Chicken-N-Beer Album

Artist(s): Ludacris

Cover Art

Ludacris Chicken-N-Beer Cover Art


Southern Fried (intro)

length: 3:56
producer: LVM and DJ Nasty
guest background vocals: 2 Chainz, Eritza Laues and Cypress Fluellen
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Lenny Mollings and Josh Monroy
guest keyboard: Lenny Mollings
lyricist: Ludacris

Hey, yeah! I want all you proud sisters to stand up
I want everybody to stand up and be counted tonight
Brothers and Sisters if you know you got your thing together
I want you to stand on up, now I got somethin' to tell ya'
I told ya' how to think about it, now I want to tell how to get the thing together
So come on now and get up to it y'all

The incredible, untouchable ***** spittin' venom out his body wit' the dopest flows
And wonder why the line's around the corner
Cause the little ************ has the dopest shows
So one time for my independent women and all the single mothers who be gettin' that cake
Two times for my dogs pullin' triggers
And my *****z in the kitchen that be flippin' that weight
East coast, west coast, mid west, dirty south
Then we took it all around the world
I got fans in retirement homes, to teenagers, to little bitty boys ans girls
Droppin' lyrical bombs up in ya' hood,
Non-stoppin', I'ma hit 'em till the block explode
Hip hop, R&B, Pop-tart, what you want?
I even got a little rock 'n' roll
The most creative, original, got 'em takin' subliminal

Cause they can't get what I got's
They want it so bad, four million dollar pad
And enough to retire off two albums, gone, wave ya' white flags, I'm hot!
And everytime I rhyme I'm puttin' rappers in the ground
Wit' lines that got 'em hooked like dope
They gotta make up they mind, because they runnin' outta time
And I'm about to make 'em choke
Better turn your stereo louder, listen up and let me preach
Let's get arrested for Disturbin' the Peace! (C'mon)

Man! This Disturbin' Tha Peace **** gettin' on my nerves
Boy I tell you the truth, know what I'm sayin'?
While he doin' shows, I'm in these streets, know what I'm sayin'?
While he on tv, I'm in these streets
And then my broad, my kid walkin' around singin' it
Boy, if they sing another verse, boy I swear
Know what I'm sayin'? I'm on another level though
I gotta car wash, I gotta shop on O' National
I got my own record label, you heard of us
The Posse Family Cartel, you know what I'm sayin', we real
Who this ***** thing he is?

I'ma house hold name, wit' game spittin' outta my mouth at all times
I spit it out and about, and spit outta the south,until they recognize the danger signs
So feel a tingle in yo' s-spine, by the way I talk
And it's pimpin' in my blood, you can tell by the way I walk
Oh lawd, more styles than a barber shop, call the cops
People in the way want to baller block
Little do they know that I'm callin' shots
And I'm not to be ****ed with
If you see me comin' 'round the corner, then duck quick, perpetrators can suck ****
I tried to tell 'em, but they don't want to listen
I tried to shine 'em, but they don't want to glisten, while the high hat keeps on tickin'
And the kick drum keep on pumpin', I'm dumpin' on the closest fools
Cause rules were made to be broken, but you can't make broken rules
Hear what I'm sayin' or heard what I said
Hear what they playin', 'cause through this music I'ma still be heard if I'm dead
Call ya' producers, 'cause I'm hurtin' these beats
I said it once, I'll say it twice, biatch, Disturbin' Tha Peace

Yeah, folk
The King of the kings has spoken
ATL shawty! Hood to hood, block to block
We bouta let our nuts hang!
Disturbin' Tha Peace!
We don't die, we multiply
We makin Def Jam history
Thanks for gettin' the CD shawty!

Blow It Out

length: 4:06
producer: Ron Browz
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Robert Hannon and Bill Importico
lyricist: Ludacris
I never used to snore in my sleep 'til this rap **** started
Warm thoughts fill the hot-headed and cold-hearted
Your whole paycheck, you burp it and then fart it
And y'all think I'm gon' stop? Blow it out ya ***!
In one year I got rich, now life's moving so fast
But being broke with no food is just a thing of the past
Plus I'm the new phenomenon like white women with ***
And y'all praying that I flop? Blow it out ya ***!
In New York I buy clothing, in Cali I get green
In Atlanta I get sleep, in Texas I sip clean
All these rappers wanna know what I'm getting for sixteens
Try 80, want a discount? Blow it out ya ***!
See in just six months I infiltrated the system
If you find somebody better, then I'm sorry I missed him
*****s hate giving me props cause I might use it against them
C'mon, get Ludacris out! Blow it out ya ***!

[Chorus: x2]
If you mad I'm on top, then wish me gone
If you mad I'm on the road, then wish me home
And if you mad that I'm right, punk wish me wrong
But after your three wishes, Blow it out ya ***!

It's time to saddle up the Tontos cause I'm the Lone Ranger
I eat dinner with Jews but don't talk to strangers
I'm just a few albums from filling your disc changer
If you ever think of stopping me, Blow it out ya ***!
I'm a hustler by nature but criminal by law
Any charges set against me, chunk it up and stand tall
Next year I'm looking into buying Greenbriar Mall
You probably own a lot of property!Blow it out ya ***!
C'mon and take a look, he's got gigantic balls
Plus his money keeps flowing like Niagara Falls
We all know Jesus saves and Ludacris withdraws
I'm 'bout to go on vacation, Blow it out ya ***!
Shout out to Bill O'Reilly, I'ma throw you a curve
You mad cause I'm a THIEF and got away with words
I'ma start my own beverage, it'll calm your nerves
Pepsi's the New Generation, Blow it out ya ***!


My black people show me love when I'm up on the block
And Latinos always waiting for my CD's to drop
White people love the flow, they say, "Dude, you ****ing rock!"
Yo' fans are my fans, right? Blow it out ya ***!
So find my album in the stores and look for the white steam
Rip it open, play it and yo' momma might scream
It's hard, other albums are softer than ice cream
Yo' scans are my scans, right? Blow it out ya ***!
Now Luda's throwing up A's, and I'm lighting up L's
Around the globe getting paid, you home biting yo' nails
DTP, the only label that practice fighting ourselves
We probably getting on your nerves, huh? Blow it out ya ***!
I been eating and getting fat while y'all dying of hunger
I get drunk in the winter, stay high in the summer
Watch out, my album's putting up McDonald's numbers
You over 6 million served, huh? Blow it out ya ***!


