Party Girl アルバム & 歌詞



Digital Media 1
  • 1 Party Girl
    length: 3:12
    producer: Dallas Austin
    membranophone: Harry Judd
    vocal: Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones
    recording engineer: Rick Sheppard
    guitar: Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones
    programming: Rick Sheppard
    bass guitar: Dougie Poynter
    assistant recording engineer: Ian Rossiter and Andrew Nitsch
  • 2 Party Girl (Danny Jones remix)
    length: 3:53
    remixer: Danny Jones
  • 3 Party Girl (Doman & Gooding remix)
    length: 5:27
    remixer: Doman & Gooding
  • 4. Behind the Noise (preview)
    length: 4:12