Lawyers in Love Album Cover Art

Jackson Browne

Cover Art

Jackson Browne Lawyers in Love Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Lawyers in Love
    length: 4:22
  • 2 On the Day
  • 3 Cut It Away
    length: 4:48
  • 4 Downtown
    length: 4:37
  • 5 Tender Is the Night
    length: 4:53
    producer: Jackson Browne and Greg Ladanyi
    membranophone: Russ Kunkel
    lead vocals: Jackson Browne
    mixer: Greg Ladanyi
    recording engineer: Greg Ladanyi and James Geddes
    background vocals: Doug Haywood and Rick Vito
    organ: Doug Haywood
    guitar: Rick Vito and Jackson Browne
    keyboard: Craig Doerge
    bass guitar: Bob Glaub
  • 6 Knock on Any Door
    length: 3:39
  • 7 Say It Isn't True
    length: 5:26
  • 8 For a Rocker
    length: 4:05

    For a Rocker Lyrics

    Open the door, baby turn on the light