Quest for Fire: Firestarter, Volume 1 Album

Artist(s): Kardinal Offishall

Cover Art

Kardinal Offishall Quest for Fire: Firestarter, Volume 1 Cover Art



length: 1:22

Bakardi Slang

length: 4:34
producer: Solitair

[Kardinall Offishall]
Yo Yo
Silver turn it up, yeah
We gonna put you on to something brand new yo
Know what I mean

We don't say 'you know what I'm sayin'
T dot says 'yuh dun know'
We don't say 'hey that's the breaks'
we say 'yo, a so it go'
We don't say 'you get one chance'
We say 'you better rip the show'
Before bottles start flyin and you runnin for the door
You talking about 'cuttin and hittin skins'
We talkin bout 'beat dat face'
T dot *****z will eat your food before y'all cats say grace
y'all cats is steady saying 'word'
My *****s is steady yellin 'zeen'
Half the time we talking about 'more times'
You don't even know what 'more times' means!
'More times we rocker fresher'
'More times we come correct'
More times y'all think it's the hot ****
y'all haven't heard nuttin yet
Differently, still yuh know
The cirlce gettin ill yuh know
Step on the wrong Bally boot and you might get kill ya know
So everytime you walk through a dance tell a yute 'xcuse me'
Tellin your jubie 'I like her style'
She's talkin about 'abuse me'
Use me show me how the T dot rolls
My style is off the thermostat plus I'm comin from the cold-yo

CHORUS [Kardinal] (Saukrates)
(What the... chill!)
My *****'s in the street throwin dot slang each and every single time we
(What the... chill!)
My ladies lookin hot, screw face kissin teet
Represtentin the T dot
Kardinal rock the pary, yo T dot drinking Bacardi
Kardi drinkin Bacardi, yo T dot rocking the party
*****'s jumpin and whylin and ladies showin a smile
And everybody know its the T dot

[Kardinal Offishall]
So when we singin about the girls we singin about 'di gal dem'
y'all talkin about 'say that one more time'
We talkin about 'yo, come again'
y'all talkin about 'that *****'s a punk'
We talkin about 'dat yute's a fosse'
For the kids that think I'm comin wit it
Brother just watch me
A shoe is called a 'crep'
A big party is a 'fete'
Ya'll takin about 'watch where you goin!'
We talkin about 'mind where you step!'
We backin a 2-4 of Guinness, we ain't messin' with moet
And if you runnin out of liquor the bar might get wet
You're talkin about 'yo, that girl's hype'
We like 'she's the bundown'
y'all say 'a DJ battle'
We say 'clash with two sounds'
We rock the hottest things no matter how much it cost
You talkin about 'yeah son!'
We talkin about 'yo, lock it off!'
Wheel that and tek it from de top
And just flash up unno lighta and watch the dance rock
Kardinal is gonna show you how the T dot rolls
My style is off the thermostat plus I'm comin from the cold-yo


[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo instead of your boys
We talkin about 'di man dem'
When talkin about 'your bredrin
Yo we talkin about 'your friend'
When you say 'the club is over'
Yo we say 'di jam dun'
When you're thinkin about the west, we thinkin about Red-1
Big ups and salutations to the Figure IV crew
When you're sayin 'she's a chicken'
She a 'skettlebam too!'
When you talkin about a 'thug *****'
We talkin about a 'shotta'
When you think you got it locked, T dot comin much hotta
You think we all Jamacian, when nuff man are Trini's
Bajans, Grenadians and a hole heap of Haitians
Guyanese and all of the West Indies combined
To make the T dot O dot, one of a kind
Irs said 'we burn kahn' that mean 'they puff lah'
When we say 'hell no', that means you 'dat nuh mek it'
Look me in the eye and tell me y'all ain't sold
My style is off the thermostat plus I'm comin from the cold-yo


Mic T.H.U.G.S.

length: 3:50
producer: Kardinal Offishall
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase
turntable: DJ Kardi Rock and Korry Deez
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall]
Turn my headphones up
Yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah, feeling kind of sick though
Yeah, now I'mma kick this
Uh huh, uh huh uh huh
DJs, cut this back to back
Word, Circle
Silver House And the Girl, Figure IV
Head nod, yeah y'all know

