, my ears begin to bleed.
I don't wanna listen, but you will never leave.
You are my ball & chain, there's nothing I can do.
My mind is going to explode, being around you.
You're always fucking singing, all the trendy tunes.
Play air guitar, you rock with gwar 666, you'll be a rock & roll star soon.
Going out to parties and acting really cool.
Shooting up and drinking when you should be in school.

Face in the Crowd

length: 4:18

Whenever I go out to parties,
I try so hard just to fit in.
I'll walk around with a cup of beer in my hand.
And smoke a cigarette.
I want to be like everyone else.

If I was a rock star, they would notice me.
And they would want my autograph.
I'll have a video on MTV.
And I'll be signed on epitaph.

I'm just another face in the crowd,
I'm not gonna let it bring me down because
I know someday I'll break away.
I'm just another face in the crowd,
I'm gonna break away somehow, before my mind goes insane.

Everyday I think about my future.
I don't know what I want to be.
It always seems like I'm stagnating...
Uh whoa uh whoa uh oh oh....oh!
Separated from society.

If I was an actor like keanu reeves.
Then all the girls would scream and shout and tear.
I'll be rich and famous from the movie screen.
And by this time we'll be sold out.

I Hate Myself

length: 3:42
Deep down inside me, I feel I need a change.
So sick of everything, it all just seems the same.
Always unhappy, I cannot find a smile.
Wasting my life away, I guess you can call it suicide.

My life's a waste.
Nothing left for me to hate.
I hate myself. I have no friends.
I'm treading water, I'm struggling by the edge.
I'm sitting here all alone, I just can't lose myself.
My friends ignore me, they think my life's a waste.
They're now my enemies, all of which I hate.

Always unhappy, I got a gun pointed to my head.
Will someone come help me now, before I turn out dead?

One Night Stand

length: 3:02
Hey all you girls, I've seen you at the parties.
I've seen you getting drunk, making fools of yourselves.
But its okay! I'll get together with you anyways.
Just as long as I never see you again.
You say you want love, bud do you think I really care?

All you were was a "one night stand" and all I wanted was your sex...
Come on all you girls lets get together.
We're gonna have a great time.
I'll take off your clothes, then take off mine... and then we'll begin to dine!!

Hey all you girls, I'm feeling really horny.
I've got a big ol' boner sticking out of my pants.
But it's okay! I'll get together with you anyways.
Just as long as I never see you again.
One time possession and you don't mean **** to me.
All you wanted was a relationship and I just wanted you to suck my ****!


length: 4:38
Impotency really sucks.
I don't know why I can't get it up.
Why me?! Why?!
All of my friends make fun of me.

"Hard to ejaculate! Easy to pee!"
Now I can dance with girls without getting a woodrow!
I'm flaccid and limp. I can't get an erection.
(Aw, my only chance to get laid and this had to happen)

There must be something wrong with me.
I will never get laid.
I've got a penis infection.
There must be something wrong with me!!
Uh, duh...impotency!

I went to my doctor the other day,
He asked me if I was straight or gay.
Well, my eyes are slanted.
That's not the problem can't you see, you stupid rug rat?
I've got a problem. actually, I've got a case called impotency.
Oh yeah, yeah.


length: 3:48
Hey, I cannot wait until the end.
The end is near and coming soon.
You're not bad but you're not great.
You're just a broad in a mental state.
I cannot read between the lines.
Pretty soon were gonna die!
Now you're here and your stuck.
Now you're just a worthless, worthless ****!

Employer’s Market

length: 2:30
Now I've been workin' at this company for three years,
You think by then that I'd earned some respect.
But the company is run by high corporate fagots.
Who're only interested in gaining more profit.

And when I thought I wasn't getting my fair share,
And I asked for a bigger cut of the wealth,
They just told me to think again,
And said that they could find someone else.

Employer's market nah they don't give a ****.
Still at this company for the fourth year
Guess I'm too lazy to find a better job.

Maybe I'll see if k-marts' still hirin,
Or get an application at Jack-in-the-Box.
And when I got caught out to lunch early,
I got a lecture for 10 min long and then he fired me right there at 1:30.
That's what inspired me to write this song.


length: 3:40

You walk around town in your new leather boots.
Going out to bars, cranking up your favorite tunes.
KNAC is pumping while you're pitting and you're jumping.
Your front is short and your back is very long.
No matter how you comb it, it still looks very wrong.
Just look into a mirror and a dumb-ass you will see.
You're just a stupid jock with an S.F.L.B.
No helmet, no pads, no skin-tight pants.
Why must you act stupid and fucking slam-dance?
It really feels good to fight for no reason,
Just because FOOTBALL is out of season!!


length: 0:06


length: 2:30