Going Back in Time III Album Cover Art

Jan Keizer

Cover Art

Jan Keizer Going Back in Time III Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1. The Most Beautiful Girl
    length: 2:59
    writer: Rory Bourke, Norris “Norro” Wilson, Billy Sherrill
  • 2. American Pie
    length: 4:33
    composer: Don McLean
    lyricist: Don McLean
  • 3. It Never Rains in Southern California
    length: 3:39
    writer: Mike Hazlewood, Albert Hammond
  • 4 Here Comes My Baby
    length: 2:59
    composer: Cat Stevens
    lyricist: Cat Stevens
  • 5. A Rhinestone Cowboy
    length: 3:09
    composer: Larry Weiss
    lyricist: Larry Weiss
  • 6. Unchained Melody
    length: 3:41
    lyricist: Hy Zaret
    composer: Alex North
    publishing: Hy Zaret
  • 7. Arms of Mary
    length: 2:41
    composer: Iain Sutherland
    lyricist: Iain Sutherland
  • 8 Ring of Fire
    length: 2:38
    writer: Merle Kilgore, June Carter Cash
  • 9. You Got It
    length: 3:36
    writer: Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne
  • 10 On the Wings of a Nightingale
    length: 2:38
    composer: Paul McCartney
    lyricist: Paul McCartney
  • 11 He'll Have to Go
    length: 3:54
    writer: Joe Allison, Audrey Allison
  • 12. If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body
    length: 3:10
    composer: David Bellamy
    lyricist: David Bellamy
  • 13. Blanket on the Ground
    length: 3:45
    composer: Roger Bowling
    lyricist: Roger Bowling
  • 14 Lucille
    length: 3:32
    writer: Roger Bowling, Hal Bynum
  • 15 Take Me Home Country Roads
    length: 2:48
    writer: Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, John Denver
  • 16. Always on My Mind
    length: 3:33
    writer: Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Thompson