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Artist(s): Lowkey

Cover Art

Lowkey Uncensored Cover Art



length: 0:53

Alphabet Assassin

length: 4:25
candidly, cool calculated cannibal that causes carnage casually.

Diddy Didn't Do Diddly, Dead it, Did it with Dignity. You Dilly Dally and Diss from Distance Dig it I Disagree. You Did it for Digits, d******* Dummy I Do it Differently. I Define Deliberately Diligent Delivery.


Cause Everything is Everything it's Evidence my Essence is Every Element, Effortlessly Edit your Enterprise with Eloquence. Elevate with the Energy of Eminem, Every Entity that's Ever been a Enemy I'm Ending them.


The fact is I fracture factors to fragments fantastically, fibbers fabricate fallacies and find fantasy. I flip faithless fellas from fakers to flippin fans of me, flippantly famish and finish these fanatics factually.


Give gangsters gangrene and gain green gradually, grapple and gatecrash your gathering with a gang of Gs. Gallivanting geezers get guided to the galaxy, or gallows for gambling with a generals geniality.


Happily hack hackers that happen to have a hack with me like Hatton I'm habitually hazardous how it has to be. Hospitalise haters from Holland, Holloway or Hackney, hate hagglers and I hang 'em with a handkerchief.


Illustrius illustrator, illest in the industry, illicitly cause illiterate idiots injury. Impatient cause Illuminati impede my innovations, while ignorant imbeciles idolise my imitations.


I jack a jackal for his jacket and just jam, got jittery jockeys jabbering, Jamaica to Japan. Got jealous junkie jokers jabbing, January-to-January my journal is a journey just don't jinx my jiggy jamboree.


I'm the key, the king, the Kaiser, reminding my kin of karma. I'm a kangaroo keep in your kennel you curb koala, kidnapping kleptomaniacs since kindergarten, killer. Kitties will give their kidney for a kit kat or a kipper.


I'm the lyricist's lyricist, livid with little listeners, listen I'm loving living cause life is literally limited. My live lyrics lift lyricism levels luckily, til I leave the labyrinth of London and live in luxury.

Meanwhile my motives to motivate and mobilise my monster men, my missions to minimise misdemeanours, mere monuments of these midgets make me milli for minutes, I may be a mad Mongrel and a manic Mesopotamian maniac.


No my narratives, not for narcoleptic narcissists. Naive native nitwits natter negative nastiness. Numerous naughty nymphos niggle up to my navel, no, I neglect the negligee and navigate to Naples.


When I operate, obsolete opposition get obliterated. Often obese officers ogle as their occupation, obviously offing other obstacles is my obligation, originality over Oscar ovations.


Poisonous Poets, poised at the pulpit, pulverise poachers and pointless posers with potently poignant poems, practically panic. Paparazzi passive passengers planning to pack P's and prang patchy pampering pansies.


Quality over quantity, qualify quantum physics, I question quarrelly quacks and I quickly quadruple quizzes. A quarter get queasy and query with queer quotes though, these quirky quibblers get crippled like Quasimodo.


Righteous revolution ragamuffin repping reality, really rebelling, recruiting ready regiments rapidly. Remorseless renegade, riddims and records ripping radio, rapping rattlers really rally rating my ratio.


I separately severed several stupid students for steppin and still slewing sacrilegious super s*****s in seconds. Speak to Styz and savagely smack up studio sessions, suave swingers spitting sickest similes in seven.

Topped the talent and tenacious tendencies of Tyson, tipped as a terrifying terrorist tackling t**ans. Tokyo to Tennessee, taxing timid tourists, through turbulent times I tangle with total torment.


Understand I'm unbelievable, that's an understatement, uglifier, giving ultimatums to undertakers. Unanimous, undisputed, unfuckwithable, unforgiving to ugglesome uncles they're unoriginal.


Verbally violent and victims validate my visions, vaporising, vanish various vigilant villains. Vividly victorious over a variety of vixens, venomous viper vanquishes vampires with vengeance.


These wobbling wackos are just waiting to work for wages, my words are weapons willing to wage war on you wimpy wasters.


See thru you xenophobic x-men with an x-ray, x out xmas with an x-rated s** tape.


Yuppies are yapping, I'm yawning, yearning for yesterday, years when youngers played with yo-yo's not yet with yay.


I'm as zealous as Zeppelin and Zappa in my zones I zoom like Zoro I zap these zonking zebras, my zone's a zoo.

How many letters left?


Home Is Where the Heart Is

length: 5:26
The views expressed on this track, are not directly those of Lowkey or Logic
They're just drawing attention to the lifestyles which some people live


Hear my words...