Blow it out ya ***!

Stand Up

length: 3:34
producer: Kanye West
guest lead vocals: Shawnna
mixer: Jimmy Douglass
recording engineer: Jason Rome, Robert Hannon and Eddie Hernandez
co-producer: Ludacris
lyricist: Ludacris
Stand up! Stand up!
Stand up! Stand up!

When I move you move (just like that)
When I move you move (just like that)
When I move you move (just like that)
Hell yeah! Hey DJ bring that back!
(When I move you move) just like that
(When I move you move) just like that
(When I move you move) just like that
(Hell yeah, Hey DJ bring that back!)

How you ain't gon' ****! ***** out me?
I'm the god damn reason you in VIP
CEO you don't have to see ID
I'm young, wild, and strapped like Chi-Ali
Blow! We ain't got nothing to worry about
Whoop ***, let security carry em out
Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless
Feels like a midget is hanging from my neckless
I pulled up wit a million trucks
Looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks-ahh!
Pass the bottles, the heat is on
We in the huddle all smoking that Cheech & Chong
What's wrong?! The club and moon is full
And I'm looking for a thick young lady to pull
One sure shot way to get em outta them pants
Take note to the brand new dance, like this


Go on wit ya big ***! lemme see something
Tell ya little friend he can quit mean mugging
I'm lit and I don't care what no one thinks
But where the **** is the waitress at wit my drinks?!
My people outside and they can't get in
We gon' rush the back door and break em in
The owner already pissed cause we sorta late
But our time and our clothes gotta coordinate
Most girls lookin right some looking a mess
That's why they spilling drinks all over ya dress
But Louie Vuitton bras all over your breasts
Got me wanting to put hickies all over ya chest
C'mon! we going party tonight
Y'all use mouth to mouth bring the party to life
Don't be scurred, show another part of your life
The more drinks in your system the harder to fight!


Stand up! Stand up!
Stand up! Stand up!

Damn right the Fire Marshall wanna shut us down
Get us out so someone can gun us down
We was two songs away from getting some cutta
Now we one song away from tearing the club up
Move over! Luda got something to say
Do it now cause 'tomorrow' ain't promised 'today'
Work wit me! let's become one with the beat
And don't worry bout me stepping all over ya feet


Stand up! Stand up!
Stand up! Stand up!
Stand up! (just like that)
Stand up! (just like that)
Stand up! Stand up!

Rob Quarters (skit)

length: 1:05
producer: T-Storm
guest lead vocals: T-Storm, Reza Taher, Jamal Jeffreys and Mike Kinsey
lyricist: T-Storm
Rob Quarters skit

Whats the deal people?!
It?s the Natural Disaster: T-Storm comin? at you with another hip-hop spotlight.
Since the success of being a radio air personality from back in the day
and later goin? on to release his independent album,
Ludacris has inspired other radio jocks to persue careers in Hip-Hop.
Meet Rob Quarters, a 62-year-old air personality from WZZZ in Bus County Georgia.
I was granted the opportunity to holla at Mr. Quarters about his upcoming album
And here?s what he had to say.

(Rob Quarters)
People keep askin? ?why Rob Quarter, why Rob Quarter, 62-year-old m_________in g??
Wanna make an album, that?s all.
You know, I been, I?ve been thinking about doin? this s___ since, you know, back when I was forty, so I figured ?hey f___ it. Ima go ahead and just do the d___ thing,
just go ahead and do the d___ thing.?
So, here?s the first single off my new album ?Get Hard, Or Die Tryin??
Ya?ll feel that? Feel that n____.
It?s called ?v_____ Has Been Good To Me?
Now feel that f___in? n____!
Hey, ya?ll holla back at a m_________er and you know what I?m always sayin n____:
If you can?t earn no m_________in? cents, you better beg for the quarter.

Splash Waterfalls

length: 4:51
producer: Icedrake
guest lead vocals: Sandy Coffee
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Scott Kieklak and Matt Hennessey
guest keyboard: Mo B. Dick
lyricist: Ludacris
Oh! Oh! Oh! Say it (make love to me)
Oh! Oh! Oh! What? (****, me!)
Oh! Oh! Oh! Say it (make love to me)
Oh! Oh! Oh! What? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

They want it nice and slow, kiss 'em from head to toe
Relax and let it go, say it (make love to me)
They want it now and fast, grabbing and smacking ***
You gotta make it last, what? (****, me!)
Together holding hands, you out there spending grands
And making family plans, say it (make love to me)
Don't have to straighten facts, don't want no strings attached
Just scratches on your back, what? (****, me!)
Ex's ain't acting right, and you so glad to fight
Dinner's by candlelight, say it (make love to me)
She got a ***** whipped, down to ya fingertips
Trying that freaky ****, what? (****, me!)
Turn on some Babyface, just for your lady's sake
You call her babycakes, say it (make love to me)
Know how to mack a broad, she's on your sack and balls
You call her Jabberjaws, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

You bout to buy a ring, she needs the finer things
Gucci designer frames, say it (make love to me)
Purchase a nasty flick, wrap up and tie her quick
Know how to drive a stick, what? (****, me!)
You both unite as one, you the moon and she's your sun
Your heart's a beating drum, say it (make love to me)
You better not of came, she want to feel the pain
Then hear her scream your name, what? (****, me!)
Follow this ****-tionary, you're both some visionaries
Then do it missionary, say it (make love to me)
I hear 'em call the wild, and do it all the while
Doggy and froggy style, what? (****, me!)
You in between the sheets, licking and eating sweets
And what you find you keep, say it (make love to me)
You do it standing up, orgasms hand 'em up
Y'all just don't give a ****, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

You wanna tell the world, cause she's your favorite girl
Your diamond and your pearl, say it (make love to me)
Nobody has to know, just keep it on the low
And meet 'em right at for, what? (****, me!)
Nothing but fights and fussing, plus there's a lot of cussing
Just grab a hold of something, say it (make love to me)
Y'all do that BAD stuff, she like it rammed up
Ropes and handcuffs, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

I'm bout to throw some game, they both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it (make love to me)
I'm bout to shed some light, cause each and every night
You gotta do it right, what? (****, me!)

