Have a Little Faith Album Cover Art

Joe Cocker

Cover Art

Joe Cocker Have a Little Faith Cover Art


  • 1 Let the Healing Begin
    length: 5:11
  • 2 Have a Little Faith in Me
    length: 4:42
  • 3 The Simple Things
    length: 4:48
    producer: Chris Lord‐Alge and Roger Davies
    membranophone: Jack Bruno
    mixer: Chris Lord‐Alge
    bass: Abraham LaBoriel
    background vocals: Fred White, Joey Diggs and Lamont Van Hook
    guitar: Tim Pierce
    keyboard: C.J. Vanston
    percussion: C.J. Vanston
    solo harmonica: C.J. Vanston
  • 4 Summer in the City
    length: 3:55
    producer: Roger Davies and Chris Lord‐Alge
    membranophone: Jack Bruno
    trumpet: Rick Baptist and Wayne Bergeron
    bass: Bob Feit
    background vocals: Julia Waters, Maxine Waters and Carmen Twillie
    guitar: Tim Pierce
    percussion: Lenny Castro
    Wurlitzer electric piano: Chris Stainton
    saxophone: Don Sheldon
    trombone: Alex Iles
    synthesizer: C.J. Vanston
    strings arranger: C.J. Vanston
    horn arranger: C.J. Vanston
    electronic organ: C.J. Vanston
  • 5 The Great Divide
    length: 3:37
  • 6 Highway Highway
    length: 4:34
  • 7 Too Cool
    length: 4:45
  • 8 Soul Time
    length: 4:36
  • 9 Out of the Blue
    length: 3:48
  • 10 Angeline
    length: 4:32
  • 11 Hell and Highwater
    length: 4:13
  • 12 Standing Knee Deep in a River
    length: 4:09
  • 13 Take Me Home
    length: 4:24
    performer: Bekka Bramlett