'cos I was born in a Shanty town
I used to live around the city and cars, but they threw my whole family out
We don't have schools so I can't make my family proud
and I'm way past handing downs
I wear what Is there for me
and when I was 6 the army came, there's no fam left to care for me
My brothers and my dad was made to fight
See I was born in Uganda, and this is where I think Im gonna die
I saw my mother getting raped, my sisters cried
and then they raped my 2 sister and just pushed my mom aside
before ending all 3 lives
now I live on the beach, but It aint' no sea sight
I'm sick of seeing' the sea, I think I'm nearly 8 years old
and I aint the only kid like me
Yea this ain't the saddest story ever told
I want revenge, and I can't let it go
I know It's hard to hear, but It's true stories, there's so many of us
I know It's easy to ignore me,
I know about living real poorly
where everyday's gunfire
No food, they say drought makes the sun higher
I live real street life, I've seen faces disappear
and everyday I hustle for food, and while Im living here, I clear fear out of my thoughts
If I die fam, I die, that's the way I was taught
and I fought for every scrap of food I ever got
there's no letter box, you can only help when you come here
and that's the point I want to get across
Charities don't make me better off
my teeth hurts, there's no dentist to fix it
see I'm poverty driven, I don't envy the rich kids
'cos this is just life I must live this
Just hear my words, I need more than wishes


Everything Is relative, we all live the same dramas
just different levels of hardship
everyone who breaths the air, is a target
you see Home is where the Heart is


I pray you can relate to my views and my struggle
They took my home and reduced it to rubble
Nobody cares and no one will help us
Then they wonder why we're going to their cities and we're blowing ourselves up
They acting' like we killing them, they killing us harder
they couldn't imagine what life's like living in Gaza
Insh-allah, with my life I can give you a martyr
to young to understand what they did to my father
But I'm told he was diabetic,
the soldiers said the medicine In his hand looked like a weapon they're quite pathetic,
they shot his head and never ever will I forget it
they raided my house, broke their way inside and wrecked it
they kidnapped my uncle, took my brother to prison
they let him out, when I look in his eyes now, something is different
took away his pride, he's to weak to be militant
I know he got tortured, but I don't know what they did to him
He's always acting weird and doing strange things
He's been out for 3 years but he's never been the same since
the perpetrators are destined to learn
'cos forever they'll burn, as for my uncle he was never returned
The things they do now are worse than what they did in the past
Why should we hear their voice, they never ever listen to ours
they talk about a roadmap to peace, It's just a mirage
my poor little sister got shot, sitting in class
so now you understand that peace is impossible
when they even dropping bombs on people in hospitals
they're eating, while my people are wasting away
It deepens, we're not even safe when we pray
My heart's in the Gaza strip, do you know where this is?
We're living in pain, whether or not you're aware of it
Soldiers are cowards and punks, they scared of kids
we throw rocks; they shoot bullets, now who's the terrorist?
Yeah we hate you
but if my people bulldozed your house and killed your family, you'd hate my race too
This is not anti-Semitic,
'cos Arabs are also Semites to, how can they forget it?
This is the look in my brothers eyes
This is the scream that I hear when my mother cries
This is the war between us and the other side
And once upon a time, we were brother tribes
All the stops at the checkpoints are making us madder
Every night we starve, and every day they get fatter
In a minute not one of these statements will matter
'cos It's time to detonate, Insh-allah I'll make to Jannah


Everything Is relative, we all live the same dramas
just different levels of hardship
everyone who breaths the air, is a target
you see Home is where the Heart is

Freestyle 1

length: 1:45

Who REally Cares

length: 3:41
I called you when i needed you most
i thought we were linked
i told you the bad news and you haven't talked to me since
frankly, i don't wanna talk to a shrink
i might look happy but im angry and i'm tortured within
you come back around now with your hands out
i can see the guilt in your eyes
maybe you understand now
it is a fact
when i talk, you didn't listen
is that you said u call me back in a minute but you didn't
don't get me wrong, im not trying to beg friend
it just feels like my life's____ a dead end
i tried to turn around but now my back is against the wall
and the pain just won't stop, i might have to end it all
i tell myself life is sacred, it's not bright to waste it
i feel surrounded but at the same time isolated
at times my own day dream is scam ya
fam, myself hatin anyone that may seem care free
i'd rather go out smiling and cryin at home
i've realised that my worst fear is dying alone
at times i lose my composure but that's not a surprise
i can't control the emotions i keep bottled inside
don't pretend there's a friendship you and me shared
when you hit rock bottom people are usually scared
i guess stupidly i expected you to be there
but when the s___ hits the fam man who really cares ?

