F’Real Album

Artist(s): Murs

Cover Art

Murs F’Real Cover Art


2 Reasons

length: 4:54
producer: Eclipse 427
performer: Aesop

8th Samurai

length: 2:20
producer: Gandolf
M.U.R.S a nigga known to rip a microphone
Leave you enthrasted in the zone
Much to advanced to clone
Master of this urban rhyme science
Combined my legendary alliance
9th wonder of the world right after the giant
East Oakland California is where we conquer
The formula to leave compititions silent
See rarely pull that B in emcee
Thought i'd give it to u straight
At the one eight zero degree
And I should be the man
Receiving Platinum certificates
Cause this shit will get heard a million times
Rhymes so intricate heads will have to rewind
Sometimes I feel like quiting
Until I hear a nigga up there with a microphone
bullshitin, I'm like that's koo shut the fuck up
If he knew where i was sitting
Got a dope Rhyme for everytime
A beady touch my lip, an been added to the text
For about five years so that makes
Eighteen thousand two hundred fifty
Dope rhymes just to hit your ear
Precise Calculations nigga master the equation
Cause mathematics and understanding
Rules supreme, so i suggest your ass
Get down with the winning team
and in it seems to be 9
Niggas know when to strike out like Doc Gutton
Once they've met with my mind
So wanting to reach and fuck up
My herbs run average, I'll turn one savage
Raise to let you know
I got a grip of microphones
You still at that Grabbing stage, to have it stage
Hard to kick, like bet money underneath my feet
Your shit hella weak, But so far from sticking me And these wack
muthafuckers Don't mix
Like music to drive by and way to funky
So these nigga's get ate quick
Couple punk muthafuckers got me thinking Freestyle battles ain't shit
so my ass is trying to quit, but this rap game
Got to many glitches
For example Underground rap shows
Not enough pussy and way to many bitches

4 the Record

length: 4:40
producer: Eclipse 427
I rock the mic like it's my last chance to breathe
Display a level of skill you could only hope to achieve
Within this lifetime and I write rhymes that'll make marks
Shut the fuck up, when I recite mines, state syllables on snares
Like bombs, so I'm guaranteed to blow up
When I touch down on tracks, watch your whole crew collapse
Like households, then I introduce the crack, black motherfuckers
Thinkin it's dope time to shine, lackluster blockbuster b-boys
Went "Krush Groove" and "Beat Street"
Now they think it's safe to drop styles on beat
I make 'em all retreat, like back to back Halloweens
Destroy the following, believin rap's the sport for spectators
How the fuck you supposed to blow up? Living Legends got the detonator
For all these bitch-ass record haters
So-called entertainers, just rappers online
Nigga this Mid-City on mine, from the town where bangin is life
Fuck around, get yo' ass gangstered for the mic

[Chorus: Murs]
For the record, there's too many niggaz grabbin mics
For the record, none of 'em is comin this tight
Ay for the record, 4: 27, this track
Ay for the record, the Living Legends always got my back
Ay for the record, you want it? Go out and take that shit
And for the record, my crew had a show we ripped that shit
Ay for the record, whenever this shit drops
Ay for the record, just because you in the club you ain't hip-hop

I hit the spot, givin up that index finger and thumb
To let you know where I'm comin from
Living Legends bitch, don't act dumb
Cause some will wanna denounce the name
Some nerd-ass niggaz, without an ounce of game
Tape sounds the same as the rest of 'em
Murs ends the careers, of the best of 'em
I mean this nigga starts battles in empty rooms
And after I consume my shadow
I'm a travel to your homestead, blow you out in front of your own hedge
First fly off the dome like led in gunfights
Fuck everything you done with'cha whole life
After battlin me, you'll only remember this one night
Play it over and over again in your mind like Bill Murray
In a hurry to escape, but just to fuck with'cha head
I put the shit to tape, not just for you
But for every MC, so you can peep where you at
And see, where you need to be
Proceed with me, through them underground catacombs
Where the Living Legends roam
Perfectin the techniques to speak, on phones type micro
Thinkin you, buildin a reputation, just perpetuatin the cycle
If all were fallin to the slang, fuck with me
Take a bite out "Self Destruction" like "We're All in the Same Gang"
Y'all niggaz can't hang

[Chorus: Murs]
For the record you a bitch, we gon' treat you like a bitch
Ay for the record, pick a style, don't ever switch
And for the record, that whole tape you gave me was weak
And for the record, next time you see me, don't even speak
And for the record, it's always freestyle never written
And for the record...
Ay for the record, this is only the beginning
And for the record the Legendary saga, is never-ending