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo that kid nice
Where he from though? T-dot (ohhh)
Where the ice at? Oh I see underground emcee
Nah, but he nice though
He flip that **** twice though, he sounding like (who?)
Nah, it a must that he bust you (fo' real)
He be eating that mic though
Ever see the way he flows and tears down the show
(Fo' real), he clever
Never sever the Ever from fresh when he spits, everything's a hit
He got skills like Mad and the Superfriends
When he does a duo, it comes out like a crew track, he's so wicked
Cooler than Ice Cube, Mack more than 10 at one time
Like Choclair he's a Virgin to the wack rhyme
It's true (fo' real)
Got a Blueprint like Thrust, said he's notorious
And watch the hit bust all over the country (fo' real)
Even on BET, ask Tigga about them *****s with that Northern Touch beat they was playing
No playing, that ***** with the afro
That's right, tight and rocks crowds all night (word)
Style like no other tall brother on your FM dial
My ***** kip-ki-kip-ki-Kardinal
You know

CHORUS [little girl singing]
He once was a thug from around the way
He once was a thug from around the way
He once was a thug from around the way
He once was a thug from around the way

[Kardinal Offishall]
Check it
A dis ain't a dis if a dis has discrepancies
I dismiss your dissidences and doubt your intelligence
And discuss how disjoint your disc
From the dispatch, a distance throw all y'all from **** that's wack
Steady disguising your disfavour, disliking my steelo
Dis ain't kindergarten, you don't have to go where we go
Discipline yourself before your ego disappears
While I discretely disassemble you from your career
Stupid! Dis is not your ordinary rapper dis
Dis so all you *****s discover just who the dapper is
Causing discomfort, disallowing your dis-jock to rock
Any record 'cause your whole sound's flop, yo
Dis is going out to *****s who dis without
Thinking about what the hell they doing, yo your **** we're booing
Oh... while I discombobulate you
This is going out to any ***** opposing my crew
Like that
Yo, Silver House And the Girl 2000
Kardinal Offishall, in your ear side, nawmean



length: 3:46
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: CMD
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase
[INTRO: [Kardinal Offishall]]
Don't miss the beat
Aiyo my eastside people let me hear yo!
I want to hear you yes (2x)
Aiyo my westside people let me hear yo!
I want to hear you yes (2x)
Yo we in a rush

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, pass me the keys to the truck so I can start my Husslin'
(Yo we in a rush)
Turn up the speakers so my words shine through
My ***** them street cats will hussle you
YO, we gotta live positive, or positive
Action is your prerogative
Clips be sparklin in the parkin lot while time gets dark
We celebratin with the crew
My ***** what else could we do?
Hand to hand passin' contraband
YO, runnin' from Babylon
YO, making the money 'cause, YO, that's the solution
Yo they won't hire my brothers to work a 9-5
So instead of suicide, we Husslin to stay alive
My peeps don't want to live off of them government checks
So we take the STREET, we gotta BEAT
And make em move to the BEAT
Your gunfinga in the air, for prisoners on lock
Your gunfinga in the air, for revolution pon ****
Gettin paid out the books this year
We want to cocoa butter in large amounts (that's cream)
No doubt, cause we be

[CHORUS:] [Kardinal Offishall]
(Husslin, Husslin...yo)
Aiyo my people in the streets
Husslin, Husslin...yo)
be -Boys from West to East
(Husslin, Husslin...yo)
The real will never decrease
(Husslin, Husslin...yo yo yo)
Because we be Husslin Husslin Husslin Husslin...
You gotta do the Hussle
You and your crew the Hussle
Aiyo we be Husslin Husslin Husslin...

[Kardinal Offishall]
Can I get a Yeow! (Yeow!)
Aiyo can I get another one Yeow! (Yeow!)
I'm representin' for my hustlers on the go
No chatter, long term doesn't matter baby mama
'Nuff drama she wants her new Guess vest
She's husslin' me to impress
She want child support
But my seed has never ever seen his daddy before
She said if I don't go the loot
She'll take me to court
Tell the police on the side I'm makin' fake passports
Aiyo who's husslin' who?
The politicians or the criminals
Herb hustlers or smugglers, record labels or rap
Yo can I get a soul clap?
Words are infinite
Rhymes are untouchable, in the skies are the limit
Yo, some people husslin' because then can't make rent
They 9-5 makin' them 95 dollas and 10 cents
(Yo people all around the world)
They husslin' to stay alive
When ya hussle do it for the Eye & I


