Sweet Lord Album

Artist(s): Murs & 9th Wonder

Cover Art

Murs & 9th Wonder Sweet Lord Cover Art


The Intro

length: 3:10

What up though
It's Murs, 9th Wonder
Murs 3:16, the 9th Edition
Shut your fat mouth, and listen

[Verse 1]
Anticipation got the deck stacked against me since the outset
9th got 'em fiending for an instrumental version of an album that ain't out yet
But now it's my outlet, and it feels so good to them punk fans
When I'm still so hood, so good it's ridiculous, still iniculous
That means three times doper than your favorite mc riding round with a chauffeur
These *****s need Jesus, **** it, *****s need Oprah
All this killing and this pimping and these foul ways of living
See, everyone's forgetting that the struggle's not over
I got sober, then got drunk again
Got my boy from Carolina, picked up the pen
Threw my nuts on the finish line, I +cum+ to win
While you nothin' to lose, I'll shake you out your shoes
with ease, with moves parallel to those and other three
Couldn't wait for George to make the new Star Wars scene
So I made my own episode 3:16
To answer all the rumors that been shooting through your group
Yes 9th really does make these beats on Fruity Loops
But what does that matter?, this is more than music
By buying this disc you have bought into a movement
Not a revolutionary, nothing but the truth I carry
change if you want to change, that karma is for you to carry
All I'm trying to do is lighten your load
So in between I'm getting faded, some of y'all getting blowed
But I couldn't fall off and lose sight of my goals
So I got sober, got drunk again
Murs 3:16, let the fun begin

Are You Ready?

length: 3:49
I was the last one chosen for the first team
Now welcome y'all to the 9th Wonder, Murs dream
Ghetto music with a purpose
Y'all know we do this at your service
Two of the world's most respected musicians
Are now at work, I suggest you listen

It's the new sound, champion bound
Respect to OGs that handed it down
We won't bow down, lower our standards
For these adolescent idiots with no manners
That's what it is cuz, that's what it be blood
You see the future of this music when you see us

Walking, stalking in my Hi-Top Dunks
Fly Hip Hop banging out my trunk
I had to hop out at a stoplight once
Punk tried to say that what I write don't b__p
Man, my tracks bang like gang life ain't right
Brothers pop off and get popped in the same night

Looking like, feeling like, dressed like a Rasta
Dreadlocks swinging but no marijuana
But you can blow yours behind closed doors
Or do it real big on the dance-floor
Cause this jam's for, you and yours
Another banger that'll even out the d___ score

Sooo are you ready for me?
Prepare yourselves for what you are about to see
Amazing entertaining lyrical aren't we
We'll show you how it's done, just let your mom be free
Sooo are you ready for me?
This is the main event so get up out your seat

One's for the new school young'ns in the trap
Two's for the true school homies in the back
Three's for the ladies out looking for commitment
Four's for the ones that are strong and dependent
It don't matter cause I love all women
The lights go out and there ain't no difference

Five for petite with the pretty little feet
Six when it long, so nice in a thong
Five for when thick, real wide in the hips
She looked me up and down then she licked her lips
Pushed all up on me and she moving her b___ slow
I got my hands up and I'm screaming "What up though?"


Nina Ross

length: 3:58
We talk about Nina
We talk about Nina
We talk about Nina...Nina Ross

[Verse One]
Ha ha ha ha ha
Check out this bizarre
Story that I got about this chick and her car
I met her at this bar in Philly called 'the mall'
True school party and I'm feelin like a star
I'm chilling with the boys
We out to make some noise
Searching for a misses, mission search & destroy
You know the hit & run
You smash then you dash
Or you could fall in love soon as you get that a__
But me I was just chillin'
That's really not my thing
Tonic with some lime and I'm scoping out the scene
Then I seen Miss Thing
I locked her in my sights
Vision of perfection, my obsession for the night
Is she black or she white
Or another slight mix?
Mexican or Asian, dark-skin white chick
I know that's my thing
I jumped on it quick
Thicker than a snicker, had to kick it to the miss
She said, "My name is Nina"
I said, "(spanish)
You know I'm a musician with a penchant for latinas"
She said, "That's cool I'm black,
South African in fact
I understand your Spanish but your accent is wack
Quick on the attack
I kept my composure
Should I fall back
Man, I pimped in closer
"My english is just fine
And your beauty is sublime
On this continent miss, you should constitute a dime
I'm cool with the rhyme, but slicker with the drag
In a few minutes, I'll be feelin on the a__"
For her, she just laughed, I caught her by surprise
I said, "I need directions
I'm lost in your eyes"
She fell for it guys
Hook, line and sinker
Now I start to feel like this chick's not a thinker
All attitude
No apptitude
Imagine her condition after she's had a few


