Maurice White Album Cover Art

Maurice White

Cover Art

Maurice White Maurice White Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Switch on Your Radio
    length: 4:16
  • 2 Jamboree
    length: 3:28
  • 3 Stand by Me
    length: 4:08
    producer: Maurice White
    membranophone: John “JR” Robinson
    arranger: Robbie Buchanan and Maurice White
    bass: Abraham LaBoriel
    background vocals: Maurice White, Martin Page and Brian Fairweather
    guitar: Paul Jackson, Jr. and Marlon McClain
    percussion: Maurice White and Paulinho da Costa
    co-producer: Robbie Buchanan
    synthesizer: Jeff Lorber, Rupert Greenall and Robbie Buchanan
    membranophone programming: Brian Fairweather
    synthesizer programming: Michael Boddicker
    finger snaps: Bill Bottrell
    solo synthesizer: Greg Phillinganes
  • 4. Sea of Glass
    length: 0:41
  • 5 I Need You
    length: 4:35
    producer: Maurice White
    arranger: Robbie Buchanan
    background vocals: Julia Waters, Maxine Waters and Marva Holcolm
    guitar: Paul Jackson, Jr.
    keyboard: Robbie Buchanan
    percussion: Paulinho da Costa
    co-producer: Robbie Buchanan
    synthesizer: Robbie Buchanan
    drums (drum set): John “JR” Robinson
    bass guitar: Abraham LaBoriel
  • 6 Life
    length: 3:59
  • 7 Believe in Magic
    length: 4:32
  • 8. Can't Stop Love
    length: 4:40
  • 9 Invitation
    length: 3:52
  • 10 Lady Is Love
    length: 5:05
  • 11 Children of Afrika
    length: 4:38
  • 12. The Sleeping Flame
    length: 2:01
  • 13. Alpha Dance
    length: 1:14