Hard Times

length: 5:16
producer: LVM and DJ Nasty
guest lead vocals: 8Ball & MJG and Carl Thomas
mixer: Jimmy Douglass
recording engineer: Geoff Allen and Cory Williams
guest keyboard: Lenny Mollings
lyricist: Ludacris
[Chorus: Carl Thomas]
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times
I'm tryin' to make it through these hard times (hard, times)
Hard times (hard), hard times (hard)

You never know how much you miss a person, until they gone
Like to hear it? Hear it go, I'm rehearsing, gotta sing my song
I know I've done some wrong, but I can't get right
'Cause life is like a big fight
I'm stickin'-and-movin', tryin' to get my **** right
My family's been houndin' me, friends they done turned against me
Kinda like they hearts was on a full tank, but now they empty
And they say I've changed, but like twins I'm just the same
It's because of my job, mo' money mo' prob in this dirty game
This industry ****ed up
That's right I said it, and it's fake as ever
Keep real *****z around me, stay "Space Age for Eva"
Po-ppa never went and jumped the broom, never got that one degree
But if you looked down from heaven, you'd still be proud of me
Your son was DUI, but my momma made it by
I didn't shed no tears when you left me
But the rest of the family cried
Trials and tribulations, ruined my concentration
Losin' my patience, hard times for goodness sake'n


As this Valium slowly starts to kick in
Them subconscious, subliminal thoughts, start tickin'
This whole world around me, diseased, and crumblin'
Babies doin' dope cause daddy did it right in front of them
Everybody want to blame music for they bad kids
Sittin' up in the court talkin' 'bout Eminem made me do what I did
My own hard times rolled in like the fog
Try to think of others, but I can't get past my own thoughts
My momma, in 1967, pickin' cotton
While other blacks was gettin' liberated, boycottin'
My old man was a player, ain't no hidin' that
He started tootin' then he graduated to smokin' crack
I never saw him, never needed to see that muh'****er
He left me and my mother stuck down here in this ****in' gutter
I tattoed it on my arm so I can't forget it
It's in my mind and my heart so I'm forever with it


A drum machine, the old fo'-track, and a pack of new tapes
In the middle of, 1988, in a corner cafe
We made beats, and hung with old heads, and stayed out late at night
Do talent shows, fo'-way split the dough, that was our way of life
My momma stayed, home full time so she could raise me
Knowin' without a, household father, things could get crazy
Sometimes I listened, sometimes I thought I knew it all
But nevertheless, momma was with me through it all
I graduated out of nothin', not out of school, it was like
Tweleve, thirteen, fourteen years I'm thinkin' cool
I might as well, be focusin' on me tryin' to get paid
Usin' these rhymes I've been writin' since in the seventh grade
Our team played, and had physical sex with minimum wage
It was just like a piece of *****
It ****ed me long as I stayed
But still I prayed, Lord I'm tryin' now please help me out the water
It can't get no harder
Help me to get back up and get my **** tomorrow

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Diamond in the Back

length: 4:13
producer: DJ Paul and Juicy J
mixer: Lil' Pat
recording engineer: Roger Moody
lyricist: Ludacris
I want to (diamond in the back)
I want to (sunroof top)
I want to (diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean)
I want to (diamond in the back)
I want to (sunroof top)
I want to (diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean)
I want to (diamond in the back)
I want to (sunroof top)
I want to (diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean)
I want to (diamond in the back)
And I want to (sunroof top)
I want to (diggin' the scene with a gangsta lean)

Diamond in the, diamond in the, diamond in the

[Verse 1]
It's hard growin' up lookin' at drug dealers wit' all this paper
Wonderin' how I can get me some
My family's strugglin', I'm buggin', sittin' on my porch
So confused, chewin' on some bubblegum
I was always taught to use my manners with the misses
But please, stay away from the hoes and snithes
And I was always reached for the sky, I don't know why
I'ma little bitty kid wit' a whole bunch of gangsta wishes
When I grow up, you just wait, I'ma be so straight
And everything's gonna be so marvelous
No more borrowin' from the neighbors, no more haters
No more blowin' Nintendo cartridges
I'ma have it made in the shade, I'ma be so paid
And my fam, get 'em off that payin' them bills
Matter fact I'm schemin' my way on up out this hood, I'll be good
When I ditch these trainin' wheels


Diamond in the, diamond in the, diamond in the

[Verse 2]
I'm sick and tired of ridin' public transportation
Been patient waitin' on my set of wheels
I'm willin' to do what it takes, whatever the stakes
In order to get myself some dollar bills
It's too many holes in my socks, and I'm ready to box
Anyone tellin' me I need better shoes
And I ain't the only one trippin', or makin a fuss
My older cousin need some cheddar too
He thinkin' 'bout comin' up on the lick, to get it quick
It involves that local corner store
I overheard him say he knew who works there
And whatever they do, don't let the owner know
I hope he come back with enough to let me borrow some change
At least for the summer
And if he don't let me borrow nothing, but ask me what I want
I'ma tell him I wanna


[Verse 3]
Why can't I walk with a limp mama? won't be no drama
For goodness sakes, I'm just a kid
Had to get my whoopin' in fo's, I was just a po'
Like there no remorse for what I did
Gotta learn the hard way, when runnin' them streets
How some just creep, really just to eat a meal
"I could of swore it was mine," what I used to tell the po-pos
What I left to rob and steal
Man, I gotta earn for a livin', ain't nobody givin' me nothin'
Find somethin' I love to do
Hmm, what about that pimpin'? It's good tippin'
Tax free, and I know a lot of people that love to screw
Yeah, it's just a way of the world, with boys and girls
I'm adjustin' to my environment
This government cheatin' us, so I'll cheat 'em back
Why can't work feel like retirement?