I'm from a crew of the most hated, underrated
MC's on the planet, yes I cram to understand it
And hopefully shed light
In a time when niggaz is hopin on open mics
Instead of what they write
I compose prose to leave foes froze like Bobby Drake
Go below zero with the flow and never break
Ever make a man come to tears
After rippin his ass, in front of his peers?
That's the shit I live for, and that's why you live in fear
I'm the man known only as Murs
Makin you recognize and submit, after only one verse
Wake Up Show wouldn't play it, even without the curse
You gotta kiss they ass first; but I bet they stop
All that politickin after they get they ass kicked by Murs
My aim was never to play games, on some Parker Brothers shit
I've been on some dark and other shit, for a while now
The style now seems to be independent, and well connected
Fuck that, my family stay independent, and well respected
This shit's directed
To every nigga comin up short, when the cash gets collected
You can pick up this record
Wherever good music and true skill are still expected
Check it

Hey, hey Murs! Hey you remember me man
Hey you tore my ass in front of the club last week
Y'knahmsayin? Hey, hey check this out
You're the greatest, you're the dopest freestyler I've ever met
Hey can we do it again? Check it out let's battle let's do it man
My friends they didn't believe me
They didn't know about it, but I know you've got it
Hey Murs, hey, I I I I can't help but sayin it
You're so dope Murs!


