The Lee Aaron Project Album Cover Art

Lee Aaron

Cover Art

Lee Aaron The Lee Aaron Project Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Under Your Spell
    length: 3:36
    writer: Dave Aplin, Gene Stout, Lee Aaron
  • 2 Lonely for Your Love
    length: 3:38
    composer: Rick Santers
    lyricist: Rick Santers
  • 3 Night Riders
    length: 2:48
    writer: Matt McGarry, Lee Aaron, Rick Santers
  • 4 Texas Outlaw
    length: 3:42
    writer: Bob Bulger, Buzz Shearman
  • 5 I Like My Rock Hard
    length: 3:42
    composer: Frank Soda
    lyricist: Frank Soda
  • 6 I Just Wanna Make Love to You
    length: 3:01
    composer: Willie Dixon
    lyricist: Willie Dixon
  • 7 Runnin' From His Love
    length: 3:56
    composer: Bill Wade
    lyricist: Bill Wade
  • 8 Should Have Known
    length: 3:48
    writer: Bob Bulger, Buzz Shearman
  • 9 Took Your Heart Away
    length: 3:14
    writer: Lee Aaron, Rick Santers