Crazy Nights Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Lonestar Crazy Nights Cover Art


  • 1 Come Cryin’ to Me
    length: 3:43
    writer: Mark D. Sanders, Wally Wilson, John Rich
  • 2 Everything’s Changed
    length: 3:54
    writer: Larry Boone, Paul Nelson, Richie McDonald
  • 3 Cheater’s Road
    length: 3:51
    writer: Sharon Rice, Jason Sellers
  • 4 A Week in Juarez
    length: 2:47
    writer: Sam Hogin, Jim McBride, Phil Barnhart
  • 5 John Doe on a John Deere
    length: 3:23
    writer: Don Cook, John Rich, Conley White
  • 6 You Walked In
    length: 4:32
    writer: Bryan Adams, Robert John “Mutt” Lange
  • 7 Say When
    length: 3:23
    writer: Larry Boone, Paul Nelson, John Rich
  • 8 Amie
    length: 4:06
    writer: Craig Fuller
  • 9 Crazy Nights
    length: 3:20
    writer: Chris Waters, Tom Shapiro, John Rich
  • 10 Keys to My Heart
    length: 3:01
    writer: Lonnie Wilson, Kim Williams, Richie McDonald
  • 11 What Do We Do With the Rest of the Night
    length: 3:03
    writer: Sharon Rice, John Rich, Wally Wilson