Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition Album

Artist(s): Murs

Cover Art

Murs Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition Cover Art



length: 1:41
recording engineer: 9th Wonder

What up though
It's Murs, 9th Wonder
Murs 3:16, the 9th Edition
Shut your fat mouth, and listen

[Verse 1]
Anticipation got the deck stacked against me since the outset
9th got 'em fiending for an instrumental version of an album that ain't out yet
But now it's my outlet, and it feels so good to them punk fans
When I'm still so hood, so good it's ridiculous, still iniculous
That means three times doper than your favorite mc riding round with a chauffeur
These *****s need Jesus, **** it, *****s need Oprah
All this killing and this pimping and these foul ways of living
See, everyone's forgetting that the struggle's not over
I got sober, then got drunk again
Got my boy from Carolina, picked up the pen
Threw my nuts on the finish line, I +cum+ to win
While you nothin' to lose, I'll shake you out your shoes
with ease, with moves parallel to those and other three
Couldn't wait for George to make the new Star Wars scene
So I made my own episode 3:16
To answer all the rumors that been shooting through your group
Yes 9th really does make these beats on Fruity Loops
But what does that matter?, this is more than music
By buying this disc you have bought into a movement
Not a revolutionary, nothing but the truth I carry
change if you want to change, that karma is for you to carry
All I'm trying to do is lighten your load
So in between I'm getting faded, some of y'all getting blowed
But I couldn't fall off and lose sight of my goals
So I got sober, got drunk again
Murs 3:16, let the fun begin

Bad Man!

length: 4:17
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
[Intro: Murs]

[9th Wonder]


After tonight
Don't leave your girl round me, heartbreaker for life
Ask my homeboy 9th

[Chorus 1]
Got all your girlfriends thinkin' that I'm the (Bad Man!)
Never neglected you or disrespected you
??A lot of have s__??, yet you say I'm the (Bad Man!)
Gave you d___, never fronted, pulled your hair when you wanted
Used to flip you on your stomach, said you wanted a (Bad Man!)
Now it's all drama, an unidentified caller
on the phone with my momma talkin' bout I'm a (Bad Man!)
How could somethin' so bad be so d___ good?

[Verse 1]
All I wanted was to f___, from the start I never lied
Now it hurts my heart to have to see you cry
Let you know from the jump, I was that type of guy
Now you all on my voice mail askin' me why
Never kissed you in public and I never held your hand
I never said I loved you so I never was your man
How can we break up?, when we never broke down
and committed to each other, we was f___in' around
That's how people get hurt, and we both do dirt
Now we could put this all behind us and make things work
Or I could get behind you cuz I like that skirt
Sorry 'bout that, got a one track mind
But if you say you don't wanna f___ me too, then you lying
Tryna fight it girl, s___ bring your a__ here
Who else can make you wet by doin' this in your ear
(See why you playin', all that bullshit you sayin')

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2]
She got me screamin' in public, in the middle of the mall
I lightly touch her arm, what'd the b____ do?, fall
Now they call security, it's about to be drama
I would never hit a woman, I was raised by my momma
But I kinda feel bad even though I didn't do s___
Now I gotta waste time to find a new chick
Someone who understand a man's gotta be a man
I don't wanna have to lie just to get into your pants
And ain't nothin' wrong with a one night stand
that happens twice a week, plus I'm nice in the sheets
And you look like a freak, it'll be to your benefit
A n____ you can f___, and a n____ you can kick it with
I'm sick of this phone tag text message foreplay
I like to be spontaneous, that's my forte
Let's go to my crib and have, s__ in the door way
We'd talk all night if you had things your way

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3]
She said this might make me look like a knight in shinin' armor
Great way to escape or get away from the drama
So I got a little momma, first, had to disarm her
said she heard about us rappers, I still got to charm her
I'ma tell you what you wanna hear and make it the truth
Haven't been with a woman since I left Cam loose
Two months ago in Canada, ask my road manager
He'll tell you I'm a good guy, I wouldn't lie to you
just because you look fly, look my bus cards are new
We'll shoot to my room, make the best out of twelve hours
We can wash that club smell out your hair in the shower
Turn down the power, lie down and make spoons
Or we can talk all night and listen to ITunes
You a__ume this the game that I spit to every girl
But I'm careful with my heart and who I let up in my world
(So, here's my number, call me anytime girl)

[Chorus 2]
Just because I'm a musician she must think I'm a (Bad Man!)
All alone when she listens and I know what she's wishin'
But she won't pay attention cuz she thinks I'm a (Bad Man!)
It's not as bad as you think, cuz you had a few drinks
I'll hold you hair out the sink, you still think I'm a (Bad Man!)
I don't do this all the time, you are just that fine
Get that s___ out your mind, I am not the (Bad Man!)

