Murray's Revenge Album

Artist(s): Murs & 9th Wonder

Cover Art

Murs & 9th Wonder Murray's Revenge Cover Art


Murs Day

length: 1:55

Whattup though?
Murs, 9th Wonder
Murray's Revenge!
Y'all know what time it is
Shut your fat.. nah
Watch your mouth and lower your tone and keep your hand on that cell phone
We back

Now my day in the sun has come, the one chosen
To break up the ice that got the rap world frozen
Speak that slang that'll heat up the game
Now, roll down your window turn the beat up, it bang
... Feelin the breeze
Let the world know they still makin real MC's
So please, make a call, tell your friend, tell the hood
That we back and revenge never sounded so good
Questionin 9th about choppin vocal samples
I chop you in your throat 'til you choke on the answer
Nice with this mic since I was broke and handsome
'Til I get my respect I'm holdin dope for ransom
From the West coast, everything I flow's an anthem
A&R's who slept are now throwin a tantrum
Hand 'em over boys, your jewels and your girls
Bow down to the sound cause "Murs Rules the World"
... I'm better than your favorite rapper
But it don't take much these days for you to master the mic
Most of these rappers trapped in the hype
They makin whole albums, only half of it's tight
So they never really have an impact on your life
That's why "3:16" was genius..
We all connected through this "Minstrel Show" man, I mean it
Until my days end I'm gettin paid my friend
Without pimpin my soul, the gangster limpin was old
So I "Walk Like a Man" and, talk to my fans
Clocked a few grand but you gotta understand
I got a little money and I, coulda bought a chain
But my momma woulda killed me, simple and plain
Exchange foreign currency, for legal tender
Now I'm back to end the era of the great pretender
So pull your pants up and, turn that noise down
It's Murs and 9th Wonder on the second go 'round

Murray's Law

length: 2:40
And I'm the four-letter word that you don't bleep out
Got a question for you rappers rollin wit'cha heats out
Is this really where you wanna be when Jesus come back?
Lyin 'bout your life, over beats comin whack?
And you say I'm backpack, cause I don't have a gat
Man I just love life, and I'm dealin with the facts
I'm young, I'm gifted, I'm beautiful and black
And my momma didn't raise no fool like that
I understand that you broke, you tryin to get money
But you don't start gangbangin in your mid-20's
Don't know nothin 'bout the beef, or the gang that you claimin
You ain't even worth namin!
... But I got a right hook that'll vacate your Timberlands
Take this outside, set it straight like gentlemen
I do feel the music so I kinda respect it
But don't confuse ill lyrics with real street credit, c'mon

Wat'chu gon' do man, ha?
Get knocked out
I'm real official like a referee with a whistle boy
Get it right man
My man Murs yo shut these cats down, holla!

I got my wallet in my pocket and my money in my sock
Cause that's how it be when it's funny on the block
Like it be on TV when these dummies try to rock
With they secondhand flows like they runnin on a clock
In a one minute cycle, I'm done with the rifles
The tecs, the 9's, the killers, the psychos
... Look, now can we party?
And I want a Shirley Temple cause I don't drink Bacardis
... But in a minute I'ma probably
try to holla at a hottie with a, nice shaped body
If she's into what I'm into we should worship at my temple
I'ma, grind from behind as we wind to the tempo
If she break it down slow, then it feel like mo'
That's a Mayfield line for all of y'all who don't know
All I do is have fun and bring life to the fans
And I, don't need a gun cause I'm nice with my hands, c'mon

Nice with my hands dawg, never seen the floor man
Ask somebody, check the stats!
Murs man, yo get at these fools though
Let 'em know what's good baby, woo!