i was just sitting here, feeling sorry for myself and helpless
then i realised that i was just being selfish
i'm a soldier, myself centred, brain is my helmet
but when reality hit me i felt sick
we run from our problems, there's many that are paralysed
we take life for granted, these simply never had i life
we heared it all before, some people are deaf
that tramp lives in a box while i sleep in my bed
inside i'm a tortured man who hates living
but there's people being tortured in that great prison
there's youth right now, that are dying from malaria
so we can have clean running water in our area
that s___ there has got me feeling ashamed
if you been through it, tell me what's the meaning of pain
you ain't caught and they locked you away when you were acting well
there's people in guantanamo bay that never had a chance
we seen a lot, there's some that were born blind
in some places __________________
you f___ed bad chicks, you think you a heavyweight ?
in africa 6 thousand people die from aids every day
and the baby's there getting from their mothers
so think about the next time you f___ without a rubber
it hurts and no one said the truth will be fair
the world is a messed up place man but who really cares ?

Just Shine

length: 3:37

Yeah Yeah
This is for my sister and my boy D, yeah, for you too

Just shine, shine like you know you can
It's your life and I can't hold your hand
You never know when your time will be done
So just shine, shine brighter than the sun
Just shine, there's nothing you've got to hide
Show the world you've got inside
Cause you've only got one time
Just shine x5

1st verse
We go so far back we had mad fights nowadays we both laugh at
You the only one that stuck with me through the thick and thin
But I took you for granted and that's the wickedest thing
I trust you and that's all I can ask for
So my marge is your marge my yard's yours
People think I'm too hard on you
But don't rap if there's something that you can rather do
If you do wanna rap, then show me why
There's no time to be intimidated don't be shy
You can't use them stupid excuses with me
Because there's so much more than you can achieve
Just come out of your shell, don't be ashamed of your skill
Be proud of yourself Listen I ain't going on fuckery
But I want you to have success as much as me
I don't want you just being my hype man
Trust me blood you can bust if I can
When I see you lacking focus I get quite mad
You should be getting the exposure that I've had
If you don't want it, that's cool with me
You ain't just some brotha that went school with me
I'm a person you've got nothing to prove to
And I know nowadays I don't check you as much as I used to


2nd verse
For my sister ... Aisha, my beautiful survivor
From now on I do my best to be nicer
My brother left us with a burden that we carry
But you were born to shine you deserve to be happy
I know I play my music loud when you're trying to sleep
But I'll do anything just to seeing you smiling at me
When I look in those big brown eyes
I know without you I'm like clouds without the sky
When I was young I would steal your sweets and take your money
No matter how much I met you with hate you'd love me
You used to draw in the corner and just think quietly
Your determination and strength has inspired me
Time flies and now we're both grown up
But it's unfair that you've been through so much
But please don't let it get you down
Don't let the past upset you now
Cause the mind gets tortured by over-analysis
Look your gorgeous you know that you're talented
Do all the things that you love to do
There ain't a man on this Earth good enough for you
When I say we can get hit by a comet
This is honest, live for today cause tomorrow isn't promised
If you need me, never try to hesitate
I'm here for you, anytime, any place


Let Me Live

length: 3:54
This is for those who died on the 7th of July, passed tragically
and the many more that are gettin' killed in Iraq as we speak
Our bombs that we taxpayers are paying for
everyday we're slaving more, you're wrong saying we aint at war
56 losses that's what intelligence said
In Iraq, they'll never tell us how many are dead
And In the event that's up to our government
They don't show the numbers, (Why?) 'cos the public can't stomache it
How can you represent truth & freedom
when you're pillaging & killing innocent humanbeings
That is something Iraqi youths are used to seeing
So tell me truly, what do you believe in?
They've been telling us lies for years, still we wanna listen
The public got a shield for the guilty politician
Now at the end of the day, why are they sharing their views?
'cos I never seen The Queen or Tony Blair on the tube


Let me live my life
With your your predjudice
Why am I getting frisked, I aint no terrorist
Let me live my life
Evidence is irrelevant 'cos we're a threat and defence will get rid of it
Ever since September 11 they've been obsessed, opression is what's happening
Let me live my life
Forget arrest on the spot, death sentence, leave my people alone, just let them live

These days we can't even bop through Oxford Circus
without pointless coppers tryin to stop and search us
what's the purpose, why you wanna bother me
Increase security? Pff, tell them to fix up their foreign policy
I can't even sit on the tube with my walkman and listen to tunes
without them getting suspicious and rude
Watching closely at the things that I do
why are you so intrested b____, Im probably more british than you
Gotta talk safe on the phone, for years I had the same digits
with _ try n take you to court for a train ticket
Don't argue, just listen instead
ID Card a step closer to a chip in your head
there's a bomb scare,
they ask me, what? Where? Who? Why?, It's not fair
How many muslims have blonde hair and blue eyes
so think twice
Of who you try to bother
You're just as likely to be that suicde bomber