length: 4:22
producer: Gandolf
performer: Basik MC

hey whussup this is muthafucking Murs

here with muthafucking basik

you know what im sayin i got a foul ass mouth

but not really givin a fuck this is all freestlye

One tape do it like this no fakes

On the microphone distroy all snakes

In the grass Murs will beat that ass

If it has to come to that type of situation

But i really know that patience is a virtue

But I just might hurt you call it curtins

Pull up a skirt on a few emcees actin

Bitch wanna change off that switch

Like a light 25watt, you ain't that bright

Might get socked in the night

Where i'm from Mint City, where we roam

Come hard over drums

Everybody wants to hum

Some other niggas song, be on the dick

Of other crews too long now wheres your song

At got a whole tape but ain't nobody else

Gonna kick a rap unless they famous

Thats the fool from table of contents

Your whole porpose is aimless

Need to get some shit Condence it

Into one form have a common goal

When I'm bombing soul on this track

Everybody knows my spirt comes intact

Never um post hande or should I say

On strike like UPS I might just incave yo chest

Like this make a casium when i spit this shit

Have your chest doing spasum Fantasium

Like that four with the spikes

Everybody knows i dont sport nike's

Well I really kinda do cause I cant afford

Other shoe They cost to much

Everybody wanna rock the dutch

Or other should I say the British walking

Shit talkers from New York Get cooked

Burnt up, I stay way like pork

How many emcees have said that I've read that

Rap book you had all them rhymes you had

Was wack, Take it like that uh this nigga Murs With a freestyle verse

with basik

Your whole stlye is wack so face it

This nigga Murs with a freestlye verse

And basik your whole style is wack just face it

Cant Replace it


Cant replace,Cant replace it one on one

This is Basik Yo checking in one two

Watch out for your whole crew

We might do them by the two's

Three's and a hundreds I got you in a tundra

Freezing your toes Basik emcee expose

Superstition, I guess you thought you was Wishing you was in another


I negate no property, Basik emcee afully

All up in all these Emcees

Taking them off stage with a swift kick

You might sling from my dick

Matter of fact You's a trick

Sell you on the coner for two bucks a less

You be selling your rhymes

Like it was two bucks of stress

Just a little bit of style

And a little bit of this

And a little bit of spice here

And a little ingrediant there

Now ima come out then ima start to stare

Mad doggin wack emcees

Ima stomp em with girls clogs

And keeping them cloging up

Like arteries Fool's be swellin up

Thinking they gonna serve me

I think not

I'll put you in my pot

Everythings for 50degrees got it hot

Pull out about four emcees please

Watch me ease of all eww

All these punks never

I'm way to clever

Used to live down the street

>From this fool named Trevor

But he got a little shaddy

So I had to make him not my baby

Had to serve him

And send him on the curb

And send him on the street

And run him over with my Honda Accord

Never Bored

While I soared in the sky

Basik emcee will never die

Im living continuosly

Mater of I should say infinative

You wanna live up dont step up

You might limp back

Watch for the attack

>From me and Murs you've gotta stay dope

If you don't wanna be wack

Thats obvious

Matter of fact Im seein this

Threw the scope of my eyes

Matter of fact i got three of them

Matter of fact i got five of them

Cause im counting my glasses

Kicking many asses

All through Like going slow like malasis

If you want me to slow down the style

Leave a wack emcee

Thinking ima gon get wild

Now wait little child

You might get smacked

you need a pasifire

You a wack emcee you was a lyre

Talkin about you was 10 leauges higher

But 10 leauges lower in the sea

Wanna be me

I bet you wanna clone

You drone

I'm like the bully of the block

Ima take yo twinkies out your lunch box

Then take your money

And put it in my socks

And then walk down the street

With this damn beat

That shit is thumpin

Keep bumpin in the bay area

With my man Murs

Wanna kick a freestyle verse

Leave a wack emcee in a hearse

Now you cursed

Interview With the Dominant

length: 2:52
performer: Kirby Dominant

Dominant Freestyle

length: 4:28
producer: Eclipse 427
performer: Kirby Dominant
mine; imagine you wrapping ur lips around it to make me splat quick//
fine; you have long hair and pretty nails//
but that does not exclude this dude into proving the fact he's not really male//
i'll fill him well-with a hundred buckets of wombat semen//
you wanna fight me cause you don't like me more that likely-right? good cause it's combat season//
i was a lost cause-kicked in the nuts and had to get gauzed balls//
downed a 5th of tall paul and the nurse left the room with glossed jaws//
she said it wasn't consentual-oh well i was into you//
tried to spit in you-leave you with a kid or two-then get rid of you//
i was doin 85 on a mountain bike//
drunk,saw a couple of cops-tried to sober up and down some sprite//
but i'm goin out tonight more or less imma clown and fight//
and it's a thousand dikes in the light and they all gone down my pipe//
i don't care if you lick clit, eat tush and don't wear lipstick//
i got a big Penis so swallow me whole til ur lips turn blistered stiff Bia// *reply if you dig it*

M-3 (Anger)

length: 3:28
producer: Elusive
Okay since you paid for the meal, I'm gonna throw in my tip
But normally, I wouldn't do this

Never mind what your normally do, someone shoulda warned you
But then again, my style - too sick to predict
Kinda like that "Emergency Broadcast" shit, before the earthquake hit
But this is a test to see how long you'll shut the fuck up and listen
To the statement of my mission (you sit quiet)
Now that I got your attention
There's no-thing I think I would never say
From one of the dopest crews out the Bay
So what's that I heard you say?
Fool when I call your name you'll know it
Always been a man before a poet
So I never been in the habit of backstabbin
Only got 3 problems, beadies alcohol and mic grabbin
So if I smile in your face
Know that if I wanted it I would take yo' place
Once again the G the way the only way I know how
Only got one question after I rock your set
Who the fuck wanna flow now?!

[Chorus: Murs]
No matter how you try you ain't fuckin with me
By just breathin air I diss sucker MC's
And no matter how you try you ain't fuckin with us
Cause if you about fresh shit, then you stuck with us
No matter how you try you ain't fuckin with me
By just breathin air I diss sucker MC's
And no matter what you make, you ain't fuckin with us
Cause when you eliminate the fake, then you stuck with us

Oh you heard you could rap, but from what I hear
You would get served and slapped by any one of my crew members
Do you remember who wrote the book, on this underground way of livin?
We do more than you do with a whole day after midnight
Deliver dope shit for the love like midwifes
Doin what the fuck I want now to avoid that crisis at mid-life
Mid-City life creates a doper MC; when yo' record's in the crate
Next to my shit, you still ain't comin close to me
Better than you'll ever hope to be, shoppin yo' demo at 33
Instead of bein the man you supposed to be
Musta lost yo' mind tryin to find that easy money
And the college MC's? Oh these niggaz funny!
When you was studyin for yo' SAT, I was out bein a fresh MC
So why you tryin to run up on me?
Don't you know my crew smack toys
What the fuck it look like, me a hip-hop scholar
Up against a frat boy?


Bein the creator of a style all mine, I stall online rappers out
It's not they fault, they don't know what the culture's all about
This don't go out to everybody in the chatroom
Just those who assume that hip-hop, is an indoor sport
Got them new chains but scared to walk on the court (bitch)
While you were goin over hip-hop's new, line of clothes
I was combinin flows to clothesline hoes from across the ring
Like Dr. Death Steve Williams I'm tellin you, I kill 'em
And if my style is too raw to be felt
Then fuck it that's just the hand that I'm dealt
And I'm a deal with it, I said throw down with me boy
And on my tombstone engrave a microphone cause that's what I live by
Give my a hundred and ten percent, fuck a lockerroom speech
More than half the time, I'm already been amped
Ready to go out and face the temp, stare him right in his eyes
As he prepares to get murderlyzed
When I take the title don't look surprised
That nigga Murs on wax, immortalized
BITCH, you ain't FUCKIN with me!

