I Believe in Love Album

Artist(s): Lou Reed


I Believe in Love

length: 2:45

I believe in good times now
And I believe in shows
And I believe in the iron cross
And as everybody knows

I believe in good time music
Yeah, good time rock

Senselessly Cruel

length: 2:03
Girls like you always played me for a fool
But now, a time has come to lay to waste
The theory people have of getting an acquired taste
you treated me -

Oh, so, so senselessly cruel
Oh baby, you were so senselessly cruel

From the beginnings I suspected the worst
And you didn't disappoint me
it was just that you were the first
But now, I wouldn't let you touch me
if you were within a foot
And girl, I'm never ever gonna get hurt
'cause you treated me -

Oh, so senselessly cruel
Oh now, so senselessly cruel
(Oh, so senselessly cruel)
(Oh, so senselessly cruel)