Police shot an innocent man, 5 times in the head
No militant plan, just died 'cos he ran crying and fled
Do they really want us to riot and ride on these feds?
Yea maybe violence will have the desired effect
The other day a man got shot on the tube It's ill
If you were his fam, Imagine how you would feel
On the news, you never see the truth reveal
face it the truth is muslim racists that they shoot to kill
It's all gone wild, they got us locked down in compounds
Evidence is not found, no trial, this needs to stop now
And they got the nerve, to say we're hostile
Forget crackhouses, they're raiding Mosques now
I wish I could say that the future's bright
But It's not and It can't so I choose to fight
What have you got in your heart blud, you decide
'cos everyday they're abusing our human rights


Tell Me Why

length: 3:07
Put your lighters up...

They will fight till extinction
And using the nations as weapons
Tell me why...

I've been gone for a while but don't watch that
'Cause now I'm back ready to show all these whack rappers how to rap
Type my name on youtube and watch that, get the picture. Yep
I'm the biggest threat to your little rep on the internet
Forget Channel U don't watch that, no one spits facts
And since wifey riddem everybody's making chit chats
But when my vid drops and you watch that, you'll be seeing why
There's a big difference between me and the meaty guys
MTV cribs I don't watch that, the greed sickens me
I guess I just look at the world and see it differently
Kids starving to death and when I watch that, I cry inside
How can rappers live in yards that typa size
Kids film happy slaps and they watch that, then text their friends
Generations of degenerates, will it never end?
The Twin Towers fell and we watched that
It was control demolition, there was no terrorism; it's not that

They will fight till extinction
And using the nations as weapons
Tell me why...

Youths get the Scarface movie and watch that, live that violent dream
They shoulda watched more carefully in the final scene
Forget Big Brother don't watch that, even if the other TV's shit
You can't spend your life watching other people live
Turn off Fox News, don't watch that - read a book
Glance back at history 'cause we need to look
They film us on CCTV and watch that, are we catalogue humans?
Oyster cards stay tracking our movements
Forget Myspace don't watch that, I ain't feeding Murdock
Or looking at girls posing with their skirts off
Forget profile hits, don't watch that, I know people can tell
Those numbers don't equal yourselves
Forget Borat, don't watch that, it ain't funny fam
And that's start of something bigger than you understand
And there's talk on the road but don't watch that, 'cause I'm well known
And wherever I go my name rings like a cellphone

They will fight till extinction
And using the nations as weapons
Tell me why...

Don't Hide It

length: 3:16

[Verse 1: Logic]

My names little Jake
My mum calls me the big mistake
Birthdays come and go, I’ve never seen a cake
Most days I’m locked in my room, at least then I’m safe
Without her
Other times I gotta do housework
Mum and dad fight, mum loses so she hits me
Even put me in hospital
They had to fix me
My mum and my aunty get lit cigarettes and stab me
Oi mum, why did you have me?
To treat me bad?
You left my dad
He used to save me
He used to ask you why do you hate me
And lately
My mum makes me fight my brothers a lot
My mum and my aunty watch laughing
I’m hungry I’m starving
Cold beans and bread
My future ain't’t good I’ve seen ahead
I ain’t got friends
I’m 9 years old but will I live to see 10……..
I don’t know

Don't hide it(x4)

[Verse 2: Lowkey]
My names Chelsea, you could swim in the ocean of tears I have cried
When I was three years old my dad died
When I was six my mum got married to some guy
Three years later my mum died, but why
Did her husband have to custody of me?
Since I was 9 he’s been doing stuff with my body
And I need to be rescued
Coz this strange man is touching me in places that I know he isn’t meant to
I wish life could be the way it was before
Now he comes in my room, turns off the light, and locks the door
Now I can’t sleep waiting up for another day
One time I got the courage to run away
But that was very dumb
Coz he found me and told me he’d kill me if I ever told anyone
I gotta go, yours truly Chelsea
P.s… please help me

Don’t hide it (x8)

This one is for all the children suffering abuse as we speak
All over the world
This one is for you; if you relate to this song
This one is for you
NWO- New World Order
Lowkey, Logic
Children are the future
We reap what we sow

Freestyle 2

length: 7:28

Listen yeah! Lowkey, Double P, Mongrel, check out ww.myspace.com/lowkeyuk
The album, coming out November, Dear Listener
The Mongrel album coming out January, Better Than Heavy, cheez

Listen, this is what we say to them Channel U youths, listen, them little Channel U kiddies, listen…


