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Icona Pop

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Icona Pop Iconic EP Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 I Love It
    length: 2:36
    producer: Patrik Berger and Style of Eye
    mixer: Patrik Berger
    recording engineer: Patrik Berger
    background vocals: Charli XCX
    programming: Patrik Berger
    instrument: Patrik Berger
  • 2 Ready for the Weekend
    length: 2:42
    producer: Elof Loelv
    mixer: Elof Loelv
    recording engineer: Elof Loelv
    background vocals: Elof Loelv
    programming: Elof Loelv
    instrument: Elof Loelv
  • 3 Good for You
    length: 3:28
  • 4 Manners
    length: 3:32
  • 5 Top Rated
  • 6 Sun Goes Down
    length: 3:16