King Cole Trio, Vol. 2 Album Cover Art

King Cole Trio

Cover Art

King Cole Trio King Cole Trio, Vol. 2 Cover Art


10" Shellac 1
  • 1 This Way Out
    composer: Nat King Cole
  • 2 What Can I Say After I Say I’m Sorry
    composer: Abe Lyman, Walter Donaldson
    lyricist: Abe Lyman, Walter Donaldson

    10" Shellac 2
  • 1 I Know That You Know
    composer: Vincent Youmans
    lyricist: Anne Caldwell
  • 2 I Don’t Know Why
    lyricist: Roy Turk
    composer: Fred E. Ahlert

    10" Shellac 3
  • 1 I’m in the Mood for Love
    composer: Jimmy McHugh
    lyricist: Dorothy Fields
  • 2 To a Wild Rose
    composer: Edward MacDowell

    10" Shellac 4
  • 1 Look What You’ve Done to Me
    writer: Con Conrad, Archie Gottler, Sidney Mitchell
  • 2 I’m Thru With Love
    composer: Fud Livingston, Matty Malneck
    lyricist: Gus Kahn

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