[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, well see ya!
Mr. Kardinal rockin' non-stop
Husslin' from uptown and cop a fat drop top
Yo, my Circle bustin' husslin' records from day one
Figure IV to Kneedeep, Capital Hill on the gun
Sliver House And the Girl keepin' the rhythms damn tight
(Tight) Pick up the slack my A.S.R in the back
Yo, the way I bust my hussle
Positive muscle and motion
Husslin' from east to west coastin'
Toastin', the players in the rap game controllin' the dice
You don't have to be a shot caller to show them brothers you're nice
Just do yo thing baby
Straight from up above naturally
And I'm a fan one love
Can I get Yeow! (Yeow!)
Can I get another one yeow (Yeow!)
I'm representin for the T-Dot O (O!)
Aiyo can I get another one, yeow (Yeow!)
Yeow, yeow, yeow
Because we be


Ol' Time Killin'

length: 4:40
producer: Mr. Attic
vocal: Jully Black, Korry Deez, Wio-K, Black Cat and Allistair

Money Jane (Remix)

length: 6:57
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: Jully Black and Sean Paul

Man by Choice

length: 4:40
producer: Kardinal Offishall
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall]
He's got the green timbs with the fat laces, hahaha
Yo, yeah, uh huh
Checking in, *****
You say why I call you *****, think about it
You went from what...
From an African, straight to a ******, you know what I'm saying
We traveling over to what, to what,
Negro, and then we went to what
Then we went to black
Then it was on some Afro-American stuff
Afro-Canadian what have you, but guess what
It don't matter what you call yourself
It's what they call you behind your back
*****, straight up
Straight up and down, you know what I'm sayin
y'all know

[Kardinal Offishall]
A yo
Walkin through the uptown a black man (*****)
Walkin down Yonge St. a black man (*****)
Walkin through Flatbush a black man (*****)
When the revolution comes I got a finger on the trigga
I was born a regular man of the Earth
With a curse to walk like a soldier since birth
My exterior is shaded in by my melanin
Stereotype of my type is a felon
My people cause static cause automatically now a days we fire automatics
Grammatically adequate my people come equipped
With enough lyrics to move battleships
Blood brother ever since the slave ships
It doesn't matter who I am when I walk by
They still see me as a ***** whine I walk by
That's O.K. - this ***** will play the role and come again and take back the Earth another day

I'm a ***** baby, we some *****z baby
Some do walk, some do talk, some may buss their glocks
But I'm a ***** for lie and a man by choice

[Kardinal Offishall]
Walkin through London a balck man (*****)
Walkin through Rexdale a black man (*****)
Strollin through Dectaur as a black man (*****)
Yo, I was born to emcee representin with the Figurez
I can taste the history livin in my bones
For the thickness I got a love jones
I like my girls with the nappy dug out hips and chest buss out
Lips real full, gettin ready to cuss out
Parasuco gettin insulated by the structure
Body so powered that the labels be stickin out in 3-D
We salute the ladies - raped over time pushin out light babies
The slave masters with the devil in their eye
Saw nothin but a ***** when you walked by
But you the mother of creation
Let's bring back the family aspect and try to build a strong nation


[Kardinal Offishall]
Walkin through Chinatown a black man (*****)
Walkin through the projects a balck man (*****)
Strollin through Africa a black man (*****)
Some try to disrespect to make themsleves look bigger
I am a ***** since birth, a man by choice
Some men act ******ish pushin Rolls Royces
Thinkin them toys make a man
While you johnin them hookers
We tryin to make a stand
What you believe in?
Chris Rock? Or crack rock?
Soft rock? Or hard rock?
When I talk the whole world rocks
LIke the vote, we can change thinkin
Before you set a float your whole concepts sinkin
You know I like to see you back that *** up
But before you pass up, you should get your damn class up!
Take the hood out your mouth and parle!
So we can take back the world right now, today! *Vocal scratching*