We shocked the world last year when, nobody heard of me
My boy he got skills that's like, musical surgery
Me you know the deal I'm a lyrical emergency
We keepers of the real, just consider us security
of the world, 9th, somethin like top flight
As long as we in control everything's alright
While the rest will steer you wrong with them songs that they thought up
I wrestle with these words but I'm never gettin caught up
... In the drama and the BS
Jumped up out the underground, you know I gotta be fresh
Rhymes runnin through my mind all day, I press eject
I gotta lay 'em down on these beats cause they need wreck
Yesssss, I'm back for the title
And I brought an iron fist, just to smack all your rivals
Woulda thought I ran track, the way I ran through my rivals
Man I swear I'm the truth, slap my hand on the bible
Let's go

Silly Girl

length: 3:47
performer: Joe Scudda
Hey, you know what?
That lil' stuff between your legs ain't gon' keep me
And neither is you callin' me every five minutes
Like you need to know what I be doin'
I'm at where I'm at, and I'mma be where I'mma be
And that's about all you need to know
And you need to use your inside voice when you talk to me
'Cause all that raisin' your voice to me in front of your friends
In the car on your cell phone,
It's not hot, it's not cute, and it ain't gettin' you nowhere
And it's about to get you fired
So, calm it down

She thought that making me wait was the way to get me hooked
Now, fellas we all know that's the oldest trick in the book
What you do, you wait around, wait until she break down
One day at the crib, she gonna let you break ground
Soon found out she was so real with it
One year, no love man who would deal with it
Me? I fell for it, romancin', financin'
A couple years back I would've told you there was no chance in hell
But oh well, here I was
That's how it be when you're falling in,
Uhm, I wouldn't say that
Well, maybe it was
Them trips to the Gentleman's Club...oh well
They made me feel like I was givin' but I was gettin' back
Man that story 'bout the cow and the milk ain't a fact
'Cause if you wait too long, the milk goes sour
And I like my love hot, no more cold showers

So, silly little girl, simple little girl
You didn't want me when I want you, you
I'm on them other girls, I don't want you in my would
And there's not a single thing that you can do, do
You're playin' on my phone, and you won't leave me alone
I think it's finally time for you to get a clue, clue
You told all your friends about the time we used to spend
And I'm 'bout to run it all throughout your crew, crew

Ooh, I called Pam
You know the one who always liked me
You tried to tell her that I had a drip just to spite me
But she didn't buy, guess what?
We're down to tryin'
And we did a lot more than kiss, I can't deny it
I took her to the Hyatt, tied her to the terry
Took Tasha to the Hyatt, oh yeah I went there again
And starin' in my windows, it's just not hot
Always knew you were a freak, never knew you liked to watch
And I'mma call the cops next time you come to my job
And my new girlfriend, she from the hood, she kind of suave
When she take out them earrings, crunch time--punch time
Believe me, I know, let me tell you 'bout this one time
I came home late, didn't call, wait that's not the point
She gets in another fight, she goin' back to the joint
So, don't waste your time, we both know you can't fight
Now, quit hidin' in the bushes and go home, goodnight

Silly little girl, simple little girl
You didn't want me when I want you, you
I'm on them other girls, I don't want you in my would
And there's not a single thing that you can do, do
You're playin' on my phone, and you won't leave me alone
I think it's finally time for you to get a clue, clue
You told all your friends about the time we used to spend
And I'm 'bout to run it all throughout your crew, crew

Yo, I knew this silly chick was diggin' me
I told her I had a girl, but if you keep it on the low, you can get with me
See I done switched the game up
Now she ask when I'mma leave her
Leave her? You know the answer last time that came up

Why you keep stressin'? Just keep undressin'
This a headache, man I swear I never learn my lesson
Told myself about these undercover villains
All these silly chicks end up always catchin' feelin's
And what am I 'sposed to do when a late night freak in the jeep
End up gettin' a little too close to you
Close to who? Close to me?
Nah, my little thing on the side, this ain't how it's 'sposed to be
Supposed to hit it (hit it), quit it (quit it), and hit it again
Chill for a while then flip it again
But she started acting crazy I split to the ends
She told her girl how I get down, now I'm hittin' her friend

Silly little girl, simple little girl
You didn't want me when I want you, you
I'm on them other girls, I don't want you in my would
And there's not a single thing that you can do, do
You're playin' on my phone, and you won't leave me alone
I think it's finally time for you to get a clue, clue
You told all your friends about the time we used to spend
And I'm 'bout to run it all throughout your crew, crew


length: 4:29
performer: Rapper Big Pooh
It's the barbershop, y'all know the rules
No fighting, no cussing, no cause and no Bloodin'
And sit yourself down and act like you got some sense

