The Fame Monster Album Cover Art

Lady Gaga

Cover Art

Lady Gaga The Fame Monster Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Bad Romance
    length: 4:54
  • 2 Alejandro
    length: 4:34
    producer: RedOne
    mixer: Robert Orton
    background vocals: RedOne
    programming: RedOne
    co-producer: Lady Gaga
    lead vocals & background vocals: Lady Gaga
    editor: Johnny Severin and RedOne
    arranger: RedOne and Lady Gaga
  • 3 Monster
    length: 4:10
  • 4 Speechless
    length: 4:31
    producer: Ron Fair
    conductor: Ron Fair
    piano: Lady Gaga
    vocal: Lady Gaga
    mixer: Jack Joseph-Puig
    engineer: Tal Herzberg and Frank Wolf
    arranger: Ron Fair
    guitar family: John Goux
    bass: Tal Herzberg
    co-producer: Lady Gaga and Tal Herzberg
    drums (drum set): Abraham LaBoriel
    assistant engineer: Joe Cory, Ryan Kennedy and Tal Oz
  • 5 Dance in the Dark
    length: 4:49
  • 6 Telephone
    length: 3:41
    producer: Rodney Jerkins
    vocal: Lady Gaga
    mixer: Rodney Jerkins and Mark “Spike” Stent
    recording engineer: Paul Foley, Mike “Handz” Donaldson and Hisashi Mizoguchi
    guest: Beyoncé
    co-producer: Lady Gaga
    other instruments: Mike “Handz” Donaldson
    assistant mixer: Matty Green
    assistant recording engineer: Takayuki Matsushima
  • 7 So Happy I Could Die
    length: 3:55
    producer: Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy and RedOne
    mixer: Robert Orton
    engineer: Johnny Severin, Dave Russell and RedOne
    recording engineer: RedOne
    background vocals: RedOne
    programming: RedOne, Lady Gaga and Space Cowboy
    background vocals & lead vocals: Lady Gaga
    editor: Johnny Severin and RedOne
    arranger: RedOne and Lady Gaga
  • 8 Teeth
    length: 3:41
    producer: Teddy Riley
    mixer: Dave Russell and Teddy Riley
    engineer: Dave Russell
    guitar family: Eric Jackson
    background vocals: Stacy Dulan and Teyonie Page
    co-producer: Lady Gaga
    brass: The Regiment Horns
    assistant mixer: Mike Daly

    DVD-Video 2
  • 1. Bad Romance (video)
    length: 5:15
  • 2. Bad Romance (making of)
    length: 3:42