length: 4:59
producer: Yaadmaneverywhere!
[Kardinal Offishall]
Wha wha wha what
Yo yo yo yo
Sit me down
Mr. Kardinal
Kardinal Offishall, number one bad bwoy heheheh
Yeah, yeah
It's all about this girl, ya know, drive de man crazy
Going out to the raspberry crew, Circle
Hear me now, hear me now
Let me tell you a liccle story bout this girl I used to know
Use to come and tell me she love me since me sing Onwiddasho
She say she loves do way me represent de whole of T dot O
She say she love me on de TV, love me in a de video
She say she sit dung pon are' bed and listen to de radio
And wen me sing 'bon-diddley-bong' she haffe run an change are' clothes
She say me kill are wit de styles and just a murda wit de flow
Me juss a sweet are with the riddim tun are eena yo-yo
She comin in like she don't know
Seh me 'ave a girlfriend and she don't play (no)
Might box her in are mout and chop off she toe
Lawd God why did Kardi haffe so sexy though?
She try fe kiss me pon me neck, mi haffe tell de gyal 'Yo!'
'Walk and live-touch and you've got to go'
Yuh body look good, yes sweet like mango
But you know the story girl, come on 'a ho is a ho'
Yuh nuh 'ave nuh drawz on how yuh skin dry so?
Favour one ol' piece of dry up cho-cho!
Yes girl yuh batty big but you know how dat go
I'm a very tall yout because I won't stoop low for...
CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall]
Maxine, oh Miss Maxine
Yuh body look ready, for you I am waitin
It goes Maxine, oh Miss Maxine
Yuh body look ready, come make we rock steady
[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, I was walkin down de street and this girl said 'Hi!'
'Aren't you that rapper named Mr. Kardiny?'
Chuh, see me yah-yes girl dat's de I
Lyric specialist, number one bad bwoy
Give tanks to de most high for lookin so fly
So pretty sometime mek yuh eye dem cry
Drip out eye water and flood up de sky
Rush de man dem first in case de youth dem waan try
She said 'I like your style and yo Kardi mi nuh shy
Me want strip off yuh Karl and den rub up yuh Kani
Squeeze up yuh brugah and nyam off yuh fry
Blow off yuh top and show you mi two ply!'
I told are 'Hol' on girl, a musse die - you waan die
Betta wash yout yuh mout bout you a nyam out mi fry
Clean up yourself and meet me top a Mount Zion
Cause only one girl mek de Kardinal high
And that's
[Kardinal Offishall]
Diamond, and Gold, and platinum next to she
Look like a big ol' rusty tin a bully beef!
She lip dem juicy and sheleg look sweet
Body just a shine from she head to she feet
Nice type of girl dat you waan yuh moumma meet
Every time yuh talk are name, yuh haffe skin teet'
Pretty like a who? The gyal bad yuh nuh see it
Everytime she want a slam mi haffe get up and dweet
Clothes dem cris bran new Parasuco
Grip de bamsee like noby livin' in Toronto
Boassy whe she walk-never listenin' to 'Yo!'
She only listen to are man when she walk outta door
And that's Maxine
Lord let me tell you something about Max--ee-een!!!!
Yeah yeah yea
You don know, zeen
You don know
Leave me alone now, chuh

U R Ghetto 2002

length: 4:25
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: CMD
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase
turntable: DJ T.R.A.C.K.S.
** "You're ghetto!" added before every line starting with 'you know...' **

[Kardinal Offishall]
Take it low low low
Yo, yo, yo
You know you ghetto when the money you got is dead wrong
It's royalties from biting Kardinal's song
You know you ghetto when you thinkin you a star
And you're waiting in line at the back for drinks at the bar
You know you ghetto when you try to do a ghetto song of your own down coming out down south
You thought Kardinal wouldn't buss you in your mouf
You know you ghetto when you think you number one with the flow
And you shoutin' out yourself on the radio
You know you ghetto when the polo that you rock
Is on sale at TJ Max from you head to your socks
You know you ghetto when you stuck inside a jail
And them Gators on your feets cost more then your bail
You know you ghetto when you think you represent
But them *****s in the street ain't spendin' a red cent
Ain't tryin' to buy your single, ***** hell no!
If you dubbin' this right now 'stead of buyin' my album

CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall] (Circle crew)
(You're Ghetto)
Ghetto's what ya are, when ya think you a star
Flossin' on the street in the rental car
(You're Ghetto)
Ghetto's what ya are when ya think that your nice
But the opposite don't look twice
You're G to the H to the E to the T T O
(You're Ghetto)
You're G to the H to the E to the T T O

You know you ghetto when your boys push crack
And you buyin' crack from them so you can go smoke out back
You know you ghetto when your moms part of your crew
And your *****'s hanging out to get closer to her too
You know you ghetto when I don't know who you are but ***** I know your name
Cause I can read it on your chain
You know you ghetto when ya, rapping along
And ya can relate to the rhyme I'm spittin' in the song
You know you ghetto when ya best clothes, is your dress clothes
And dress is Paco jeans and Jelly slippers, namean?
You know you ghetto when ya askin' for some cigarettes
'Cause you can't afford hash to mix with that weed in your stash
You know you ghetto when you tryin' to get your flirt on
And that **** blockin' ***** got the same Gucci shirt on
You know you ghetto when you own two cars
And you need ten from me to buy drinks at the bar