Say Anything

length: 6:10
producer: The Grouch
performer: The Grouch, Arata, Bizarro and Luckyiam

The Saint

length: 4:38
producer: Tone
"Ready to BREAK, THE, ICE
Feels like time is standing still"

Now this fool been on my *** for the past couple years
Jumped on the scene from nowhere, takin out all my peers
And of my whole squad I'm the last one left
Cause for some strange reason I always stay one step ahead
Of this Agent named Red
But for the life of me, I can't figure out why my *** ain't dead
And now I clear my head, as we arrive on the site
Makin' sure, all routes for escape are sealed off airtight
Thinkin' to myself, tonight's the night
Cause I know exactly where he's going
**** the double-oh-seven, I'm the Living Legend
With the Goldeneye holding my rifle for ***ault
Aimed directly at the vault
But what happened next, wasn't even my fault
You see from the rear, a strange mist appeared
Strapped on the infrared gear too late
Because soon as it came, it disappeared
And when the smoke cleared, the package was gone
My squad searched savage 'til dawn; then had to e-mail HQ
That the knight had just captured the pawn
We swept the crime scene but it was clean, no clues left behind
So I shot back to the hotel
Had a couple drinks, now I'm back online
Not knowin that's where I'd find the next clue
It said Agent Blue, I'll meet you next
Where the stars are at they best and the sun rest too
So I headed due West
To the town where every night creates a new murder story
But stars at they best didn't mean Hollywood, but the observatory
So I cased the joint
Faced the point that I might not know if I was it
Came across the schedule of events
Next on the list to speak was the scientist
Set to unravel, new theories on time travel
Theories that my agency, already knew to be proven
I guess Red's clients was gonna try to stop us on the move-in
Now I know exactly what he's doin'
So the next day at the lecture
I came disguised as the staff director
Even ushered Agent Red himself down the aisle
And just had to smile cause he didn't even know it was me
Then I shot to the balcony where I was supposed to be
Got to the top, my heart damn near stopped
This boy left the spot
Before I could ask where did he go
I turned around lookin' down the barrel of his fo'-fo'
He was like hey yo, just follow me down the hall
And we won't have no problems at all
So I did that, slid the gat into position
Just in case he tried to make this my last mission
Walked all the way down the hallway into an empty room
Where I assumed I'd be dead
Waited a couple of seconds, turned my head
Fool puttin' down his weapons, so I did the same
Slipped my coat off, and jumped into a stance
To let this fool know he was about to get broke off
He spoke soft, said it was to death
I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, but when I opened my eyes
This fool's about to catch me by surprise
With the first series of blows
I'm up to par, I stayed on my toes
But connected with the next swing
Cut me hella deep with his ring
I looked down at his hand, damn
That's the same ones the man from the agency
Said I had around my neck when they found me
I thought he was the only one in existence
But this ***** ground me, so I held up my hand
So he could see what I saw, he stood there in awe
Dropped his guard, I took one to the jaw
But he didn't trip cause it only made us even
We stood there for a second not believin' the ****
We sat down, talked for a grip, I came up on hella dirt
Found out we was brother separated at birth
By the agency especially trained to maintain
The illusion of international espionage
By holdin' up this mirage
Everybody in the Department of National Defense got rich
Now ain't that a *****? They say we ain't got enough ends
In the budget, for public housing education and health care
So right then and there
Me and my brother about to plan to get over on the man
Went back to the agencies and played the role
But on the under strived towards one common goal
See we both contraband in foreign lands, it'll be enough
We give a ****, we move the **** by the truck
And the scheme worked like a beauty
So after a couple years we injured ourselves in the line of duty
And of course the agencies showed us no love
But now this is the story I tell my children
On the shores of the islands we bought
From the money we came up off of, *****!


length: 3:58
producer: Eclipse 427
[Verse One]
Now most of us could waste a whole lifetime
doin s___ we don't believe in, so I'm retrievin words
of gold to expose my soul on the sheets
Combined with the beat of song, complete, to compete
Nah cause most of y'all won't understand it
Takin this existance for granted
Never goin after what you really want
Cause you ain't got the heart
So your life never starts to have meaning
Fiending for somethin to fill that void
Annoyed with the surroundings you picked
Cause they don't seem to fit your person
Rehearsin what they said would make you happy
until you realized one day, "d___ they trapped me"
But who are they anyway? To tell you how to live
A college degree, then a career, the only decent way to raise kids
But I disagree, see I wasn't put here to make a living
My living makes me, so even if it takes me a lifetime
I'ma write rhymes that I feel
Some s___ for when I'm fired, that s___ for when I'm chill
And even if I never make that ticket to a meal
I'll still be a success cause my purpose will have been filled

[Verse Two]
It came to me like a vision
The decision was all mine, combined with the fact
the lack of points on my GPA made a college hard to find
Walk a line into this world, of the so-called real
Never backed by ideal, so there was no desire to appeal
to the masses of those, who seemed closed captioned
to the fractions of light, that glimmer in the dimmer night
Sight obscured, by this BULLSHIT~! we must endure
Pure thought caught before it can become manifest
Leavin us obsessed, with these objects that bring temporary joy
Decoys in the game just like these b-boys and fame
To get you to stop focus on the art
And start focusin upon makin the charts
Not to start pointin fingers
Cause I had the benefit of learnin from others mistakes
Those who helped make hip-hop what it is today
To go through the s___ and cause me to say
What the f___ is the music business anyway? Paradox
Coca-Cola commercials advertisin dreadlocks
Government officials tryin to communicate with us through hip-hop
Which should only serve as a demonstration
That our generation holds control of this nation
But the creation of Hip-Hop Temples won't help
if the music don't stay up to par
So many rap superstars supernova, and just burn out
Get addicted to the cash then the label turn 'em out