Now I step through the door in the flyest pair of Dunks
Quit lyin', you ain't seen these at Foot Locker, chump
And I ain't about to argue, shoot game with you punks
who don't know Air Jordan's from some Reebok Pumps
And out of twenty-three, thirteen was the hottest
If it's rare and it goes on your foot, then I got it
I'm that undefeated off of Brayer playin modest
While you runnin' up to eBay to empty out your pockets

Sock it, in the mouth if you don't wanna get clowned on
Metro-actin' cats gettin' frowned on, we sound on
everything from ball to y'alls women
Ballers up in here and they braggin' how they livin'
'Til they car get pulled, still at home with they mommy
Changin' faces, Bull City, there's where you find me
Gettin' a low-down from the ***** internet
You ain't done with my haircut, yet! I swear to God

[Chorus: x2]
Now if your fade is as tight as we is on the mic
Just got your whip clean and your kicks on tight
'Bout to pull the fliest chick you ever pulled in your life
Then you doin' what we doin' and you doin' it right

Hey yo Murs, it ain't all about a cut to me
Wanna go somewhere, catch some comedy
and get the low-down on the drama, B
This lil' dude showin out, "Who his mama be?!"
It's a lotta trash-talk "I dress better than him"
"Look better than them, you ain't got no style!"
Keep the pagers goin wild with my new-new joints
Caught a glimpse in the mirror, can't keep me on point

Finally made it to Midtown, walked in the Legend's Isle
Got one waitin', so I gotta go second
Checkin' it with Quan, cran and Goose
C-2 got his son in the shop runnin' loose
to set the slang straight, ya girl is ya cape
and if she's blowin' you out, then you gotta set her straight
Now everybody hate to wait, but it's so much fun
A buncha dudes chillin', no beef, no guns

[Chorus: x2]

Now my barber named Lester, he from the N-O
Best fades in LA if you, didn't know
Tighter than Jamie, in the Kanye video
Still freestyle and gettin' Gs' when I rip a show
Especially when it's in the scope, you know I'm gettin' low
Shout out to all my playas that be chillin' in the Mo'
Slim, you don't want it with him
Peel ya cap back to the fat meet with this pen

I been, in the chair, four bucks and some change
Can't keep takin' breaks, 'cause he wanna go eat
Then he start takin' breaks, 'cause he wanna go speak
I shoulda known better coulda went over to T, but
It's all gravy bread, put the money in his hand
Right now, got me cut like a new man
Caught up on my jokes, fashion to folks
who I ain't seen since the last time we spoke

[Chorus: x2]

(YEAH) Hey yo, 9th man, me and Murs we was in the Circuit City the other day, man
An, and-and then took me back to the barbershop
'cause I ask ya boy, I said "Yo man, is Chris-Chris ? here today, man? He workin'?
And y'know what this dude told me man?
You, you-you know what this dude told me, 9th? (What?!)
He was like, he was like, "Naw man, to-the-Canvas ain't here today"
Chris to-the-canvas!
Bah! BAH! BAH! Shout-out to my man Jermaine
First cut *****! *****! Sorry Murs

Yesterday & Today

length: 3:36
Yesterday I and today I
Yesterday I and today I

Alright, alright I ain't getting out of bed today
9 to 5 to survive, there's gotta be a better way
Waking up early to punch in the clock
How I'm lookin' grown man with my lunch in a box
But my kids need socks and shoes,
I'm walking through the office (boss yelling)
Who you talking to don't you know on the streets I would've
Never mind, the past is the past I gotta leave it behind
But man back on the block I was a bonafide hustler
Spot popping off until the police rushed us
Handcuffed us I though I was gone
Could've cried thinking now I'd miss my son being born
But I was blessed, beat the case now I'm trying to reform
But this white folks make it so hard to move on
You gotta jump through hoops, anger management groups
But the fact I'm still standin' here today is proof that