Gangsta, gangsta, gangsta

Screwed Up

length: 4:53
producer: Mo B. Dick
guest performer: Mo B. Dick
guest lead vocals: Lil’ Flip
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Josh Monroy, Scott Kieklak, Mo B. Dick, KLC and Robert Hannon
guest additional background vocals: Misty
lyricist: Ludacris
Ah yeah, we sending this one out
From everybody I mean to everybody from the H-Town to the A-Town
To worldwide so get your lighters, get your drink
And I tell you what I'm so ****ed up, and screwed up
If anybody try to blow my high, you know what I'ma tell 'em

[(Man) Ludacris]
(**** you!) **** you!
(**** you!) **** you!
(**** you!) **** you!
(**** you!) **** you!
(I'm screwed up)

I feel better than I've ever felt before, Ah!
Intoxicated but maintaining self-control, Ah!
I took a swig, I had a jug, chug-a-log, I'm loud and clear
I had some bud, I lit it up, and then I made it disappear
'Cause my magic tricks, are so fabulous
This ****'s hazardous, got amateurs smoking canibus
If you mad at this, damn it then


[Lil' Flip]
I made a, call to my dog, time to split the blunt and break it up
Three-wheel motion, purple potion, I gotta shake it up
I tried to kick the habit, but it keep calling me
Abracadabra, here's a magic trick, I smoked up all the weed
Zig-Zag's and golden wraps got my mind gone
Drugs don't affect my work, I still get my grind on


I'm leaning like the Tower of Pisa, the syrup squeezer
Come close to my stash, and get treated as if I'm Ebeneezer
I'm throwed, blowed, matter-of-fact let's call this the thrower potion
I'm screwed up, so no wonder things are in slower motion
I gots to have it,can't kick the habit, I've tried to shake it
The drug experiment stage if you mistake then


[Lil' Flip]
I'm from Screwed Up Texas, we drive reckless, and then we peel off
You ain't had **** until you smoke Sweet Tooth and Jack Frost
Hit it twice but don't cough, you gotta take it man
If it's a record for smoking I'm 'bout to break it man
Me and Luda puffing budda, we in a black Cougar
On Zap Judas, you try to jack us we grab rugers


How can I say it plain?
That I'm off that Mary Jane
And if it's true what they say
Then I don't know how many cells is left in my ****ing brain
But I'ma keep on writing and lighting
Minds of these hungry rappers
And tell the hood that I've hired ******s and fired crackers
On the Fourth of July, opens your eyes I'm joking stupid
I love all races but if you hating my music then


[Lil' Flip]
I love my
I get patient we never have to take a piss test
**** a 9 to 5 'cause I'm always getting rest
I wake to breakfast and head
You wake up to breakfast in bed
Should I drive my H2? Hmmm?
I'ma take the Lexus instead
Pimping ain't dead but I'll leave you *****s
Dead from all this pimping
I'm riding spinners like a pimp
That's why I'm limping


Off substances that's controlled
That's how this story goes
I popped the cap, broke the ice
And Lil' Flip done broke the mold
I'm so cold I think I, see dead people
Nah, that's just my homies passed out in the Regal
Believe it, the potency is so strong, if you notice me
I'm calm, cool, and collected and if you, disrespect it


[Lil' Flip]
We doing this for them players that bank screw music
We don't pass out after 8 blunts, because we used to it
Me and Cris like Cheech & Chong
So hurry, break out the weed and the bong
'Cause if it ain't Grade A trees, we gotta leave it alone
And to my homie screw, you know I gotta hold it down
And if they want it then they gotta come and take the crown


Haha So there you have it
Sending this one out to all my drinkers and all my smokers
United and lighted we stand inebriated we fall
And if you want to pass the sobriety and breathalyzer test
Hear's a quick Luda tip some packets of mustard in your car
Keep mustard god damn it and whoever said the south can't rhyme


T Baggin’ (skit)

length: 0:54
producer: T-Storm
guest lead vocals: T-Storm, Reza Taher, Jamal Jeffreys and Mike Kinsey
lyricist: T-Storm


(recorded message)

Hello. Thank you for calling distubing the peace
To help expidite your call please listen carefully to the following options:
If your calling to send us in a demo tape, press 1
If your calling regarding a job, press 2
If your calling to borrow money, press 3
If your calling to find the nearest weed spot in your area, press 4
If your out of alcohol on sunday, press 5
If you need a hoe for an evening, press 6
If you woke up with a hangover and a pair of hairy balls on your forehead, press 7
(presses 7)

You've been introduced and victimized to a moral crime called t-baggin
We suggest you promtly hang up the phone
Beat the ass of any white guys you hung out with last night
Then find and destroy all photos before they appear on the internet

Thank you for calling
Good bye


length: 4:50
producer: Zukhan Bey
guest lead vocals: Lil’ Fate and Shawnna
guest background vocals: Tashima Malik and Shakita Shabazz
mixer: Jimmy Douglass
recording engineer: Azuolas Sinkevicius, Samuel Branch and Robert Hannon
lyricist: Ludacris
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

On a handstand
On my American bandstands
Summer-salts, cartwheels ***** just keep on dancing
Chinese splits-splits slide on down that pole-pole
And feel this ****-**** getting out of control-trol
Oh no keep going till a ***** like me say stop
Let it kiss the sky and then make it drop
Tuck and twist if you don't like it, you're ****in' Cris
I'm rubbing clits so stay and catch don't try to duck and miss
Do your stretches don't pull no hamstrings
You got me moving, in fact you doing the damn thing
Stronger muscles exercise every part of your body hurts
Let's do this sweating, thank God your bath and body works
I like a woman that makes her own doe, don't need a lot of help
But your heart'll melt if I put a thousand in your garder belt
Lip gloss traces, your pierced in 11 places
And your lips downtown just made some familiar faces like whoa!

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Add a chapter to this ***** popping legacy
Trying ta be that *****, can't no ***** come **** wit me
When I pop that Cris I'm only business and bubbly
When I'm in the 6 wit 20's spinning I'm luxury
'Cause I got that head game
****in' up that bed frame
But don't get me wrong, shawty gon' let that lead aim
Better learn that game shawty
Better get your man shawty
'Fore he end up tamed and be gone all in the brain shawty
This here be futuristic
This business so explicit
The way I break it down for you *****es, it's so explicit
Let it go now front, back, watch me drop it like that
Show me where the money at
Boy come wit them hunnid stacks
Breakin' wit that ***** popping
That ***** dropping to the flo'
And got these *****s slobbin'
He wantin' mo', without that dope, papi can't nothin' happen
'Cause that's fo' sho, I'm from the GOAT, you gettin' that ***** poppin'
Stopping that ***** dropping gone