[Verse Three]
I hadn't picked up the a in days, just been amazed
on how many m_________ers actually think that this rhymin is a phase
Ain't ate a decent meal in days
So I guess that this dispels the rumors that this rhyme s___ pays
Nowadays, it seems MC means anybody on the block who can make words rhyme
But I remember a time when I rapped, and no one noticed me
And now fools is blowin up, off some third grade poetry
And it's a d___ shame that we let the game get so low
Where it's the dumbest m_________ers representin hip-hop, wherever you go
And these fools take pride in bein ignorant
Not to say that I'm innocent; cause I buy these fools records too
So the label can get paid and bring out, another ignorant crew
And I know too many heads tryin to get college degrees
So how long, will we tolerate remedial MC's?
So please, realize
If somethin doesn't evolve or advance, it dies
You listen to the s___ out now, and tell me where the future lies...
... b____

The Maguire Song

length: 4:32
producer: Eclipse 427
Whussup Murs
Ah nothing man you know just doing a little underground shit
whatever you know selling these tapes broke ass fuck
Yeah I see you know what i'm sayin I aint tryin to go out like that
nigga I'm trying to get signed
have a video and shit you know what I'm sayin
so I can get some respect and some ends in this motherfucker
Oh F'real well you got a little skill you can do that
but um listen to this story check this out

[verse 1]
Now heres this story about this fool
I knew from back in the day
His name was Mike, he used to kick raps around the way
I used to see this nigga everyday up at the school
I mean dude was cool type of fool
who always said what he meant
You could peep him at lunch
Freestylin by the bench
Now he lived in the hood some called the Danger Zone
so he was no stranger to own ways of gettin a legal scratch
But for some Strage reason he wasn't living like that
We used to kick back smoke a sack
Every now and then but usually
he was in the house with his pen
Writing raps that all the homies said was fat
To match that he got he gots his beats
From this nigga named Toan
One day Mike said to Toan
"Lets hook up a demo man
That shit could be on"
Or thats what they thought shit didn't pop
Right away they got caught slippin
And Mike really started trippin
After a couple months he droped out of school
Now we all day kickin it getting high
Smokin blunts even quit his part time J.O.B
Tooked the money that he saved
Put that shit up on the P
And now he's flippin zits
Man you know the whole skit
On how his ass gon quit
After he's stacked enough chips
But out the blue he got this call
>From this A&R talking bout it's time to sign
The first thing that runned threw Mikes mind
Is that I wont have to grind
So when he got the contract
He didnt give it back ignored the print
That was fine Flashed 50g's in his face
And said "All you have to do
Is sign on the line to get it"
But Toan wasnt with it
Thats when the group split
But Mike didn't trip he knew he could get beats
From the kids he was on the label with
So he took the money did some normal rapper's shit
bought his ass a new ride
Tried to buy his moms a home
But when she said I aint gonna move up out the hood
He paid off all her loans and hit the studio
Every single day of the week
And made the beat hella tight songs
And after a couple a months
The album was finished so he gave the masterd
To the label so they could handle the bissness

aww fool I know who you talking about that was that nigga that nigga
mike yeah that fools shit was tight fool he was blowin up fool what
happend that nigga got dropped or what I dont know I aint never seen
that nigga in the hood no more