[Verse 1: Lowkey]

So what you’re on the telly
What you know about putting out three CDs before you were twenty?
You know that you heard of me
What you know about being eighteen and doing shows in Germany?
What you know about four stars in a magazine?
What you know about the game, waste man I have the key?
What you know about hundred bars on the radio?
Nothing, you weren’t making dough you were lazy bro
You’re following, before you were bothering I was on this ting
Songs filled my pockets with profit, I’m being honest king
Said it’s all politics before anybody hollered it
Turned down chances cos I knew what they were offering
Called out a couple names, had the game gossiping
Never hear Kizzy on the track with Lady Sovereign
Might see me in your girl’s favourite magazine modelling
Pulling up in a tinted whip with a model in
Shot my first CD myself it was astonishing
Stockers wouldn’t stock us now we tell ‘em stop grovelling
Our shottas shot to shoppers and shottas we got a lot of them
Coppers can’t cop it, were coppers so stop copying
Now we’re topping the toppers from Tottenham to Nottingham
All your favourite rappers want us to do a song with ‘em
Me, I ain’t bothered with all of the fake politics
Me, I just live my life and stay positive
Epitome of verse-killing, lyrically I’m hearse-fillin’
Been out for a minute G… surfacing
Your whole trilogy still didn’t beat my worst rhythm
What you figured B, you’re as ill as me, I heard different
See your favourite MC, I nurtured him
And see all your favourite beats, I murdered ‘em
Face it your click is wasted, I won’t work with ‘em
They certainly heard of me from Guernsey to Birmingham
(Woo!) Cos the name holds weight, still I wake up to the same old hate
And pray for a day my face ain’t so bait
I’m a rapper other rappers act like they don’t rate
Cos when DJs get my tunes they play it eight shows straight
Rewind it and drop bigger bombs than NATO make
To be real it ain’t all about the radio play
Cos we all wanna bust, there just ain’t no space
And the games dying, nobody’s getting record sales
Channel U’s full of sweet boys try’n’a impress the girls
The only rappers a lot of bredders have ever felt
Are dead or depressed in jail and never getting mail
When alive they hate, when gone, you’re the best ever
This ain’t a comeback f*ck that, I’m a trendsetter
People talk and get me differently twisted cos
This rap sh*t is the m*otherf*cking business
So what you peddle pebbles, you’re dead whenever my pencil moves
On every level I rep with rebels, you never lose
You resemble devils with terrible tales you sell the youths
You need to fix up yourself and tell the truth
You’ve been rich for ten plus years, still sellin’ crack
Saying that you’re still bustin’ guns, why tell em that?
Knowing that these kids emulate every rhyme you’ve ever spat
You need to get your role models from somewhere else instead of rap
You shouldn’t really need me to explain
You know that you imitate with what you speak and what you say
You’ve got more power than their parents but you’re leading them astray
You don’t tell them that these illegal ways will lead ‘em to the cage
I’m p*ssed. Why? I got d*ck-riding bredders hating
While you spit rhymes that misguided my generation
You’re not real, cos what you’re saying ain’t the truth
You’re try’n’a kill the kids, me, I’m try’n’a save the youths
The future’s removal of humans, computers, pursued revolution
Hell is hot we burn like chips in a pan
At your kid’s birth they’ll insert a chip in its hand
I spent so many sleepless nights pondering reasons why
Most of the good people in my life seem to die
See my eyes take a look, deep inside seek to find
The bottom of my soul, find the hole where my demons hide
All I want’s a peaceful life, but I can’t see it like
Every morning Mum weeps and cries so I don’t even try
Still she teaches me right, stay humble and be polite
But she never saw what I saw on the streets at night
I just wanna see the light, raise a yout’, feed my wife
But they’re try’n’a take away my freedom so I need to fight
Redesign your feeble mind and read the signs, be advised
Either I get it or I’m taking what I feel is mine
My life is like the best book you ever read
Spent nights listening to Westwood and getting vexed
My pen writes when I’m depressed cos I never slept
Bredders step, let’s do it man to man like Red and Meth
You can freestyle all day, I make the best songs
I’m like an insomniac’s bed, rarely slept on
The open mics, you know that’s where I got my rep from
Shady bredders thought they were big but they were dead wrong
Rap with the spitter’s spitters and spit for the rapper’s rappers
I rip the rhythm to ribbons from Britain to Madagascar
Listen to lyricists and I diss all the backwards actors
Dismiss all the killing sh*t cos none of that crap should matter
You know I’m right, go and find a rapper that’s as real as this
He couldn’t battle, the flipping demons that I’m dealing with
I know my life ain’t the hardest but even if you envy what I got
And you wanna swap, we can switch
The artist, slash terrorist, slash Double P representative
Slash the worst rapper could ever diss
Slash activist, slash kidnapper of the president
Slash his wrists and leave a flippin’ slash where his temple is

(Yeah! Cheez, let’s keep going man. I do this all day
MK, Kiss 100 www dot MySpace dot com forward slash lowkeyuk
Dear Listener LP November)

[Verse 1: Lowkey]

Listen, this is for all the hungry rappers out there yeah?