Yesterday I felt the most hated, I thought I couldn't take it, they said I couldn't make it
And today I feelin brand new, I got nothing to lose, I'm bout to make moves
Yesterday I felt the most hated, I thought I couldn't take it, I fought until I made it
And today I feelin brand new, I got nothing to lose, get out my way move

On to the next, it was all about sex
When I first met my little baby girl annette
She was standing at the bus stop, sucking on a lollipop
Eyes collard green lean thicker than a pork chop
(stop) cause I don't eat swine
But this girl was so divine, that I had to make her mine
Called upon her a few times, she thought I was funny
Fell for it like a dummy, it was all for the money
(j-eah) growing up in the hood,
You would think I'd understand, but I never understood
Why she rarely came around when my dough wasn't good

Now you can call it puppy love, cause I got dogged out
Now in all my notebooks, I got her name crossed out
But she lost out, I just lost profit
When she left me in the cold, heart broke like my pockets and

Yesterday I felt the most hated, I thought I couldn't take it, they said I couldn't make it
And today I feelin' brand new, I got nothing to lose, I'm bout to make moves
Yesterday I felt the most hated, I thought I couldn't take it, I fought until I made it
And today I feelin' brand new, I got nothing to lose, get out my way move

You know the days when you just got the blues
All stressed and depressed from just watching the news
No matter what good you do, it seems you always get screwed
Got you caught up in your feelings, now you off in a mood
Shake that attitude and do what you can
Set a couple goals, follow through with your plans
Time wait for no man, and tomorrows not promised
So if she's still alive shoot a call to your momma
Cause the fighting and the drama, its just not worth it
Nobodies perfect ain't none of us worthless
We all got a place and we all got a purpose
Now I'm not taking y?all to Sunday service
But you clap your hands as you stand up and work it
Like you grand momma used to do that fan down at worship
Spread it, pop it, and wave it in my face
Put your hands around your waist,
Let me rock it to the bass like

Yesterday I felt the most hated, I thought I couldn't take it, they said I couldn't make it
And today I feelin' brand new, I got nothing to lose, I'm bout to make moves
Yesterday I felt the most hated, I thought I couldn't take it, I fought until I made it
And today I feelin' brand new, I got nothing to lose, get out my way move


length: 2:35
I'm only 9, on the block
Bailin' to the liquor store with 2 dollars in my socks
Say "cause" when I talk, pants sag when I walk
Bumpin' K-DAY, just discovered hip-hop
I play Pop Warner and I love Transformers
But you see the big homey standin' out on the corner
He got real guns, not the ones from G.I. Joe
He feared and respected like everywhere we go
Can't wait 'til I'm 10 and I get jumped in
You should see the tattoo he gave himself with pen
He did in the pen like 3 years ago
And he just got home, now he bigger than befo'
Liftin' weights in the yard he, way too hard
Been shot 5 times, even let me touch the scars
I can ride in his car when I get from the hood
A fresh Iroc with a dope Kenwood
Two 15's and his curl on sheen
A big booty freak with some airbrushed jeans
Don't dis put the hood in your childhood dreams
Growin' up these days ain't as easy as it seems

We live life like death ain't a thing
Fear and respect we collect like kings
Relive stress with every breath I sing
And we all chase money cause we scared to chase dreams

19, almost 20 years old
Cut the baby curl, now I got an afro
Cornrows, some say french braids
Weed and robberies the only way I get paid
Couldn't slang crack, O.G.'s do that
So money hungry wouldn't front me a sack
That's why the old timers keep gettin' jacked
I'm full time bangin' ain't no turnin' back
Dropped out of school, no G.E.D
But in these streets I'm a G-O-D
Enemies tell they B.G. stories 'bout me
A nightmare, when I'm off that P

That's why they always run when they see me in the street
Known to beat 'em down, straight take they heat
What about the police, man even they scared
When I see ya hit the block I put 2 in the air