[Murs] [murs chuckles]
This why you aint seen that motherfucker in the hood fool

[verse 2]
Now when the single dropped
It really start to pop
His shit hit the charts at the top
You could see his video all day on The Box
And when he hit the spot
All the bitches would jock
Same ones back in high school that didnt wanna speak
Now they step into Mike tellin him he's a freak
But he didnt get the big head
And start to tweak he stayed down to earth
And kicked it with his homies
Every single day on the Turf
So when the album released
He thought his check might increase
But he didn't see the loot
Every time he called the label
They gave him the same song and dance
About his advance having to be recouped
And on the day of his second video shoot
They told he had been let go
It seemed the president thought
Rap artist wernt bringing in enough dough
You know not enough capital
So they dropped the whole
Department of Black Music
Now most of them artist didn't go on to do shit
When back to 9 to 5's punchin clocks
Acceptin weekly checks
But Mike had a plan after a while
He knew he was getting fuck
By these record Exec's
Now it was time to put the plan in effect
Next day at the building he goes in
Disguised as the dude from Fed X
Takes the elevator all the way
To the top floor no sooner then he steps
Out the door the secutary askin "Who the package is for"
He said "Im here to see uh Mr.Goldstien"
She said "Right now he cant be seen"
So he tryed t walk past her and ignore it
Then she grabed his shirt like
"Nah I could sign for it"
So he gave her the clip board
Then acted like he was pullin a pen
Out of his uniform But a rag full of chloriform
Then placed over her face
The bitch was knocked out slid her fat ass
Under the desk just incase no time to waste
He went into the Big Man's office
As soon as Goldstien seen Mike face
He knew something was going on
So he reached for the phone
Just as Mike expected
So he healed up the end of the cord
To show him that that shit was dissconected
He connected with a knife to his wind pipe
Now he couldn't scream for his life
He said none of this had to happend
If you would've treated your artists right
Trying to pimp my peoples art
Never giving us a equal part
But I was peepin your plan from the start
It was never to see us be young black and rich
Yal wanted to be the only muthafucker's
Stacking chips that fool looked like he was
honna have himself a heart attack and shit
But Mike stepped back and stabbed him in the heart
with the pen he signed his contract with, aint that a bitch

I heard that fool moved to Moraco or some shit

Morocco Mike

length: 4:41
producer: Eclipse 427
Ay it's like, me and this nigga Eclipse
Been workin on this shit hella hard for hella days
Y'know, knahmsayin? Been since like
'95, both graduated and shit
Shit changed a grip for me this year
'95 was some shit, check it out

It was '95, the year of my graduation
I was in, great anticipation of my date of release
From this educational prison, moms made the decision
To throw me from the residence
It seems weed and hip-hop had taken precedence
Over my responsibilities, but it was alright
Because that day to day bullshit was killin me
So willingly I left the home
And set out on my own, shacked up with some crew Saga and Rhythm
Didn't have to give 'em any rent
So hella time was spent up late night, freestylin gettin high
Not knowin how I would make it to school the next day
From the Westside of L.A., I had to hit the 33
And now I hear them fools from Red Dots is out to murder me
So certainly stresss built
Takin bus to night school every day, coulda got my ass kilt
But I had to get my credits straight
Plus the bus ride gave me time to meditate
On how to set this shit straight
So late one night, I called up moms then we reached an agreement
Which only delayed, it didn't prevent what was bound to happen
She said she wasn't trippin just as long as I got a gown and cap
Then came graduation day, the only nigga to walk the stage
With a zero point five four five GPA
I hand her the diploma, and she still have shit to say
And it's fuckin off my vibe, and the album's on it's way
I couldn't prolong the day when Murs
And the real world would collide
The year was nine-five

The year was nine-five, I thought I wouldn't survive
Livin in the city where it's a day to day struggle to survive
The year was nine-five
{"Daily survival tactics in L.A."} [x5]

I struggled my way in the summer and now the album's almost done
But now is when the crew starts to fall apart
One by one, we disassembled, which sorta resembles my life
Fallin apart, right before my eyes
So I fantasized about havin a video, and bein on tour
To keep my mind off my empty stomach, and sleepin on the floor
Bein that I'm broke, I'm stealin groceries from the store
And now it seems every battle I have turns to beef
And me, broke with no heat
I'm lookin over both shoulders whenever I hit the streets
And just when I thought I escaped defeat
I'm sittin with my homey and we smokin a beadie
When this cop see me, and he decides to procede
A young black male with dreads, it gotta be weed
So he comes over with the usual, disrespect
But that's all I've come to expect
From a motherfucker with a badge and a God Complex
Next he's askin questions, testin my patience
Finds out I'm underage, now he's writin a citation
Askin me to stand up to be frisked, I'm like "Man fuck this! "
Then this bitch cop snatched me up from the back
I turned around, to counter the attack
But I'm surrounded by five cops who don't appreciate the reply
So it's me they hogtie, and throw on the asphault
Steady talkin shit, standin over me like it's all my fault
And now I got a court case to face
And in the first place, I barely got enoughs to survive
So when the court date arrived
I damn sure don't got enough for a fuckin bus ride
So they give me a warrant, failure to appear
The next week I'm at the pier with my crew
I seen this fool I battled a couple days back
Hadn't seen him in a few, I stepped to him
He's like, "Dude we need a rematch, you see my ego's been scratched"
And when I tell him that shit ain't gon' happen
His ese partner went and opened up his trap
And tell me that the odds was uneven instead of leavin
I turned around and put this motherfucker in his place
And at the same time, his homey all up in my nigga T.S. face
So I'm think we 'bout to squab; but then the cops mob
And break it up, now they feelin like, they did they job
But here they come, back up the street hella deep
Talkin shit like we wasn't gon' trip
So I took the first hit
And now we squabbin in the middle of the streets
The odds was 3-on-6, and we still held it down
Except for the one so-called homey
Who stood there, held the radio and looked around
And it seems like forever that we fought
But it eventually, came to a halt
So then we hit the park, to discuss what happened
I wake up the next day, these fools is talkin 'bout cappin me?
Takin my life, over a fight, nah that couldn't be right
Lost sight of where I'm livin, Los Angeles
Where fools ain't givin a fuck, stuck in the same place
With decisions to make
Either I kill them, they kill me, or I make an escape
So I took the money that my step-pops left me when he passed away
And moved up to the Bay, only to find out
Niggaz gon' have problems, wherever you stay
And it's been a couple of years
And some of these fools is still trippin to this day
So I feel I can safely say
That on this planet there ain't no place like L.A.
(There ain't no place like L.A.)
Mid-City fool, bitch!