Listen, listen…

Since the day you left I’ve been stuck in place
They say that time heals, but still nothing changed
Every time I close my eyes I see you stubborn face
And every morning I’m home I see my mother’s pain
The day you died, I had a dream where I said sorry
I threw the second piece of dirt on your dead body
When I don’t see Mum for a while I get worried
Cos if she died then that would take the rest of me
Sitting in the hearse, driving to the cemetery
I kept wishing it was me that was getting buried
In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m dead already
Cos it’s October and I ain’t cracked a smile since February
I can feel it in the air, coming I’m just getting ready
I just wanted to hang about but you would never let me
After you passed, advice I was getting plenty
I made you famous because ‘Bars For My Brother’ was legendary
People all over the globe shared in the pain
But how could you leave our parents this way?
What’s worse than losing a son? I compared in my brain
Nothing! While I just sit back and stare at this page
I know you know that I didn’t really hate you
But if you were still here would I appreciate you?
I don’t know, harsh reality is so cold
Dad visits your grave every week but I won’t go
A crossroads not knowing what way I wanna choose
Like I’m cursed to an eternity of solitude
MPs talking ‘bout their bollocks views
I’m having arguments with the telly when I watch the news
You know that feeling you get when the whole world’s on top of you?
Your demons seem to follow you
People say they’re there but don’t bother to holler you
Can’t trust yourself so trusting them is impossible
No one said life was supposed to be fair
Can’t tell people what you’re going through, they won’t even care
You’re not the only one feeling trapped, lonely and scared
Waking up in cold sweats but nobody’s there
You’re in a dark place, running from issues that you can’t face
Conversations make your heart race at a fast pace
Can’t relate to anyone, that’s something that you can’t face
Never ever act like we are, but we aren’t mates
You just ate but you’re still hungry though fam
Walk like I’m young but talk like a grumpy old man
I hate thinking ‘bout the future, why? Cos it hurts me
Imagining myself still living with my Mum at thirty
Really not sure if I’m stable mentally
Cos I always focus on my painful memories
I pray for my family, pray for enemies
Pray for my friends and myself cos I never sleep
Pray for the day I break from this cage and they let me free
Pray that I’m sent to a place that is heavenly
Pray for my present, pray for my legacy
And pray it’s in a positive way, they remember me

Yes, MK, peace and love yeah


length: 3:15

Wake Up

length: 3:55

The year 2007 marks the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery
These are my views
Hear my words
Listen, listen

[Verse 1]
I woke up this morning so I had to make a new track
This is the difference between true stories and true facts
This right here is what waking up feels like
This is the difference between real talk and real life
It’s a treacherous road so mind the GAP
Because they try to blur the lines between lies and facts
They told you, it was finished, but that’s all a lie
’Cos there’s children in them sweatshops, some as young as four or five
Check the tongue on your trainers
These slave-made products are brought here to get endorsed by somebody famous
So we think it looks cool
While slaves are stitching footballs in Pakistan
I break it down in a way that other rappers can’t
It’s hard to stop sleeping and wake up, ’cos it’s too real
But if karma doesn’t get you first then the truth will
We're living in some wild days
According to Unicef there’s 246 million child slaves

Wake up
Open your eyes and listen to this
Cos little innocent kids are stitching them kicks
I'm ticked off, cos we're living this myth
The devil's biggest of tricks was convincing the people he didn't exist

Wake up
You think it ended but it never did
It put the chocolate in our mouth
The logos on our freshest kicks
The logos on our backs, the coffee we drink, almost everything
There’s more slaves on earth right now than there’s ever been

[Verse 2]
You're listening to the wrong rappers
Companies use child slaves then blame it all on their subcontractors
Don’t need to guess who sewed those jeans, but who’s buying these clothes
Who gives us cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast?
The answers are Mars, but you don't need to search the skies
They’re in Asian sweatshops making Mickey Mouse merchandise
Nowadays it's less to do with the colour of your skin, fam
It’s more to do with the country that you’re in, fam
Won't stop spitting until there’s a change
Every purchase that we make, keep the children in chains
It’s so twisted and strange to me
Some parents are so poor they sell their own kids into slavery
It’s an ugly state of affairs
Slaves used to pick cotton but now they stitch ticks on the trainers we wear
When they tell you it’s finished, don’t let them
’Cos it’s still here, even though it got abolished in 1807