CHORUS [Kardinal] (Circle crew)
(You're Ghetto)
Ghetto's what ya are when ya think that you're fly
But the home girls walk right by
(You're Ghetto)
Ghetto's what ya are when ya think ya got clout
But your hair weave keeps fallin' out
You're G to the H to the E to the T T O
(You're Ghetto)
You're G to the H to the E to the T T O

You know you ghetto when you bring home your boys
And your auntie's lookin' at your crew like they sex toys
You know you ghetto when your brothers paid from jugglin'
And you driving his Range, talking 'bout ***** we strugglin'
You know you ghetto when ya sittin' down in class
And dang, a cockroach went and crawled out ya book bag
You know you ghetto when ya tried to rap like DMX
And you get your breddren to do you video because you can't afford Little X
You know you ghetto when rap is part of your dream
But you can't stay out past one cause your mom runs your street team
You know you ghetto when ya savin' to buy a key
But your grand pop is still on the corner pushin' that weed
You know you ghetto when you know you not Jamaican
But your clothes say Tommy Sean John ***** you fakin'
You know you ghetto when ya like every other brotha
Rappin' loud, walking down the street tryin' to be discovered

CHORUS [Kardinal] (Circle crew)
(You're Ghetto)
Ghetto's what ya are, when ya think you a star
Flossin' on the street in the rental car
(You're Ghetto)
Ghetto's what ya are when ya think that your nice
But the opposite don't look twice
You're G to the H to the E to the T T O
(You're Ghetto)
You're G to the H to the E to the T T O
(You're Ghetto)

[Kardinal Offishall]
Going out, to that home girl
And the house *****s
at the Burlington Coat Factory
Know what I'm saying
You're ghetto!
And by the way you are biting

Quest for Fire

length: 3:59
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: Solitair
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase


producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: Jully Black and Tara Chase
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase

G Walkin'

length: 4:36
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: Glenn Lewis
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase

Gotta Get It

length: 4:26
producer: Saukrates
vocal: Saukrates
INTRO [Kardinal Offishall]
It's a Kardi Kardi party, what!
What, yeah
Yo this be the Kardi Kardi party, what!
Anybody coming through here, gotta expect
The hottest, hottest, hottest hottest
The hottest hottest **** for real
[Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates}
Yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}
Yo yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}
Yo yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}
*****s know

I ain't spittin', I hock a luggy
This ain't no motherfu---- verse, I write movies
Picture this, how a ***** get sicker than itchy syphilis
Burn radio waves 'til I hit your ***** Christmas list
Ha, I drop rocks like a fifty cent piece from Terror's twenty
Aimed at your Bentley son
Number one when my shard be blast
Mix with hash, made your heart beat fast

[Kardinal Offishall]
Back at your *** in full flash
Come to mash every last class of (emcee)
Pass the baton when I get on
And go on until I got it on
Spark it up and inhale this (emcee)
Masterly, masterfully I be the (emcee)
So many can't rock the mic, so they hold the glock tight
And I give thanks I wasn't born a sucker
Pucker for this hard fist lyricist
'Nuff butter like BBJ's grocery list

Yo, hoes be this hoes be that
Bet if I flash this watch my *****, that hoe be back
And I ain't even rocking a Rolly or fronting with cash
I'm at the bar with George Costanza arguing for tax
The first to let you know, get some flood insurance
It ain't a rare occurrence when I overflow
You'll be backstrokin' from Alaska to Oakland
When me and my Circle be in a yacht... (floating) *echo*

CHORUS [YLook] {Saukrates} (Kardinal)
You know this money man
Got us acting funny man
We sick of living crummy man
We got to get this money man
(New houses), {got, got to get it}
(Real figures by the thousands), {got, got to get it}
(Big stacks for the family), {got, got to get it}
(Big tunes playing annually), {got, got to get it}

[Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates}
Yo, easy rude bwoy, give me a little second to breeze through
We make the track jump, so it's hard to roll trees to
No matter give me no daps *****, I ain't trying to please you
Want to flow with me, can't afford the fees duke
Claiming street raps when Jeff Healey could see through
Your wonder bra rah rah, {garbage like bad pot}
Go ahead like punk trick and watch where you land
I'm a shady black slim, you a ***** I can't stand
Move! kid, this some celebrity next ****
Step up and watch the next celebrity hanging by they necklace
Peasants! Think about what you getting into
We hardcore, bump those little fist fights we've been through
We done did it, never mind can or can do
We trying to make it easier for our fam to Land Cruise
You sell the same weed at the same spot
We graduated to the high grade lyrics pon ****

[Saukrates] {Kardinal}
I've been autobahn rhyme ever since primetime
Saw George and Wheezy sipping on fine wine
The ghetto scream {rewind} like daylight savings time
Bring it back, firing legal hollows out the Ac'
{Who's that?} MC's of leisure, Sauk and Kardinal
We bring the ebony stone, now watch me carve it out
Bump my **** in tenement housing
It's a vocal revolution for 2000... "1!"

[KO] Ayo, you better come strapped when we attack
[S] 'Cause only strapped cats have a shot at the rap
[KO] Bullet holes in the map leave a trail to where we at
But stop short of we

[S] We got them sucking the bowl like they speaking Portuguese
So ***** freeze, your motivation evident
Rhymes milky, chocolate has heaven sent

[KO] Ayo, I'm older now, arguing with back clerks
And presidents and crack heads smoking too close to the residence

[Kardinal Offishall] {Saukrates}
Yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}
Yo yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}
Yo yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}
Yo yo yo, {you ***** *** *****s}

You know this money man
Got us acting funny man
We sick of living crummy man
We got to get this money man

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, big Sox, Kardinal Offishall
Circle IV, big YLook, cousin Spoke
Let the motherfu--beat ride
Don't sleep *****s

On Wit da Show

length: 4:40
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: Tara Chase and Ro Dolla
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase
* originally from Kardi's indie release "Eye & I"

[Kardinal Offishall]
Are we on?
Turn me on
Are we on?
Are we on this?
Come on, come on, come on
Check it
It was a cool and lonely
Offishall style that coerced her to smile
Chalk another to the file
Quest for breasts, my intent to impress the mistress
So cess broke the ice like Gretzky
I told she give me your signature or number
Lumber could follow if I check you tomorrow
Who, ate, simply went to my date's now my belle's apparatus
Is switched the player status with the baddest appeal
Why spoil the king's night
Eat chicken at three and the skin at four o'clock
Cool, again I reach the girl's door
Just call me FT 'cause her birthday suit is saw
Hit the floor in a hearts swift motion
Lotion the skin and like caress all me
In the cup (what), arm in the cup (what)
Hittin' that spot that's G, you know I do your head sheet
That the hit was a nap and the biggest episode
Took five minutes for the cannon to explode
She said do you love me and I said no
Then she slapped my face I grabbed her and said ho
Do that again and your story gets told
To stick it in was nice, but yo I'll get more
'Cause Offishall's out for mine and then some
I hit some and leave some then on wid da show
Word up

CHORUS 2x [Kardinal Offishall & Tara Chase]
One for the money and two's for my bros
And three is for the cause, pause
And four is for the tricks and stuff
Wanna bang with us, and again for the dough
Yo on wid da show

[Kardinal Offishall]
I knew this girl named Susan
Fly skin from the islands, of Trini
Who always had a dress that's cut mini
And tempt to get praise and so the skin lay low
And only playin' hostess when niggas got dough
One day I see her rollin' with these niggas that I knew
Walkin' through the downtown about a half past two
So I warn my niggas word up she livin' foul
She just smiled and said 'Yo nigs yo know my style'
Cool, eh was that John Young
He took her to the palace his moms was not home
She undressed herself to reveal the irresistible
Coca-Cola body while he bobbin' like motorola
38-32-46 my my my
Only problem was she wouldn't spread her thighs
Said I need a hundred, my nigga said well
Just suck up on my jewels until my headpiece swell
Yo, she said do you love me and he said no
This queen got dressed he grabbed her and said ho
Do what you do but no duckets will flow
Nice try, on the real niggas only make dough
You didn't think so


