Hidden Treasures Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Megadeth Hidden Treasures Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 No More Mr. Nice Guy
    length: 3:03
    remixer: Casey McMackin
    producer: Desmond Child
    membranophone: Nick Menza
    lead vocals: Dave Mustaine
    mixer: Arthur Payson
    electric guitar: Dave Mustaine and Dave Mustaine
    recording engineer: Arthur Payson
    background vocals: Desmond Child, Michael Anthony, Nick Menza and Gary Falcone
    electric bass guitar: David Ellefson
    co-producer: Dave Mustaine
    additional guitar: Sport Thompson
    assistant engineer: Allen Abrahamson
  • 2 Breakpoint
    length: 3:30
  • 3 Go to Hell
    length: 4:37
    producer: Dave Mustaine and Max Norman
  • 4 Angry Again
    length: 3:48
    producer: Max Norman and Dave Mustaine
  • 5 99 Ways to Die
    length: 3:59
  • 6 Paranoid
    length: 2:32
    producer: Dave Mustaine and Max Norman
  • 7 Diadems
    length: 3:56
  • 8 Problems
    length: 3:58