Impossible Album

Artist(s): Kanye West featuring Twista , Keyshia Cole and BJ

Cover Art

Kanye West featuring Twista, Keyshia Cole and BJ Impossible Cover Art



length: 3:23

[Chorus: (Keyshia Cole (Kanye West)]
I've been waiting my life, and I stayed on my grind
Now I made up my mind, it's been way too much time
That's why, it's just impossible, It's I'm-poss-ible
And you know that
(I don't wanna hear that bull ****, I wanna hear that official ****)
(Kanye and that Twista ****, that's so impossible to get it (it's just impossible))
(Get it, that's so impossible to get it)
Get it, that's so impossible to get it (It's impossible))

[Verse 1: Twista]
Ain't no way you could pull up to the party in a Bentley blowing be in a club like this (oh no)
Ain't no way you could cook up in the studio with Kanye and get it jukking in the club like this
Ain't no way that you could win, dust some haters off while I'm sipping on my 'hen,
Holla at a chick while she sippin on her gin
And I got the mobsters hollering at her friends, (its impossible)
For you to ever be the nicest; you ain't get gangsta or get righteous,
You ain't never stood on a tip like this, you ain't never stood for no **** like this
(Its just impossible)
For you to get it if you don't wanna win; so get up off ya ***
And go for yours
And never for mine
Now you ain't from the ride that I'm in
Know what I'm


[Verse 2: Twista]
It's impossible for you to ever get wit me because of how I ride on the track;
Got the ***** in the back of the billy yo? When my celeb
Used to have the ***** in the back of the Cadillac (it's just impossible)
*****s always hating
Leaving me for wiling out for po kim
You be sitting back talking yo ****
I can't help but I see you tho, I don't get it (Its impossible)
Lil mama, for you to fit all that up in a pants, moving kinda wilder
Turn a regular jeans in a low riders
Tell me can I be your man (its just impossible)
For you to ever deny, that I'm about chi-town
Represent the city with the deal for 12 years and sell a couple a mil and still hold it down, That's possible


[Verse 3: Kanye]
Get it, bundled up and, lit it, smoke a lil' blunt don't, admit it
Do it like I did too late, I did it
The controversy can't worse me man, I'm eating but I'm still thirsty and
Thirsty what is you saying
I gotta a duel with a couple *****s that's Thursday man
Why the hell is I'm worrying, hopping out the Benz with the perfect 10
Man your life must be perfect man, look at how they came up with the perfect plan
Its impossible
Got strip clubs playing gosspital
Girl so sick in the hospital
You know I jumped out like pakadu
I only break it down I when I rock wit you
Since Michael Jackson made rock wit you
I done did **** on logical
Maybe cause we did the impossible
Maybe we done did the impossible


No matter what I do, see I been waiting all my, waiting all my life, yeah,
And I know I stayed on my grind, I know I stayed on my grind,
Its impossible for me to fail baby, I gotta keep on moving,
Gotta keep on moving, its impossible

(Its just impossible) (it's impossible)