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Every time we hit the club
We at least 50 deep
Smokin' purple, potent, green **** got everybody geeked
In the club 7 days a week, find DTP up in this beesh
That ho popping, dropping, Goddamn shawty who is this?
Redbone wit a Scorpio tatted on her tummy
I'm sitting slouched back in the chair, stunting, waving money
And shawty star, zig zagging her derriere for me
A bowlegged thoroughbred and said her name was "Strawberry"
Up her *****, shawty pushed in a whole bottle of Moe'
Reached in my pocket grabbed a G and then threw it on the flo'
"Here, you deserve this doe. Now jump on stage and work a pole"
Face down, *** up hoe, hands on poles
Now pop that coochie, you know the procedure
If you want this cash, gotta make that *** shake like a seizure
Either magic or please us
Find me spending cheese up
Maxing out my visa
Tricking on strip teasers

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** ***** popping
Head down, ***** popping on a handstand

Hip Hop Quotables

length: 3:10
producer: Erick Sermon
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Josh Monroy and Marc Berto
lyricist: Ludacris
Hi, my name's Ludacris, and I'm high as giraffe *****
And I'm close to the edge, so yo' parents can come push me
I curse so much just to get on they nerves
I got kids "Actin' a Fool" from the traps to the burbs

My filthy mouth, it won't fight cavities or beat plaque
So I shot the tooth fairy and put my old teeth back
I take a **** on the equator, the size of a crater
And make government officials breathe harder than Darth Vader

It's the chicken and the beer that makes Luda keep rappin'
But no pork on my fork, I don't even speak pig Latin
I go fishin' on my lake, with yo' ***** as the bait
Plus I eat many MC's, but I don't gain no weight

The number one chief rocka, clean out yo' rap lockers
I'm as stiff as a board, y'all more shook than maracas
But my trick ain't for kids, if you dig 'em, you'll get smacked
I'll clock ya, I'll spring forward, you fall back

Every album that I drop has got more than ten bangers
That's cause I'm a shot caller, y'all fools is Crank Yankers
Ain't a damn thing changed but the ice on my chain
To get chicks from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine

Now I roll up torpedoes, get blunted with rastas
For a hefty fee, I'm on your record like Bob Costas
I own so many jerseys I'm a throwback mess
I hit the cleaners and tell 'em I want a full court press

So momma toast your glass while I'm countin' my cash
Cause every single is a smash, I'm hot as a camel's ***
The competition never just want to admit that they lost
And that they last about as long as my part in the wash

From yo' car to a crap game, no one rolls wit' you
One of Mini-Me's shoes got more sole than you
So by the time you figure out why your record ain't spinnin'
I'm in the strip club smokin', with President Clinton

So stand clear of the long sideburns and goatee
They may the mold of the penis enlarger off me
I'll be in another room when I hit from the back
Not to mention my refrigerator's taller than Shaq

So yippie-kay-yay, yippie-yie-yie-yo
If you can't swim, don't smoke my hydro
I've been lookin' for a woman just to put my stamp on
But a lot of y'all are mo' stuck up than tampons

So wash all ya sins away and stop playin'
If God's line is busy you might have to two-way him
Then catch me in your backyard, playin' croquet
And when I'm drunk tell them kids, "Drugs are bad, mmm'kay?"

Or watch me swing my chain at the Roscoe's off Pico
Got seven cars, get all my rims at Chrome Depot
And people think I'm bad, they say "Oooh he's so evil!"
Cause I go on blind dates, with actual blind people

But my album's out the store, yours be on the shelf
I heard you masturbate a lot, so y'all keep to yourself
Cause these women want a man that stay up and stay strong
Like the NBA, you gotta play hard or go home

All that **** that y'all talkin', y'all can pop it to them
'Cause Ludacris will beat you down with a prosthetic limb
I put my foot so deep in yo' *** that you can smell it
And yo' breath will turn to Foot Locker water repellent

I'm the man, I got money far as the eyes can see
And I'm in a group, I split dough with me, me and me
So much money in my jewelry that I'm damn near sorry
So I'm a trade my earrings in, and get a Ferrari

I buy cars with straight cash, have meetings with Donald Trump
y'all meet with honda, no payments for 12 months
Take a look at yo' life and no wonder you so sad
y'all put up with more **** than a colostomy bag, fool!

Black Man’s Struggle (skit)

length: 0:36
producer: T-Storm
guest lead vocals: T-Storm, Reza Taher, Jamal Jeffreys and Mike Kinsey
lyricist: T-Storm

[Ludacris] And now brothas and sistas
We present the black man's struggle...

(Straining groans and moans followed up with
Farting sounds a splash and a toilet flushing)

Hoes in My Room

length: 4:41
producer: Mo B. Dick
guest performer: Mo B. Dick
guest lead vocals: Snoop Dogg
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Scott Kieklak, Mo B. Dick and KLC
lyricist: Ludacris
Hey! Thank all y'all for comin' out tonight
It was a beautiful night tonight and The Shizznit
Where pimpin' and dead, these hoes just scared
Thanks Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, all the players fomr the LBC
It was a beautiful night tonight
Oh, look at these fools, Ay! Security! Come get these *****s!

[Ludacris (Snoop)]
Fresh off the streets, just finished a show in Long Beach
Ready to relax, kick up my feet
Maybe smoke a blunt or two, that's what I want to do
Broke out and called up the homeboy Snoop (What happenin' nephew?)
Oh, nothin' just called, lookin' for some women that can fondle my balls
(Well you hit the right dogg, I can help you with that
Gimme 15 minutes, and I'll hit you right back)
Off to the hotel, I was ready indeed
Slapped the button in the 'llac to control the speed
Put one up in the air, the cops just stared
Waved my hands out the roof like I just ain't care
Got to the tele and I slid through the door
On to the elevator, hit the penthouse floor
And what would happen next only time could time
Cause I got up to my room, and I was mad as hell (Ah! Damn!)

Who let these hoes in my room? (These hoes)
Who let these hoes in my room?
Who let these hoes in my room? (Did you let 'em in?)
Who let these hoes in my room? (These hoes)
Who let these hoes in my room?

Now it was five B.A.P hoes and they look like trash
But one was midget, so we'll just say four and a half
I was stuck speechless, couldn't believe my eyes
What'd I do to deserve this unpleasant surprise?
And I was thinkin' to myself, "This is just my luck"
Then my ***** bust in like "What the ****!?"
(Oh **** it's Snoop!)