{"Heated, defeated, day after day
Daily survival tactics in L.A."}

Live My Life

length: 5:05
producer: Bizarro
Is song is performed by Murs.
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[33 second intro]
[Troutman-esque sample says "Liiiiiive my liiife"]

Born March '78, Feco and Carmone the Mid-City L.A.
Okay Liquor was on the corner
Basically raised on rap, found ways to adapt
To every new hood I moved to, so way before "Colors" came out
We knew the differences between red and blue
Back then, my whole crew all, played Pop Warner football
From tiny mites to pee-wees, we'd be tight
Until we moved to the Valley, neighborhoods was all white
Only blacks on the block, can't count amounts of times
Somebody got socked for callin me out my name
But I still came up on game where I first learned to slang herb
And arranged words into the form of rhymes
But, times got rough
Moms wasn't tryin to see me and my stepdad, throw fisticuffs
So we moved back, to the M-C, and that shit bent me
But it made my raps tighter, and so did my hustle
And after my first hustle I was brought back to reality
And reminded, respect didn't come, automatically
So I earned mine, learned my claim
Got some beadies for my stress and graffiti for my name
Ditchin school everyday just to kick it at the crib
Bein a bad-ass kid
But the older that you get the more you're watchin how you live

[26 second interlude]
[Troutman-esque sample says "Liiiiiive my liiife"]

Now I claim a Legend, that's a lot to be Living up to
I dedicate my every word, to my niggaz who know how I feel
When yo' momma say she givin up on you
My luck was like that twenty-two, CATCH
Cause what I wanted from life, and what I got didn't match
Lack of scratch got me itchin to hit licks
But now I watch the lil' homies and realize I'm too old for that shit
That be on my mind, when I'm on my way to the train
When you're livin in Oakland, with L.A. on the brain
Too much anger to be contained, so the rap's my only outlet
Feelin like the deck was stacked against me since the outset
Niggaz from my hood lookin at me like "Yo shit ain't out yet~!? "
But only if they knew how much patience it takes
When you got a book full of headline stories, just waitin to break
But when we do interrupt your normal schedule of events
The shit will be so bomb, a threat to national defense
Too late, to mount the counter-assault, but thus far
I've focused four years of my life on infiltration of the Walkman
For domination of the asphault
Doin what the fuck I want, while these bitch niggaz talk
... Y'know, run your mouth all you want
Doin what the fuck I want, but while you bitch niggaz talk I'll

[22 second interlude]
[Troutman-esque sample says "Liiiiiive my liiife"]

I mean shit it's a nice world if I was to actually believe
Everything they tellin me, but I know better than that shit
So I'm out to get a little scratch and that Spice Girl, Melanie B
You see, no great expectations
Just out to enjoy this shit until my date of expiration
Hopin my ass will age like fine wine
Cause there's so much to do, and such little time
So I'll be damned if I waste my days, for minimum wage
As a slave, or have some professor that's overpaid
Control the way that I behave
Afraid of commitment homey, I think not
Cause I'm committed to these beadies and this music
Cause it's all that I got
Cancer and some answers to some questions posed to oneself
And recited in the hopes they felt by someone else
But this five dollar ring on my hand stamps out the reminder
You can't always have, everything that you want
Cause rejection hurt like a motherfucker nigga I won't front
Heart broke like my pockets and dreams
So now I'm on the hunt to see if it's possible
To fix three things at once, while I

[16 second interlude]
[Troutman-esque sample says "Liiiiiive my liiife"]

[Beat by itself to the fade of the song]

Nites Like This

length: 2:35
producer: Arata
How do you say shut-up in japanesse
Navade, navade motherfuckers