[Verse 3]
This is for those who kept faith
And all the children around the globe getting sold as sex slaves
Back in the day it was bad but this is the next phase
Nowadays everything’s in our hands fam, let’s change
In these tragic times, we gotta analyse these rappers rhymes
The fact is they're blind, and they glamourise a pack of lies
The powers that be got us distracted but we have to fight
’Cos these days it’s not as simple as being black or white
We need to fix our lives and get some unity
’Cos ’til the feds get their weapons, shoot-executing me
Putting me back to sleep is something you could never do to me
Yours truly, Lowkey, the rapper slash revolutionary
Do your research if you don't believe it still exists
It’s just a matter of how long can we live with it
You could call me a hypocrite
’Cos if you look at my shoe on my foot right now, you’d see a little tick on it

Freestyle 3

length: 4:43

It's like, it's like these days Dj's won't play a track if i'm on it. But ironically they play Dj Ironic, my logic tells me that i don't rap about the right topics. Because my politics scare people so they hide from it. Give me an instrumental and i'll shine on it, so bright i'll burn your eye socket

Read Between the Lines

length: 3:27

[Verse 1]
After what happened on 9/11
Saddam was a threat they had to find his weapons
Then an inspector said that he never had any
A couple of months later that man's buried
Its damn scary 'cus he exposed their ruthless lies
Then apparently committed suicided
But its obvious that he didn't choose to die
The truth is he was brutally crucified
Just imagine if they invaded Great Britain
Face it that war was based on racism
I love Michael but deep down he's a child
For years they said he was a pedophile
But when it went to court he beat the trial
The reason is money buys freedom so he's allowed
Don't believe the hype or let 'em cease your mind
People please read in between the lines

Read between the lines...
Life is just a pantomime

[Verse 2]
Yo I might get misquoted in an interview
And people might say somthing about me that isn't true
Or say that I did something I didn't do
'Cus I say I'm Arab some people disapprove
Straight up its made, blood, the fakeness annoys me
Like a club night that doesn't pay its employees
I don't go there with my friends to party
'Cus thats about as hip hop as Gwen Stefani
Years back 50 was real, his shit was raw
Now the same man call him a snitch and fraud
Joss Stone didn't sell when she hit the stores
But that changed when she won two Brit Awards
A certain MC set up a clique but found bredda's
Worse than him just so he could sound better
Don't believe the hype or let 'em cease your mind
People please read in between the lines


[Verse 3]
Yo, yo, hip hop used to be done on the streets
Now every mug and their mum wants a piece
Suburban parents hated this music their kids love
Now even Britney Spears tries to spit, bruv
They copy whats hot, they're too dumb to innovate
Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake
And garage was around in the ends for ages
Then they called it grime and Westwood played it
Then you got American rappers like Mobb Deep
Who spit about murdering people on hot beats
In life they get robbed on street and squash beefs
When you look at the affect they have its off key
Bush rigged the first election even let us find out
Then you wonder why he won again the second time round
Don't believe the hype or let 'em cease your mind
People please read in between the lines


Yeah yeah, you know in these days and times
Weve got to train our minds to read inbetween the lines
Weve got to figure out who's who
Weve got to see the people for who they are

In My Lifetime

length: 3:10


length: 4:52

Freestyle 4

length: 2:42

Okay, yeah. Lowkey, ni hao, BBC radio 1, Faith SFX, Voices of the voiceless off itunes featuring immortal technique now

I munch rappers when I rhyme about to eat dinner
Depending on the beat, I might just speak quicker
Your mate thinks he's sicker, lowkey he's iller
Don't smoke hashish, but trust me I'm a weedkiller
When I'm on the track, I cause an avalanche
Give rappers scars and slap a chatter back to mars
I stand out and you're just like camouflage;
I'm way too fast they say I need a tachograph
Man are mad at me cos I grapple and batter graphically
I smash the beat and push buttons like haberdashery
I got the baddest flow, everything I rap you quote
I'm plain sailing and I don't need a narrow boat
These days, CJs better get their teeth straight
Lowkey, do everything he says
Cos when it's on, you know you need a replay
I eat rappers each day like cheesecake
BBC wanna know if I can freestyle
I make rappers get police on the speedial
Punchlines hit so hard it knocks teeth out
It's deep how, I can speak loud like Steve Stoute
I rock a kaffiyeh, not a top shop tea towel
Big up to ni hao, I appreciate the reach out
Voices of the voiceless, I gotta give a brief shout
That's me bruv, I'm done, brother, peace out

Bars for My Brother

length: 6:40
So many regrets
So many unanswered questions
I miss you...
Miss you so much...