[Snoop (Ludacris)]
Who in the hell let them booger bears out they cell (Not me)
And what they doin' in ya' room? ***** make 'em bail (Yeah)
Got some fine *****es, dime *****es on they way (Okay)
And told security, "Let 'em in, with no delay" (Ha Ha!)
So when they get here, they'll probably be like half naked
Don't mean to trip out, but ***** y'all got to dip out (Dip Out!)
Catch the elevator on more floor
Presidential with the slidin' key for the door (Oh No!)
What the **** goin' on? ****, all around the world Luda, then its the same song
Them *****es was so ugly, I told 'em to go home


[Ludacris (Snoop)]
Now, these chicks wouldn't leave, they was ready to clown
One was 5'6 and weighed three hundred pounds
(No she didn't come through with a thong on
She did for the hell of it, big fat whale of it)
You can't separate me, I'ma separate you
***** ya' ***** smell like Pepe Le Pew
(You filthy, nasty, sick in the head
Sitting in my dressing room with **** on ya' bread)
She said "I want you to climb in this underwear, silly"
But I was turned off by her tupper-ware *******
(Fake *****es, break *****es, make *****es
Kick rocks, when they ****ed up in they face
Tick-tock, you gots to get up out my space
Hey Ludacris let's get the **** up out this place, let's bounce)
Then it got to my head, and something reminded me
I know who let 'em in, it was Bill O'Reilly (******)
(Ya' white bread, chicken-**** *****!)


Hey, hey y'all gotta go
y'all gotta get the **** up outta here, ugly *** *****es
I don't understand how these *****es always get in my dressin' room
You know what I'm sayin'?
Soon as I get off stage, it's 7 or 8 ugly *** *****es posyed up in my dressing room
And security act like they don't know who did it
I know you feel what I'm sayin', I'm my ***** around the whole world
We need to form a society or somethin'
Fat, gorilla, monkey mouth *****es can't get in our **********ing dressing room or backstage
And if they do, we kindly put our foot up their asses
And re-direct them *****es to security dressing room, you dig?
Sick of these ugly *** *****es being my dressing room


length: 3:47
producer: Black Key
mixer: Jimmy Douglass
recording engineer: Robert Hannon and Black Key
lyricist: Ludacris
(Huh huh huh huh)
Cause 2 is better than 1 and,
(Some some some some)
Some body kill the lights we doin
Freaky (freaky) (freaky) (freaky) **** tonight, yea

Double the pleasures like double the fun
How many licks does it take to the center of a Luda pop double the tumbs
Who knows, plus I gotta undress em' caress em bless em' steady keep em' guessing
If that doesn't impress em' then slower move on to the second lesson
Whoo, pantys dropping, body rocking, ma girls popping
Its 8 cheeks and 4 ******* y'all better hand me something
Hey ladies (whoo), on you mark get ready get see go (go)
Wait for hours, in an out the shower, this pimp power, we in control

[Chorus: x2]

6 hands gripping the sheets, 30 toes are curled
What in the world is going on till the brake a brake a dawn wit man and them girls
Cause 3 hearts are beating fast, but only 2 people screaming
We coming together for one cause other than hear ourselves breathing
Get in the game n start working it out n digging in out
Now lean to the side, throw a **** in your mouth
You gotta get in the groove you got nothing to lose
So don't move till you figured it out
And keep making that face while I'm rubbing them spots
And we can take turns while the other one watch
And see how she be taking them shots
And wake up the hood till they calling them cops, man

[Chorus: x2]

Now I'm ready to ride and you can get them tools and you can start the ignition
I'm grabbing perms, wigs, weaves, ponytails and extensions
Not to mention its gonna get, hot, better come ready to, sweat
I make women cum harder than jacuzzi jets
And I'm willing to bet that I be keeping it wet cause I feel yea
Little bit of ring on the neck it won't kill yea
Put me on the bottom or top n I'll drill yea
Given how you wanted to get it to port feel yea
And I'll peel yea, back to back so get ready for the mack attack
They got me taking in some acrobats
The way they bending it from sack to sack because the mack is back and I'm gone

[Chorus: x4]

Interactive (skit)

length: 1:04
producer: T-Storm
guest lead vocals: T-Storm, Reza Taher, Jamal Jeffreys and Mike Kinsey
lyricist: T-Storm
(Music playz in background)

n____ 1: Ay man, don't I know you from somewhere befo?

n____ 2: Yea, uhh

n____ 1: You went ta Washington, didnt' ya?

n____ 2: Uhh, yea I did go ta Washington

n____ 1: Yo name'z w____ Beamen

n____ 2: Yup, dat'z my name

n____ 1: Yea, w____ Beamen, yea man, wutz goin on folk?

n____ 2: Yea, wutz up man, you Jamez right?

n____ 1 (Jamez): Yea, Jamez man, Jamez...You remember me right? You uze ta beat me up and throw me down tha stairz n s___

n____ 2 (w____ Beamen): Well you know dat waz funny

Jamez: You waz on tha wrestlin and football team and yall ran train on my sista

w____ Beamen: Well you know, uh, she had some good stuff yo

Jamez: Ay man, ay ay man, watch yaself

w____ Beamen: But itz all good

Jamez: So wutcha been doin folk?

w____ Beamen: Juzt chillin, you know I got an internet buziness now

Jamez: Oh fo real? Wutchu doin, wutchu doin, oh you doin dem womenfolk, wut it be, freaky hoz online?

Jamez: Aww shawty, s___, shawty I had a computa shop, I'd hit dat s___ up

w____ Beamen: Yea

Jamez: d___ folk, so wut elze you been doin, you be flossin dat big Cartier watch man

w____ Beamen: You know how I spend big money

Jamez: s___ man, I feel you, you probably got dat new SC too, dontchu man

w____ Beamen: Sc, well you know, it'z parked in tha back

Jamez: I see dat thang, it'z sittin on dem 20'z, aint it?

w____ Beamen: You seen it? Yea...

Jamez: d___ shawty, that s___ nice man, I like dat

w____ Beamen: You like dat?

Jamez: I like it folk

w____ Beamen: Yea...So wutchu doin wit yoself theze dayz?

Jamez: s___ man, I got myself a lil internet buziness myself

w____ Beamen: Oh yea, wutz dat?

(Gun c___z back)

Jamez: Ridin, motha f___a

w____ Beamen: Ooh s___ he'z got a gun!!

