The Passage Album

Artist(s): Iron Man


The Fury

length: 6:05

Ride on into the night
Smoke and fire drowns the light
With eyes of fire, a head with many crowns
He has a name, but no one knows
The armies of the world prepare for battle
His sword will strike all nations down
He is the one who would be king
Come together for the supper of the beast
What once was will never be
On the mountain stands a white horse
The wrath of God is spilling out
On and on, it happens again
Can't stop this dream, what does it mean
Calling out one final shout
With one last breath we meet our death
God help us now

Unjust Reform

length: 4:55

What in the world have they done
Look around what do you see
Will tomorrow hold the answer
Can we unlock the key
Now the journey's just beginning
We are breaking free
Now it's time we asked the question
Why does all this have to be
The one who seeks is the one who finds
Those that speak they are not blind
The road is long and narrow
Open your eyes and find the way
What do you think they're gonna be doing
When you tell them that they're totally wrong
Don't they see what's going on around them
This time they just took it too far
People living in the white house
Always trying to make a new law
Can't they see that it's not working
This had better be their alarm

The Gargoyle

length: 0:04

Harvest of Earth

length: 4:47
When the thousand years are over

He will come to life
Satan is released from his prison

To destroy this world

He will deceive all nations

Of all corners of earth

Then fire came down from heaven

He is the false one upon us
He will be destroyed again

They like to call him the devil

He will never win - No way -

There was a lake of burning sulphur
Where the beast had been

Then another book was opened

It was the book of life

The sea gave up the dead that were in it

Then each person was judged

Then the lake of fire had erupted

The Passage

length: 0:48

Iron Warrior

length: 3:48

You're standing there with your hand to the sky
Reach for the sun and then you shall fly
Look to the skies and there you shall find
A world beyond the one you've known
As tall as a mountain, loud as thunder
Power like lightning, black as the night
Clouds in the distance, sky's turning dark
Time to get ready for the next attack
Strong as steel, bends like water
Hot as fire, clear as glass
When the sun shines, you'll see the light
Then the clouds break, the storm is over
Hell is often a truth seen too late
On wings of steel we'll ride through the night
The final day is coming to near
Coming on strong well take it all the way

Freedom Fighters

length: 3:46

The beginning of the day starts so early
They're getting prepared for the journey
All systems are go for the take-off
The engines roar into the skies
They soar - Fighting for freedom
They're fighting for the cause
Across the sea, over another land
Victory guaranteed, united they stand
Bombs are exploding, down below
People are running everywhere
The mission successful, they move on
Back across the sea, they return
Flying in formation, they are proud
Freedom is preserved for another day
Freedom fighters fly high in the sky
Gliding on the wind, they're traveling
At great speed - waiting for the call
They're ready to serve
Where freedom fighters go
The opponent will fall

Waiting for Tomorrow

length: 6:25

When the sun sets, I close my eyes
Looking back at the time that was yesterday
In the moonlight, I come alive
I cannot sleep cause I know what lies ahead
I used to wonder about the future
Now I know what it has in store for me
Yesterday is gone, tomorrow's not here
Where will we go, what do we know
The future's now, there's no turning back
Full speed ahead, listen to what I said
Show me the way to a place that I can stay
The dream is near, we'll show no fear
The world is turning, the clock is running down
There's not much time, what will we find
Waiting for tomorrow, a brand new day
Change will occur what we once were
Looking around what's to be found
We shall survive coming out alive
In this world of greed and lust
Who will succeed, who can we trust
Living on the edge, they must get by
Going all the way, there's no stopping now
Wheels of fire that burn in the night
Why they are there, I don't know why, Yeah
Waiting for tomorrow

Time of Indecision

length: 4:32

Tony Stark

length: 3:09

End of the World

length: 5:07

What are all these problems
That we are faced with now
Too many people
Inheriting this world
Man is looking for the answer
But it's nowhere to be found
The final solution
Lies beneath the ground
Nuclear Weapons
Designed to kill
Where are we going
Where have we been
Evil minds plot destruction
Killing next of kin
The time has come the time is near
How long do we have
The end of the world
The end of the world