Yo yo yo yo
I hope you're somewhere listening to this
I wish I knew why you did what you did
'Cause I still haven't really come to terms with the truth
There must have been something you were determined to prove
The lessons you taught me, I can't forget
But there's so many unanswered questions
Now everything seems meaningless
You lived fast and died young
But my brother you were a genius
How could you ever believe that you'll survive
I don't care what they say, that shit is suicide
I won't lie, there was much distance between you and I
I should've told you not to do it, don't be stupid
You've got looks, got brains and your future's bright
Now you're gone I feel like I'm gon' lose my mind
I never thought you'd get yourself organised
I wish we saw the signs, the shock left us all traumatised
These are awful times, and I need more than rhymes
'Cause this was more than a tragedy
You can't just cheat the forces of gravity
You left me here to hold a brave face supporting the family

In a way you were dying to live
It's fucked up man, I'm crying while I'm writing this shit
Water from my eyes is stopping me from lighting my spliff
Why didn't you realise that your life is a gift
Mum and Dad don't understand why they've outlived their son
Every single CD, Mix Tape and Album to come
Is dedicated to no other than my blood brother
But I hate you, for the way you made my Mum suffer
Words can't explain, how a certain part of my heart hurts with the harshest pain
Last time we spoke, we said we weren't brothers and we aren't the same
I told myself you were too far past insane
How could we not take your death badly
I just asked mum and she said your name meant happy

But my soul is too cold to laugh
My heart bleeds when I'm looking at your old school photograph
I wish that I could touch your beautiful flesh
I'm writing but we ain't even had the funeral yet
Now death is something, that I'm staying ever ready for
You had plenty more to give, you weren't even 24
I don't understand why you had to die
In a lot of rappers rhymes, death is glamorised
Not me, I'll always stay remembering you
I should've known this was something you'd eventually do
When you got shift, we should've known it was bad
The next day I was sitting here consoling my Dad
It's like a nightmare, it still doesn't seem real

But this is my life, not some fucking deep film
It's the strange feeling I felt in the late night
Witnesses said that you fell from a great height
Can't be my brother man, tell me it ain't right
Right now I'd rather blaze, we could face life
Shit what a waste, what a shame
I just gotta make sure your life wasn't lost in vain
This is my brother, not just a departed friend
So hard for my [?] to start again
From now on our lives will never be the same
We holding on too tight for the memories to fade
24 years was hardly a life
On the day you passed, it's like a part of me died
I've been scarred many times but this pain is so much worse
And it's so much harder to describe
You will still be missed
I'm sorry we didn't support you, we thought we did
I wish I broke your leg so you couldn't jump
Now all I can do... is rep your fuckin name like I should've done
'Cause it's only right
I'm still not sleeping, but now I'm seeing your ghost at night
We all wish we could've stopped you
I know I can't go back in time now, but I want to
It's like a tightened knot that I can't undo
Why did I have to lose you to realize I loved you
Be careful what you wish for, in case it comes true
Right now I'm confused, feeling so subdued
When they arrested you, they wanted to sanction you
The only thing we did wrong was going and getting you
Next morning you was up, not doing what you was meant to do
That wasn't the life that you were meant to have
That wasn't the way that it was meant to be
You were sick, not physically but mentally
I still ain't got a fraction of this shit off of my chest

All that goes through my mind is them constant regret
Why why why did you die for no reason
All of a sudden the weathers cold it's so freezing
Have you ever head the saying, when it rains it pours
Don't ever try to tell me my pain is the same as yours
'Cause it's not, and everything isn't what it seems
I'm pinching myself but I know that this is not a dream
Why did you have to do that, this isn't fair
Listen my brother, never think that I didn't care
There's no words to describe the way that this feels
Now I can clearly separate the fake from the real
Why did everyone else have to be bro
I still can't quiet believe that you're actually gone
Just 5 days, 5 days and it feels like the same day
Weed ain't helping but I need it just to maintain
'Cause the bleak reality is terrible
And last night mom was practically hysterical
People I thought would care, couldn't care less
I need a lot of support 'cause I'm feeling bare stressed
And everyone else seems immature
I'm being tested, thinking what is there left that I'm living for
I need to clear my thoughts, stop thinking and try n breathe
Just a week ago I was so innocent and naive
Now my insides are burning like hells flames
I've realized up until now I've never felt pain
It's so evident that everything I cared about before was so irrelevant
There's certain people that call when they see that this shit is hurting
But I see them for what they are now 'cause I'm a different person

I miss you...
In fact fuck R.I.P
I want you to live through me
Live through me...
Live through me...
Live... through... me...