(Crowd screaming in background)

We Got

length: 4:22
producer: Juicy J and DJ Paul
guest lead vocals: I‐20, 2 Chainz and Chingy
mixer: Lil' Pat
recording engineer: Josh Monroy and Jason Rea
lyricist: Ludacris
DTP we got them guns that go...

Yea I'm all about that pistol playa, cold blooded killa
N****z recognize my name, I dub the young dealer
You better tell ya man that with the gages I'm nice
Ill shoot up why'all white shirts until why'all look like dikes
But I'm through with all the talking time to show all you n****z
I 2-0, I'm like J-Lo...going through n****z
DTP we ain't plying if you try to get our pen
A.K's get ta spraying like...
Bottom line that mean I'm bout it, any n**** want it, doubt it
Bust you in the broad day, on the street that's fully crowded
Find our hole and fagots there, just for thinking its rap
And tell that pretty b**** thug we got some pretty big gats
Chaka say I'm shot out, and I tend to agree
So you should what you saying if it's intended for me
So be careful what you starting, let my fingers do the walking
And that oozy get to talking like...

[Tity Boi]
Hammers, jam 'em, snatch 'em, grab 'em
Can the an and f*** 'em, damn 'em
Press him, man him, scared him, teared him, kneed him up
Bake him, take him, beat him up, I hate I hate, I eat him up
A-be -see-E-F shawty is you a G or what
Now it's just me and my nuts, that's all I got in this world
I'm pulling pistols out my stomach and throwing them b****es up like earl
Serving the club, head shot, scattered, covered, run, scram 'em
I'm 38, hot with a pearl handle...
And I'm throwing text like a NBA ref
I got, all gold guns like they came from I-RAQ
Artillery, could it be I got all kinds of these pistols
I point my gun at ya homeboy make ya own folks hit ya
And ain't taking no more pictures, if you snap ima click
Anyway, plus I got bullets in the clip the size of Lil Fate
And I'm webbing choppers like heli-copters
You gon' need hella doctors, when the glok go...

Say on the set b****, better watch your lip that text be quick
20 over thurr, Tity over thurr, Luda over thurr, ain't no exit trick
Us you don't mess with, we got them guns like action flicks
Reload with the next clip, I'm the ro n**** to flex with b****
Come on and test this, my gun I'm having sex with s***
Put a bullet in (in) shoot it out, got them long horns like Texas b****
Look at my necklace, maybe hit a ngga disrespect this click
My pistol grip sound like what
Who want that they f***ed, when I c*** and load the cake, bust bust
why'all cowards play tough, and my peeps we come to spray stuff up
why'all lives made up, like ugly hoes with make-up bra
We'll suit you up then toss yo a** in the lake tough nut
I'm wrist rocky, like Sylvester Stallone
So thurr for you should invest, in a vest for ya dome
Cause I know you marks planning on getting me when I'm landing
Beast the nick, but my cannon go...

F*** a medic, we gon' call yo a** a taxi cab
Bleedin so hard you'll need a life size maxi pad
So flip the script and tell your woman its your time on the month
A.K. 47 for the n****z who's really looking for heaven and a 9 for you chumps
Got killaz in my squad and I'm the nicest one in my group
But I got bananas for you n****z and I ain't talking bout fruit
Ill pay your CAB BACK with the BLACK MACK
Till your BACK CRACK, got the GAT BACK like...CLAK CLAK CLAK
Swallow a hallow make 'em digest with a 50 caliber
Yo futures not looking so good, tomorrows not on your calendar
I, do away with the amateurs, they breathing too long
Ill leave 'em coughing like the sound effects you hear in this song
My Shotguns are cold and hard, but my Desert is easy
And my triggers are always talking about some squeeze me, squeeze me
And for these fakers talking greezy, I'm starting the show
My Oozy got a drum roll, it goes...

Eyebrows Down

length: 5:21
producer: Jook
guest lead vocals: Dolla Boy and 2 Chainz
mixer: John Frye
recording engineer: Steve Fisher
lyricist: Ludacris
Yea, gotta feel me on this one
Ain't none of this **** happen over night
I'm talking bout a long time coming ************!

It ain't clean in these streets, its mean in these
Glocks up hats down fiends in these streets
So please pay attention when you're coming around
To cut the block got its eyebrows down, ya heard me?

I'm still back for the first damn time
So grab a hold of your seat while I open your mind
And take you back from when I dropped down from heaven
And I came out my moms and had a mic as my a ****ing weapon
When I was three I was just a little D
But if you looked in my eyes you'd see the future of a real MC
And at the age of nine I wrote my first rhyme
Soon rapping became one of my favorite pastimes
Every where that I went spitting and babbling
Showing my ***, growing up then started traveling
From one city to the next, Luda landed in the ATL
Where the pimps and the players dwell
I made a tape, did shows and got exposure
And kept learning as my black *** got olda
No matter what I just kept at my trade
I made mistakes but stayed sharper then a Ghitsu blade


Age fourteen, my talent show a beast outta cage
I would of won but disqualified for jumping off stage
But I ain't care, cause this game has started to open its arms
When I was at Benicka High School pulling fire alarms
So I could get a crowd around me, make a name for my block
People told me "keep flowing," they ain't want me to stop
Was back when Big Nose John was my human beet box
We'd skip school, hit open campus and watch out for street cops
Now I'm known around the town as that ***** that raps
From the hills that made high to them G roll traps
And I was still making demo's, perfecting the craft
And some said I wouldn't make it, they would giggle and laugh
So I picked up a couple books by Donald Goins
Bout the business of this ****, how to flip a few coins
Before the age of eighteen, I was destined to make it
My bank account read Disturbing The Peace, incorporated


Age eighteen, I'm strugglin', just to survive
But got a gig workin' for change at 97.5
Now I'm rapping on the radio, increasing their numbers
Still Ludacris but alias was Cris, Luva Luva
Late nights I'm in the studio and using their tools
Me and puma smoking weed and breaking all of their rules
And I was krunk, all the big wigs was hearing my songs
But nobody did **** and they was taking too long
So three years went past, and I saved enough cash
To make my own record label and put myself on blast
The album was independent, it was just for the streets
I sold a thousand copies in my first ****in' week
Then went on to sell fifty, put the cash in my hand
All the record companies bite me, but I chose Def Jam
And the main reason that I made it and I love the A-town
Was 'cause the block had its eye brows down, ya heard me?


