Purify My heart Album

Artist(s): Kent Henry


Turn My Heart

length: 6:56

I Want To Be More Like You

length: 5:10

Prayer - To Be More Like Jesus

length: 2:22

Refiner's Fire

length: 5:31

Open Worship - The Work of Your Will

length: 4:12

Worthy Is Your Name

length: 6:19

Open Worship - Holy Is Your Name

length: 2:36

Standing Ovation For The Lord

length: 1:03

Sharing - Every Nation, Tribe and Dialect

length: 1:11

All Nations

length: 4:50

Reprise - All Nations

length: 2:42

Siyahamba (We are Marching In The Light Of God)

length: 5:09

Spontaneous Song - Uncreated Light From Above

length: 3:38

You Have Called Us

length: 4:52