I’m Shakin’ Album Cover Art

Jack White

Cover Art

Jack White I’m Shakin’ Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 I’m Shakin’
    length: 3:01
    producer: Jack White
    vocal: Jack White
    mixer: Vance Powell and Jack White
    recording engineer: Vance Powell
    background vocals: Laura Matula, Ruby Amanfu and Karen Elson
    assistant mixer: Mindy Watts and Joshua Smith
    assistant recording engineer: Joshua Smith and Mindy Watts
    solo electric guitar: Jack White
    handclaps: Jack White
    double bass & handclaps: Bryn Davies
    membranophone & shakers & handclaps: Carla Azar
    electric guitar & handclaps: Olivia Jean
  • 2 Blues on Two Trees
    length: 2:44
    producer: Jack White
    membranophone: Carla Azar
    vocal: Jack White
    mixer: Jack White and Joshua Smith
    recording engineer: Vance Powell and Joshua Smith
    mandolin: Scarlett Rische
    fiddle: Lillie Mae Rische
    clarinet: Emily Bowland
    theremin: Jack White
    Moog: Brooke Waggoner
    assistant mixer: Mindy Watts
    assistant recording engineer: Mindy Watts
    acoustic bass guitar: Bryn Davies
    electric bass guitar: Olivia Jean