Throwing Mountains Album

Artist(s): Kansas

Cover Art

Kansas Throwing Mountains Cover Art


Throwing Mountains

length: 6:22
producer: Zak Rizvi
lead vocals: Ronnie Platt
mixer: Zak Rizvi and Jeff Glixman
engineer: Chad Singer
electric guitar: Zak Rizvi and Richard Williams
violin: David Ragsdale
background vocals: Zak Rizvi, Tom Brislin and Billy Greer
keyboard: Tom Brislin
acoustic guitar: Richard Williams
co-producer: Phil Ehart and Richard Williams
choir vocals: Richard Williams, Ronnie Platt, David Ragsdale, Zak Rizvi, Jeremy Vig, Jonathan Beckner, Tom Brislin, Phil Ehart and Will McPhaul
drums (drum set): Phil Ehart
assistant engineer: Jonathan Beckner and Will McPhaul
bass guitar: Billy Greer
lyricist: Phil Ehart, Tom Brislin
composer: Zak Rizvi

Too many times in the past
I tried to climb the mountain
But the inner voices laughed
Too many blocks in the road
I tried to find a new way
But there’s nowhere else to go

But now I silence the crowd
And nothing can stand in my way

Throwing Mountains to the sky
And the shadows reveal the horizon
Driving Oceans to the side
And my footprints will cross the divide
New pressures weighing me down
I want to take the first step
But I’m tethered to the doubt
Too many forces collide
This requires something bigger
Than confidence and pride
I won’t hold back anymore
Nothing can stand in my way

Too many time in the past
I ran toward the ocean
And I was frozen in my tracks
So many times on the path
I felt the power coursing
But the lighting didn’t last
But now the moment is here
Nothing can stand in my way