I Cry by Night / Losers, Weepers Album Cover Art

Kay Starr


CD 1
  • 1 I'm Alone Because I Love You
    length: 2:43
    composer: Ira Schuster
    lyricist: Joe Young
  • 2 I Cry by Night
    length: 2:51
  • 3 Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
    length: 2:21
    writer: Charles Warfield, Clarence Williams
  • 4 More Than You Know
    length: 2:38
    composer: Vincent Youmans
    lyricist: Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu
  • 5 Lover Man
    length: 2:47
    composer: Roger “Ram” Ramirez, Jimmy Davis, Jimmy Sherman
    lyricist: Roger “Ram” Ramirez, Jimmy Sherman, Jimmy Davis
  • 6 My Kinda Love
    length: 2:41
    composer: Louis Alter
    lyricist: Jo Trent
  • 7 It Had to Be You
    length: 2:51
    composer: Isham Jones
    lyricist: Gus Kahn
  • 8 Whispering Grass
    length: 2:23
    writer: Doris Fisher, Fred Fisher
  • 9 Nevertheless
    length: 3:01
    composer: Harry Ruby
    lyricist: Bert Kalmar
    writer: Harry Ruby
  • 10. What do You See in Her?
    length: 2:43
    writer: Frank Weldon, Hal David
  • 11 P. S. I Love You
    length: 3:03
  • 12. I'm Still in Love With You
    length: 3:10
  • 13 You Always Hurt the One You Love
    length: 2:54
    composer: Doris Fisher
    lyricist: Allan Roberts
  • 14. I Should Care
    length: 2:24
    writer: Axel Stordahl, Sammy Cahn, Paul Weston
  • 15. I'm a Fool to Care
    length: 2:44
    composer: Ted Daffan
    lyricist: Ted Daffan
  • 16 Don't Take Your Love From Me
    length: 2:31
    composer: Henry Nemo
    lyricist: Henry Nemo
  • 17 When I Lost You
    length: 2:10
    composer: Irving Berlin
    lyricist: Irving Berlin
  • 18. Only Forever
    length: 2:48
    composer: James V. Monaco
    lyricist: Johnny Burke
  • 19. Gonna Get a Guy
    length: 3:20
    lyricist: Al Lewis
    composer: Howard Simon, Paul Ash
  • 20 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
    length: 2:56
    composer: Sam H. Stept
    lyricist: Sidney Clare
  • 21. I Miss You So
    length: 2:34
    writer: Sid Robin, Bertha Scott, Jimmy Henderson
  • 22 A Faded Summer Love
    length: 2:53
    composer: Phil Baxter
    lyricist: Phil Baxter
  • 23 When a Man Loves a Woman
    length: 3:19
    writer: Andrew Wright, Calvin Lewis
  • 24 Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
    length: 1:54
    composer: Doris Fisher
    lyricist: Allan Roberts

    I'm Alone Because I Love You Lyrics

    I love you with all of my heart