[Kardinal Offishall]
Now to my uptown rollers, go and get yours
If you're sippin' over proof inside a Lex Coupe
Shotgun, what's up with them niggas that passed
Real Gs make peace and get pieces that last (on the real)
On the real I ain't about bustin' steel
Praise the Almighty I won't sway not even slightly
Give thanks for my life and for my boys
And for my blood
For all them true heads that make noise
While niggas pose hard we do the Kardinal dance
While you're still leavin' a jam with your hands inside your pants
Kardinal Offishall will do it for you broke
Yo, cause one's for the money and we on wid da show
You didn't think so


OUTRO [Tara Chase]
Ms. Tara Chase, Kardinal
Representing, yeah

Go Ahead Den

length: 3:59
producer: Kardinal Offishall
vocal: CMD
co-producer: Solitair and Tara Chase
turntable: DJ T.R.A.C.K.S.
[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, I'm bust
I'mma kill it, I'mma kill it
Here we go here we go
My flow is like a **** block for your whole label street team
My verse is like a hearse for your marketing scheme
My whole steez ***** please, put the mic down
Talking 'bout you represent, when you embarrassing your town
Walking around with the Gay Pride parade crown
Silicone raps underneath that pink gown
Posing as a killer when you living as a clown
Entertaining A&R's too deaf to hear the sound
You a has-been rapper, talking 'bout your style's nice
Saying I'm independent now, looking for a new life
A weak DJ, living off of 80's fame
Guess starring in the Basement, living off of Tigga's name
My name's Kardinal, the pearl mic dark figure
Diploma type thoughts mixed up with street *****s
Living underground trying to earn the pop loot
'Cause I won't sell crack and got no aim to shoot
No patience for the weed, not quick enough to tief
Can't pimp, don't like fur coats or gold teeth
But I can rock the hell out of a fat *** beat
I might smile, up in your face and then jack your S-P

CHORUS 1 [Kardinal Offishall] {CMD}
Yo, I'm ill to the 7th degree
T-dot represent, ya hearing me
{Go ahead den}
Yo, I'm the nicest rapper dapper
With flows you don't know, how a firestarter go
{Go ahead den}
Yo, lick two, chart off in the sky
A make way when I'm stepping in the room
{Go ahead den}
Yo eff rappers, I'm the hardest thing on two feet
Yo, listen to me, ya not zeen
{Well go ahead den}

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo, my rhymes are FedEx covered in latex
Delivered to your Jubby, my charms tribes quest for hot sex
No bust for the next can protect
It's when the I drop, the *****s saying 'what?'
And the skins are saying wet wet wet wet wet
I'm dripping in 'nuff girls, and missing what we trying to say
But talking about a revolution, end up talking about the day
When they can feel a rapper's privates, I'm looking for your mind
But I'm seeing all your ******* and a big round behind
Oh damn girl, you make think 'bout selling out
But oops, your weave just fell out
Ha ha
I'm straight from the place that first brought you Vince Carter
The story of Hurricane, and imported sugar cane
And snappy pop coming out three for a dollar
What, Peter loves who? Yo don't bother to hail it up
In the streets where we meet 'cause you might get beat
And find your head caught between timbos and concrete
And that's real, a lot of ignorant peeps around the way
Ain't trying to bend over to the madness of the day
But do what to do and yo who am I to say
I just want your records sales anyway
You see me

CHORUS 2 [Kardinal Offishall] {CMD}
Someone kill to try and come up with the things that I say
I'm a bad mother-yo
{Go ahead den}
I'm too fresh like Guess-V, in a special way (special way)
But everyday
{Go ahead den}
"It's no way we can rock after them" <-- Black Thought
** scratched by DJ Tracks **

[Kardinal Offishall]
Yo yo
I'm kick another one, another one for the mic, know what I'm saying
Yo, I'm rolling through my hood system waking up the neighbours
Hell yeah, I know it's wrong but I gotta pump my song
Heavier rotation than Sisqo and Thong Song
I'm the perfect combination of Einstein and Long Dong Silver
Up in one, kick real raps for fun
I'm the black anti-Babylon, rapping shogun
I try not bus' until I'm sure she cum
If I get a little hit, check I out the whole long
My tongue is like an instant check for 7-0's
Write about this, rhyme something about the hoes
Anyways I try to uplift, but not too serious yet
Because too much to say makes a negro's a threat
So we talk about sex and promote the drug game
Even though we know it's wrong, we just trying to make a name
Cha, I'm trying to get my Mom's out the ghetto
And you would too if you could flow, stupid!


"It's no way we can rock after them" <-- Black Thought
** scratched by DJ Tracks **
[KO] DJ Tracks