[Verse 1]
Tracks like this
I wish that I could do it all over
But then again
You always make the better call
When you Sober Hung-over
Thinking what the fuck was gong on
The show went on late
And of course the sound
Didn't sound shit
Like when we checked it at eight
But it was all great
Even though most rap crews
Would have beat the sound
Then ask later
We the types that would kick the monoters
Off stage Just cause fools be on faders
You know the type of night
When dont a damn thing go right
And every broad your talking to
Wanna be at the club on the same night
Man life be fuckin with a nigga
I sware
But askin why me
Would only draw my ass crazy
So I try not to go there
Fuck it just charge it to the game
Sick of niggas not trying to buy a tape
Sware they're larger than the game
But nigga you ain't no better
Wearin that tommy hill
Like it's your Muthafuckin varsity letter
You ain't earned it
Your momma bought it
Now you trying to floss it
But that can cost you your life
Oh thats right
You from the suburbs
Only in the hood for the night
What about them nights
You was on your way to the spot
Got lost
Put up in the lot
Found out the club was over(DAMN)
And to top it all off
Everybody in the car was still sober
Man that shit be addin up
Have you in the car ride home
Mad as fuck
Oh what about them times
You took a bus to the spot
Got stuck looked up
And none of the homies
Was inside(DAMN)
So you shit out of luck
All them times
You were in the middle of the floor dancing
Then had to duck
Because some stupid muthafuckers
Decided it was time
To shoot the party up
Man ya'll know whussup
With all them wack nights you've had
But remember it can always worse
When you think it's all bad
Nights like this
Got me tryin to put my piss through brick walls
Wish I was that bitch
From out of this world
Put my fingers together
To make this shit pause
And freak things to go my way
For once
Were movin all individuals
Who front like them gold caps

The Extras

length: 3:26
producer: Eye-3
performer: Big Texas and Evanescent

Ease Back

length: 2:28
producer: Eye-3
I'm the sickest with this microphone, ***** better learn it
All them ***** industry *****z you know I ain't concerned with
See I move thousands hand to hand, even got an increasin' number of fans
In foreign lands, Amsterdam, Australia to Japan
All before my sign hit the line that was dotted
The man holdin' the golden apple, y'all grapple for the one that's rotted
To the core I've been hard, since 1580
Mack attack ***** I've been scarred, knowin' what the **** I gotta do
****in' rockin' a spot or two I wanna leave an impression on minds
Like reading "Behold a Pale Horse" for the first time
Expose wack *****s like secret societies when Murs rhyme
Explore cyphers after I visit, for close encounters with the serf kind
Your ***** thought he was nice, until he heard mine
And the doper you think you gettin' the more you ain't understood the first line
I said learn of my affliction, and how my words wrap around
More *****s necks than the pictures of the crucifixions
Rippin' mics when on
Name hold more weight than a 24 inch python
So what'chu gonna do, when Murs-mania run wild on you?
Bringin' that crack to your back like the whip in Castlevania 2
And I'm through, *****

When I grab a microphone, all I want is feedback
Energy from the crowd **** a ***** need that
Y'all wanted a change in rap, well fool we be that
And all you ***** *****s best to ease back
Now when I grab a microphone all I want is feedback
Energy from the crowd **** a ***** need that
Y'all wanted a change in rap, well fool we be that
And all you ***** *****s best to ease back

Now I write rhymes as dope as Jennifer Lopez
Words, beautify blank paper
Like, top to bottom pieces on skyscrapers
Ain't no stoppin' us
Rollin thick like smog through your metropolis
Makin' it hard to breathe
When you enter the 20,000 leagues, so stay at your level and place
Cause amateurs ****in' with the treble and bass
Will get left dead before they make the third pace
See I turn around shootin' off at the mouth, like New Year's Eve
Sayin' that **** you just, wouldn't believe
Retrieved from the far corners of my mental space
Leave you shocked like John Travolta once you open up this mental case
So we happy, as long as fools stop tryin'
To come up from the back and attack me, like my name was Marcellus
And those overzealous we got our blowtorch and pliers
So you for damn sure gonna tell us what we want to hear
Sorta like my album but "Life is Too $hort" so I'm tryin' to make one a year
To make y'all *****s watch what you do like the Wonder Years
Watch them *****s you think is down
They only down cause they carryin', a ton of fear
It's been a while since I've relieved myself of that burden
So I'm makin' sure I'm goin all out, until they call it curtains
While you busy in the man's face shuckin' and smirkin'
I'll be lurkin' in the cut, happy with bein' the broke ***** that I am
It's all about the Washington's, what!

The Sermon

This has been, "F'Real"
That shit
This is the last shit, the end motherfucker
It's all over it's done
What I wanted to say
Well shit, I'm a specify, my stance on hip-hop
All you motherfuckers, from outside lookin in
Sayin this is hip-hop
And this is not hip-hop
Motherfucker hip-hop is what's bein bumped in the ghetto
So if they bumpin Puffy in the ghetto
Who the FUCK is you to say that's not hip-hop?
Whatever's bein heard there, where it started
Is what hip-hop is
Stop tryin to define somethin you don't know shit about
And I'm out...