Yea, been waiting a life time to get what the **** I got
It's real man, hardest working ***** in show business
Believe that
Shout out to Lil' Fate, I Dub, Titi Boi, Shakazulu
Yea! Woo!

Peoples music that I used to play, some happy and some jealous
'Cause I'm showered with cash and they can't remove their
Peoples music that I used to play, some happy and some jealous
'Cause I'm showered with cash and they can't remove their

You get randy, don't ya?

Act a Fool

length: 4:31
writer: Keith McMasters, Ludacris
DRAH! 2 Fast...
DRAH! 2 Furious...
DRAH! 2 Fast...
DRAH! 2 Furious...

AHH, you just came home from doin a bid
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Somebody broke in and cleaned out your crib
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Just bought a new pair and they scuffed your shoes
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Now them cops tryna throw you in them county blues
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL

Talkin about gats, traps, cops and robbers
Evacuate the building and trick the pigs
Since everybody wanna piece, we gon split ya wigs
See some fools slipped up and over-stepped they boundaries
You about to catch a cold, STAY THE **** AROUND FROM ME
Ya peeps talkin 'bout what kinda shits he on
You disappear like "POOF, ***** BE GONE"
You think twelve gon catch me, GIMMIE A BREAK
I'm super-charged with the hide-away license plate
It seems they wanna finger print me and gimmie some years
They'll only get one finger while I'm shifting gears
I got suede on my roof. wood grain on the dash
Sheep skin on the rug, +Golden Grain+ on the stash
Hydraulics all around so I shake the ride

Some punk just tripped up and made you spill your drink
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Now your car just stopped on a empty tank
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
If you got late bills and you lost your job
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
If you about to get drunk and you ready to mob
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL

Let's take it to the streets cuz I'm ready to cruise
Just bought me and my cars all some brand new shoes
And the people just stare so I LOVE TO PARK IT
And I just put a computer in the glove compartment
With the petal to the floor, radar in the GRILLE
TV in the middle of my STEERING WHEEL
It's my car's birthday so we BLOWIN THEM CANDLES
More speakers in the trunk than my ride can handle
Got my name in the headrest, read it and weep
NOS tank in the back, camel hair on the seat
and when I pull up to the club, I get all the affection
Cuz the women love the paint and they can see their reflection
I'm about to take off, so F what ya heard
Because my side mirrors flap like a ****IN BIRD
And the fools, we gon CLOCK ONE and we'll POP ONE
Cuz my folk ridin shotgun with a shotgun

You just got hustled for a wire of cash
Man whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Now your friends just smoked up your brand new stash
Say whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Now them gulls up the block still runnin they mouth
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
If anyone talk bad about the Dirty South
Tell me what I'M gon do? ACT A FOOL

I got my eyes wide shut and my trunk wide open
Did donuts last week and the streets still smoking
See, I'm off that anti-freeze and my car is TIPSY
Off the off ramp doin about a hundred and fifty
Rollin through East Pernium, on way to Ben Heel
Slide a five to the junkie to clean my windshield
Got the whole crew ridin and we startin ****
I even got a trailer hitch with the barbeque pit
Now all you wanna do is get drunk and pout
Plus your new name is Fire cuz we stomped you out
and yeah, we blow trees and beez, that's fantastic
So gulls hold ya weave while I'm weaving through traffic
I kicked to fifth gear and teared the road apart
You'll be like lil John Cue and get a +Change of Heart+
It's one mission, two clips and some triple beams

The pot holes in the street just bentcha rims
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
Catch ya man with another ***** up in ya bed
Ladies whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
If the bottles all gone and your eyes are red
BOY whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL

2 Fast, 2 Furious...
2 Fast....ACT A FOOL
2 Fast, 2 Furious...
2 Fast....ACT A FOOL

Southern Hospitality (remix)

length: 4:15
Cadillac grills, Cadillac mill's
Check out the oil my Cadillac spills
Matter of fact, candy paint Cadillacs kill
So check out the hoes my Cadillac fills
Twenty inch, wide, twenty inches high
Hoe don't you like my twenty inch, ride
Twenty inch thighs make twenty inch, eyes
Hoping for American twenty inch, pies
Pretty ***, clothes, pretty ***, toes
Oh how I love these pretty ***, hoes
Pretty *** high class anything, goes
Catch 'em in the club throwing pretty *** 'bows
Long-john drawers, long-john stalls
Any stank puss' make my long john, pause
Women on they cell making long john calls
And if they like to juggle, get long john's, balls

All my players in the house that can buy the bar
And the balling *** *****s wit the candy cars
If you a pimp and you know you don't love them hoes
When you get on the flow (***** throw them 'bows)
All my women in the house if you chasing cash
And you got some big ******* wit a matching ***
With ya fly-*** boots or ya open toes
When ya get on the flow (***** throw them 'bows)

Dirty South mind blowing Dirty South bread
Catfish fried up, Dirty South fed
Sleep in a cot'-picking Dirty South bed
Dirty South girls gimme Dirty South head
Hand me down flip-flops, hand me down socks
Hand me down drug dealers hand me down rocks
Hand me down a 50 pack Swisher Sweets box
And goodfella rich *****s hand me down stocks
Mouth full of platinum, mouth full of gold
Forty glock cal' keep your mouth on hold
Lie through your teeth you could find your mouth, cold
and rip out ya tongue cause of what ya mouth, told
Sweat for the lemonade, sweat for the tea
Sweat from the hot sauce, sweat from the D
And you can sweat from a burn in the third degree
And if you sweat in your sleep then you sweat from me


Hit by, stars, hit by, cars
Drunk off the liquor getting hit by, bars
Keep yo' girl close cause she's hit by, far
Hit by the Neptunes, hit by guitars
Afro, picks, afro, chicks
I let my "Soul Glow" from my afro, ****
Rabbit out the hat pulling afro, tricks
Afro-American afro, thick
Overall country, overall jeans
Overall Georgia, we overall clean
"Southern Hospitality" or overall mean
Overall triple, overall beams
Thugged out *****s wear thugged out, chains
Thugged out blocks playing thugged out, games
All black tinted up thugged out, Range
DTP stay doing thugged out, thangs

[Chorus: x2]

(***** throw dem 'bows)
(***** throw dem 'bows)
(***** throw dem 'bows)
(***** throw dem 'bows)