[Verse Two]
Bartender, bartender, come serve her up
And put it all on this card right here
(Word up)
I talk, I talk
She drank, she drank
And then she said something like, "I think,
I can't
Make it to my car, can you help me out?"
I said no prob, she kissed me on the mouth
She tasted like a mixture of one fifty one
And straight gasoline, but I'm not a picky one
I grabbed her coat, then I grabbed her keys
Then I grabbed her arm and said,"Maam could you please
Lead the way''
This has got to be the best way for me to end the day
She looked better than the government check
It was her beauty not her booty, that's word to Mike Epps
You know I'm a Vet
So we marched and we stepped
She said, "I'm parked around the corner, it's the Benz on the left"
A benz, a benz?! Did this broad say a benz?!
It took everything I had for me to not call my friends
Or lose my lunch
But then all at once
This girl sobered up, like she was never drunk
She said, "That was all a front, Mr. Walk-Like-A-Man
Remember me a few years back, tour van?"
I stuttered, I stammered, I looked for the camera
And when I looked back, she was reachin' for the hammer
Pulled out the jammie, aimed it at my throat,
She yelled, "Stick em up!"
I said, "Stop, no don't!"
Pistol whipped me, then she hit me
Swept me off my feet quickly
Got me for my DS and my Sidekick 3
She made me stand up then she told me strip down
"What you gonna with that glowstick now?"
She opened up the truck
Made me crawl into it
About to squeeze the trigger, I said, "Please don't do it''
50 paint b____, at point blank range
I flinched, I bled, I screamed out in pain
She said
"Remember my face
Consider this a message to the women you disgrace
You use us then abuse us anytime you feel h____
Then bounce, and leave a fake number in the morning"
I cried, apologized,
But as the tears started formin'
She laughed, blew a kiss and then she slammed the trunk on me


length: 3:31

And I Love It

length: 3:54


length: 3:06

It's for Real

length: 3:16
[Murs talking]
Yeah we gon' work on this music
Just, just kill me with music anytime, c'mon
(Ladies and gentlemen) Ladies and gentlemen, (boys and girls) boys and girls
Listen, listen, (it is the return) the return (of Murs Inatra) hahahaha
(The leader of the pack), the chairman of the board
The chief of the game and look
I wanna send this one out to everyone I love
You all been so beautiful to me
Yes, yes, look

[Murs rapping]
I'm something like an alien, I don't understand
Your ways and your actions, I'm a different kind of man
I was raised on the block, got saved from the block
Came back to the hood and spent my days on the block
It's the way that I talk, you can hear it when I'm p___ed
The way that I walk is something like a crip
With a B-Boy Rasta and a skateboarder twist
The woman that I love, she gotta handle all of this
I'm like ten different dudes rolled into one
I hope she choose to fight instead of choosing run
One minute for your yoga and I'm tryna relax
The next I'm punching walls and I'm on the attack
And I ran some, fought some, caught some, dropped some
Fumbled, then it crumpled and I stumbled on this hot one
And she's so awesome, everyday's a blessing
Put the drama all behind us and we tryna start fresh man

[Murs talking]
And man everyday should be a new start
Every time the sun rise, it should erase all the BS you went through yesterday
Ain't no point in tripping about what you went through in the past
cause you can't change it
So you might as well love what you got and appreciate the moment that you're in
cause you might not get another one
Pay attention!

[Murs rapping]
So many people showed me love when I was in a drought
Eligh's mama let me stay at they house
Back when my own mama, she went and kicked me out
TS mama let me sleep on her couch
Said make a million dollars then you can take me out
I thought that she was so fine, it made me wanna shout
And of course Naomi always tried to pay for everything
Wish y'all got along cause she might get this wedding ring and
You can't have everything
Tripping over little stuff, you never see the better things
And my nosy a__ aunty
will always have my back when none of y'all want me
And y'all get my love, wherever they go
To my mama selling merchand' every LA show
Counting in and counting out, she taught me what it's all about
The best women ever got my back no doubt

Marry Me

length: 2:51

Love the Way

length: 3:16

Murs Inatra

length: 3:31