Come To The Oasis Album

Artist(s): Kent Henry


fullness of joy (laughter)

length: 0:55

sweet wind

length: 4:08

the oasis song & sweet wind reprise

come closer (rest & reflection)

length: 2:20

balm of gilead

length: 4:01

jesus: the healing ointment (kent sharing)

length: 1:25

power in the house (spontaneous song)

length: 1:28

receive all his benefits (psalm 103)

length: 2:33

balm of gilead (flute reprise)

length: 1:05

faithful god

length: 7:08

every valley

length: 4:46

it is no secret

length: 8:31

fresh fire & anointing (pastor jeff praying)

length: 0:59

father of lights

length: 7:03

joy unspeakable (laughter)

length: 3:50