Got my momma scared of me
And she's the only woman the would ever dare to love me
Respect from my peers, on the set 10 years
Bonafide so I hide my regrets and my fears
On the front porch buzzin'
High that's probably why I didn't even see 'em comin'
5 rounds to the chest now I'm fightin' for my life
Cause some fool from the other side, wanted stripes



length: 2:50
I'm from L dot A dot Californ-I-A hot
Days got shade let me take you 'round the way
Lot of out-of-towners can't handle this city
Where you wear the wrong color and it can get tricky
But that was eighty-six and, things done changed
We a lot mo' evolved with the way that we bang
Not the rips and the dogs, man the smog might kill ya
But you ain't gotta worry if you stayin' north of Wilshire
Don't be scared of Crenshaw, the Slausson super-mall
Or Earl's Hot Dogs man you gotta do it y'all, c'mon
Come to the hood where we do the most good
Magic Johnson be ownin everything like he should
Lynnwood, Long Beach, Hawthorne, Gardener
From the towers in Watts, to the hills of Alta Dena
The home of the traffic and that gangbang culture
And I hope the way we do the damn thing don't insult ya

[Chorus: x2]
I'm from L.A. (ah) Southern California
Fool the West coast, where everybody is somebody
And the game is fame, do everything with a bang
And everybody wanna know, what set you claim

The land where the six-fo's, hop up and get low
Your favorite rapper gettin' jacked for more than his sick flows
Home of the pornos, we mess up award shows
The weather's always warm so the women wear short clothes
Our beaches ain't the cleanest but the {ahh} is the greenest
And we got the blonde bombshells and sick latinas
Then mix in the dark-skinned light-skinned sisters
Where you never have to wear your triple goose on Christmas
You can miss us with the blizzards and the winters
The hurricanes unless it's in some glasses with some actresses
Perfect frame, silicone or real it don't matter if she paid for it
Every single trend you can probably thank L.A. for it
Bandannas, face lifts, quick trips to Vegas
White t-shirt, Chuck Taylor's or them K-Swiss
Pop lockin', Crip walkin', chronic blunts, G-Funk
A place that everybody hate, but you gotta see once


Love & Appreciate

length: 3:13
I get the feeling girl, you need someone
To love and appreciate you (x2)

Now I was lost, confused, caught up in my feelings
When I first started finding other women appealin’
Thinkin that the grass is greener on the other side I panicked
Settlin down so young, wasn’t how I planned it
Man it seemed like yesterday, we was all about each other
Never in a million years would I need another lover
But you got too familiar, not like I didn’t feel ya
But sayin something new while we make love would it kill ya?
Calm baby girl, its not an excuse
Cause I probably could have put that gym membership to use
I put on the weight
You put on the brakes
Now we both sit around with that look on our face
You wonder who I’m seeing
And I’m wonder who you’re seeing
But we too afraid to ask cause we both got our demons
The reason why we should try to keep this thing together
Cause we stood by each other through all types of weather

I get the feeling girl, you need someone
To love and appreciate you (x2)

Now all that takin’ you for granted done stop
And the love that we standin’ on is solid as a rock
Not but nothing but couple months back when we fought
I couldn’t live with myself thinking that you were lost
And now we found common ground
The crib found empty never havin’ you around
Now we getting down and the sex is full throttle
Chillin’ on the couch watchin’ next top model
Don’t wanna be nowhere else
It was time for me to put the pimp game on the shelf
You helped with the bills, and I helped with the bills
They say that don’t work, but it’s cool I know the deal
I found a real women that’ll stay down for me
Shoulda’ never had doubts cause I found you early
While my homeboys search, I had what I need
And I’m glad you agree

I get the feeling girl, you need someone
To love and appreciate you (x2)