Bad Man! 3X


length: 2:47
performer: Joe Scudda
recording engineer: 9th Wonder

The Pain

length: 4:05
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
[chopped samples repeating throughout the song]
The rain - rain - (rain) - on my face
In the rain - rain - to hide my pain - on my..
Hey I like to go out in the rain - rain - (rain)
On my face - in the rain - rain - to hide my pain - on my..
Hey I like to go out in the..

[Verse 1]
See I'm a single black male, dark hair, dark eyes
Long walks through a park and a lot of them lives
I'm a little bit shaded by a lot of what I see
So if you're still interested you should come get at me
Cause I'm tired of getting shot down, put down and dissed
I wanna be picked up, held tight and kissed
But things like these don't happen to dudes like me
Because I'm more Coldplay than I am Ice-T
They say that good girls love bad guys and that might be
But a bad girl with a good guy, that's unlikely
So what's a man to do to get to hold hands with you?
Do I talk s___ and stand and look hard with my crew?
I don't know what to do, so I drown in my drink
It helps to numb the pain, cause when I sit and think about it
Eyes get clouded, thoughts get crowded (thoughts get clouded)
So I'ma sit right here, wait for you to talk about it
In the.. c'mon

[Verse 2]
Said she had a boyfriend, just trying to be nice
But I've heard the same lines from different women all night
Too easy let down, but don't let it get you down
s___, that's what my boys told me, but end of the night
I was still sitting lonely, if only I could find 'em
Without all the drama, without the one-liners
Excuse me miss, hey mam, you got a man, what's ya name?
I'm in my mid-twenties so enough with the games
Simply put I think you're stunning, and what about some kids?
A couple dogs, a couple cars, a four bedroom crib?
Look, I'm not trying to jib, I'm just speaking from the heart
But we can start with a drink if you wanna play it smart
She looking at my boy who got two kids at home and
I know how it goes, here's his number telephone and
He does the girl's turf, and I know you're smelling on him
But every b____ needs a dog, so I guess that's why you want him

[Verse 3]
I try to be settle, but even flirting got me shooked
I would never get a smile, all I got was dirty looks
And my self-esteem is low enough, I got teased growing up
And what I do, I beat 'em up, but that only made me tough
It didn't get me girls, or notes in class
Same girls who used to tell, when I would pinch their a__
But if another boy did it, then they would get gritty
So I pretended the handball was their face when I hit it
And I admit it's part the reason why I'm do em like I do
And women in my life, there has only been two
My mother being one, and the other one is done
So my philosophy on dating is; ain't no fun
Cause they come and they go, and even if they don't c__
They still have to go, girl I give the best head
But you just wouldn't know, cause you stuck up in some diddy
But even if you dissed me, I ain't mad

Go on do that yo with yo pretty as..
You looked better coming..
No wait, you looked better going than you did coming
Her a__ is amazing. High five for Jesus
Keep making 'em like that
Just make 'em with half a brain so maybe they'll talk to me

Trevor an' Them

length: 1:35
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
Now there's one in my hood off Pico or some ****
Through the years it's been the epicenter for a lot of dumb ****
Let me tell you about this one trip to the store
On the early mornin' tip some time 'round four
I was standing by the magazines readin' a Maxim
When I heard a familiar voice to the the counter dude and ask him
To empty out the register (Nah that can't be Trevor)
Excuse me, Tiny T-Bone from the neighborhood gang
Who if his head wasn't screwed on he would lose his brain
He was with two other dudes, never knew their names
I thought great, it was time for me to shake
But as I headed to the door I heard a voice say ("Wait!")
When I turned around, he recognized me and I knew it
I was about to leave, that's when that ***** blew it
He lifted up his mask and said ("Hey Murs it's me Trevor.")
I said "You dumb ************ do you use your brain, ever?"
Nevermind, I turned around gave the deuce
Walkin' to the car feelin like Q in Juice
Remember when he went in the bar and Blizzard let him loose?
Anyway here comes this ***** running, big bag of money
He hopped in ride, I said "You God damn dummy
They got yo *** on tape" ("But they didn't see my face.")
"Well they got my car and my ****in license plate
Man get the **** on" ("Murs why you gotta hate?")
"Hate nor love got **** to do with this
You better run for the fives come through this *****
You know you got two strikes, you better use them new Nikes
To dodge all them blue lights" He looked and said ("You right.")
Then he bolted up the street
Once he left my slight I gave a sigh of relief
But that was right before I peeped, this dumb ************
Left the bag full of money sitting right there on my passenger seat

