Draw Near Album

Artist(s): Kent Henry


Draw Near

length: 6:35

Talking to God

length: 3:06


length: 6:34

I Give You My Heart

length: 4:52

To Be With You

length: 4:46

Lingering here

length: 4:14

I Love to Love You

length: 4:39
I Love to Love You
Kim Bollinger

O the beauty of Your holy place
Your presence I love to embrace
As I sit and behold Your loveliness
What a privilege to come and rest
I love to love You, O Lord my God 3 times)
When I come to seek Your face
I find mercy and grace

Where else can I go, You are my source
I come to You, O marvelous Lord
And I thank You for the blood that set me free
For the blood that rent the veil for me

Empty Hands

length: 5:04

Vessels of Honor

length: 7:23

You Know Me

length: 4:18


length: 6:17

Your Heartbeat

length: 4:40

All Nations

length: 3:47

I Bow to the Lord

length: 2:32