D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls)

length: 4:28

[Verse 1:]
She got that mocha-chino baby on the back of the bus
If you close your eyes and listen she would be one of us
Never did trust, her family at home
So she kicked it in the hood, raised her self on her own
She talk with that tone, but she white to the bone
You would swear she was black if you spoke on the phone
Some say its overgrown, but she don't give a damn
All the black girls think that she want they man
But it's not your fault that they attracted to you
That you blessed and got as much back as you do
Most white boys say that you're way too thick
And some brothers might say, you're the number one pick
You say [psh], girl...Roll your eyes twist your neck
But it comes from the soul you don't mean no disrespect
And even when they check you, you just keep it movin'
Cuz in your heart you feel you ain't got nothing to be provin'
[Chorus x2:]
Whether chocolate or vanilla, or you're somewhere in between
A cappuccino mocha or a caramel queen
Rejected by the black, not accepted by the white world
And this is dedicated to them dark skinned white girls
[Verse 2:]
Now she like The Smiths, The Cure, really into Morrisey
Heavy on the rock never fooled with the Jodeci
You would notice she was never really welcomed by the others
Hard to find a date when there was only ten brothers
In the whole damn school, and they thought she was weird
Cuz she wore her hair different, and she never joined cheer
A melancholy dolly with a Polly want-a syndrome
White step-father black daddy never been home
And when on the quad she could hear em' say
Look at how she walks, why she talk that way
But girl it's okay, your black is beautiful
No matter how you dress, or no matter what music you like
Forget what they say, you're doin' it right
No more grabbin' on your pillow as you cry through the night
Stand strong, hold your ground at any cost
and know that everyone who tries to put you down is lost
[Chorus x2]
[Verse 3:]
Now for you half-and-half and mixed girls, I know what the battle be
Every time you go out, it's what's your nationality
Everybody always wanna dig up in your background
You don't look _, now how does that sound
I couldn't tell you or...(tell you or...)
Oh, is that right
Do you take it as a compliment or start up a fight
Venezuelan and Indian, Rican and Dominican
Japanese or Portuguese, quarter a Brazilian and.
White and Korean, Black and Pinay
I could find out later it don't matter you're fly
It really don't make a difference to most of us guys
We just need an excuse to get close and say hi
I know they call you stuck up, you think you're too pretty
Spreadin' rumors about you, all throughout the city
So much attention, so many haters
But don't be bitter, you'll be better for it later and...
[Chorus x2]

Murray's Revenge

length: 2:40
I'm a, hood legend, you should feel threatened
Front I'ma show you what's good in a second
The best in the business, I mean what is it?
The dopest MC to walk talk it and live it
A wide bright screen with a blockbuster signature
Every new line I speak should be in cinemas
Champion sound, I win with words
Like you finally talked your girl into sleepin with a friend of hers
Oh yeah, I'm off on a good one
Momma's so proud of what her boy from the hood done
Got off the meat and I got my mind right, I
Got out these streets I got my grind like I
Got on these beats I gotta come tight it's
Gotta be me, it's gotta be 9th
Your boy dropped some stuff and it was probably nice
But they need a little help, and a lot of advice
Quit while you're ahead, you ain't seein no bread and
Don't sleep on us, you can sleep when you're dead
And grateful, you didn't live life hateful
Change for the better like the weather in April
Food for the soul, go ahead and grab a plateful
A heart full of hate, is a waste and disgraceful
Uhhhh, don't ingest, turn your stomach
When a brother only wanna see another brother plummet
Come wit'cha best and you can lose like the rest
Straight shots when I shoot how we do on the West

You know who we might be, man myth or MC
But Murs sums it up best now, wouldn't you agree?
I, stuck to the plate like it's And1 and straight
Sew the mic around your neck and then bounce it off your face
With grace, the ace in the hole, replacin the old
Cause the new generation got a taste for some soul
Hold on to opinions 'til I tell you to have one
That mic wasn't hot until the spot 'til I grabbed one
Off the stand now it's off the hook
And when the beat is this nuts, then I'm off the books
Meaning, off the head, freestylin makin bread
And I shoulda been in a movie but I made my own instead
Still pioneering with this independent hustle
And your mic cord is much too short for you to tussle
For the man that pro like 40-Water, poured in rememberance
Of every hood soldier that died in ghetto tenements
Innocent 'til proven guilty
Should I die don't look for the dude that killed me
Look for a brighter tomorrow, and in spite of the sorrow
Live every moment to the fullest so your life isn't hollow
And you can holla out my name from the top of the game
And since you passed homey I promise I'll do the same
For if a soul is avenged through the deeds of a friend
Then success has always been the best form of revenge