Everlasting Love Album Cover Art

Howard Jones

Cover Art

Howard Jones Everlasting Love Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Everlasting Love
    length: 4:21
    producer: Chris Hughes, Ian Stanley and Ross Cullum
    lead vocals: Howard Jones
    mixer: Mike Roarty
    recording engineer: Ian Stanley, Ross Cullum and Chris Hughes
  • 2 The Brutality of Fact
    length: 4:27
  • 3 Power of the Media
    length: 4:46
  • 4 No One Is to Blame
    length: 4:12
    producer: Hugh Padgham and Phil Collins
    membranophone: Phil Collins
    lead vocals: Howard Jones
    vocal: Phil Collins
    mixer: Hugh Padgham
    recording engineer: Hugh Padgham