Tattoos Album Cover Art

Jason Derulo

Cover Art

Jason Derulo Tattoos Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 The Other Side
    length: 3:47
    producer: Ammo and Martin Johnson
    membranophone: Ammo
    piano: Martin Johnson
    mixer: John Hanes and Serban Ghenea
    engineer: Joe Peluso, Jonathan Sher and Kyle Moorman
    electric guitar: Martin Johnson
    additional producer: Kyle Moorman
    background vocals: Ammo and Martin Johnson
    keyboard: Ammo
    acoustic guitar: Martin Johnson
    percussion: Martin Johnson
    programming: Ammo, Martin Johnson and Kyle Moorman
  • 2 Talk Dirty
    length: 2:58
    producer: Ricky Reed
    vocal: Rie Abe and Jason Derulo
    mixer: Manny Marroquin and Finis White
    engineer: Andrew Kapner
    recording engineer: Finis White, Juan Pablo Negrete Ortiz and Nico Hartikainen
    guest: 2 Chainz
    programming: Ricky Reed
    assistant mixer: Chris Galland and Delbert Bowers
    assistant engineer: Meg Margossian
    instrument: Ricky Reed
  • 3 Marry Me
    length: 3:46
    producer: Jonas Jeberg and Jason Derulo
    mixer: Serban Ghenea and John Hanes
    engineer: Joe Peluso
    recording engineer: Jonas Jeberg
    programming: Jonas Jeberg
    instrument: Jonas Jeberg
  • 4 Tattoo
    length: 3:27
    mixer: Serban Ghenea
  • 5 Trumpets
    length: 3:38
    producer: Jon Bellion
  • 6 Vertigo
    length: 3:54
    producer: Jared Lee, Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo
    mixer: Joe Zook
    engineer: Jim Bottari
    recording engineer: John Shullman
    additional background vocals: Jared Lee
    guest: Jordin Sparks
    additional recording engineer: Jim Bottari and Juan Pablo Negrete Ortiz
    keyboard programming: Jared Lee
    assistant mixer: Ryan Lipman
    bass programming: Jared Lee
  • 7 Fire
    length: 3:37
    producer: DJ Buddha, DJ Noodles and Kizzo
  • 8 Side Fx
    length: 3:30
  • 9 Stupid Love
    length: 3:35
    producer: Rush, BeatGeek and RedOne
    mixer: Trevor Muzzy
  • 10 With the Lights On
    length: 3:12
    producer: The Cataracs
    mixer: Erik Madrid
  • 11 Rest of Our Life
    length: 3:06
    producer: Rami and Carl Falk
    mixer: Serban Ghenea