Freak These Tales

length: 4:28
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
[Verse 1 - MURS]
First let me ask for forgiveness, since I might go to hell
But I'm addicted to these girls, though where they f___ feel smell
And I been around the world in and out of hotels
Now I'm finally off tour I got some stories to tell
It all started with Mel my first time doin' it
Nervous, couldn't speak, I was scared I might ruin it
Something like a pulse she knew how to take it slow
Knew one false move and I could f___ around and blow
So I went with the flow, it went better than I planned
Finally found something better than c__min' in my hand
They say you come twice the first time, now I understand
I came once inside of her, then I became a man
The next couple of times weren't quite that memorable
Temikha, Glydia must've thought I was pitiful
Bustin' after two minutes, I thought that s___ was typical
That was probably why they never got back at a n____ so

[Hook - MURS]
Once upon a time in a land around the way
There lived a couple of girls that would never give me play
Used to wear tight shirts and short skirts everyday
Everytime I tried to hit it they say, no way
Till one fine day in this land of L.A
We finally slipped up and she let me have my way
She kinda turned me out, changed my life I must say
Cause I haven't stopped chasin' these bars to this day

[Verse 2 - MURS]
Now out the city walk come at this iddibittybitch
About 4'7..hmmm..4'11 with a switch
Now lets just say, ehh I think I got it backwards
But big things do come good in small packages
As for actrices in L.A. there's so many
Let me tell you about this freak named Small Town Jenny
After bad auditions, she was guaranteed to hit me
To f___ her on a break when she was waitressing at Danny's
Now there was Umi, female emcee
We talked most of the night about the M-I-C
When it was time for us to get down to B-I-Z
She let me stick it straight in her a__hole, lyrically
I love chicks on e that you meet out at these raves
They use it as an excuse for them to misbehave
I met Rachel in the corner all emotional and mushy
Put my d___ on her tongue, glowstick in her p____


[Verse 3 - MURS]
Alright I had a dancer named Candy stripper chicks
Said she only had to dance to get her family out the fix
Fine as hell, but the b____ made me sick
Cause after datin' two months she'd still make me tip
I know a female mexicana by the name of Iliana
She likes me d___y's and a wife beater not pyjama's
Caught her with another dude poppin' up by her casa
But I keep her on the team just to represent la raza
Now Lesbian Liz hasn't called a lot lately
She love to live the legends but she also loves the ladies
I had to let her go, before she led me to crazy
She was lousy in the sack, laid back and hell of lazy
A couple of weeks back it was all about Meretta
Straight up hood rat always beggin' me for cheddar
Had to keep her hair did and her manicure was real
But now I'm f___in' the corean broad that used to do her nails



length: 3:43
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
Everybody out here wanna be hustlers, man
Buit they dont have any idea what I used to do
I used to do anything imaginable
A ***** like me was scared to go to jail
So I'd use my brain and just think up the most outlandish ****
**** *****s would never do, I used to get dirty
Now these *****s out here just be out here queer hustling
Man these *****s got it all backwards
I'm gonna show 'em how I used to do it

A lotta people wanna knock what we do on my block
But we do what we do cause we ain't got a lot
And you might get shot if your tounges not watched
Casue dudes walk around with hand cannons in their crotch
****ing up the way they walk, stuck to the strip like scotch
With the top notch Bosch that can cook clean rocks
See times is too hard for us to ever go soft
So the doc got me on prescription strength zoloft
So I can deal with the stress and I won't go off
But I'm on top, won't stop 'til the microphone drop
Rollin' four deep in the Cut like, what?
Hit you up and then roll off, we tryin' to get this dough boss
We don't do diamonds cause my dudes ain't show offs
Tryin' to keep it low so we don't see no cops
Wanna blow up, but I don't wanna go pop
Gotta blow up cause I can't let this dough stop

H-U-S-T-L-E (Hustler!)
You'll never find a dime that ain't mine ************
Roll not to be broke and have to stroll like a sucker
So pay me what you owe me, and don't play with me homie

H-U-S-T-L-E (Hustler!)
You'll never find a dime that ain't mine ************
Roll not to be broke and have to stroll like a sucker
So pay me what you owe me, and don't play with me homie

I used to sell insense bottle 10 cents a dozen
Hit the strip and make 'em flip for a dollar a sack
Everyday before juinor high I bought a six pack
And sold 'em for a buck a piece down by the track
And I never sold crack, did aluminum cans
Used to get laughed at by you and your mans
But I never let it get, stay true to my plans
I used it all for the studio (Now you understand)
In the grocery store parking lot, like can I help you ma'am?
To the car with those bags, used to run that old drag
For a itty bitty tip, maybe a quarter or more
And when I wasn't doing that I was knocking at your door
Like, "May I speak to the head of the household?"
Then give you the speech on how buying this candys keeping me out the
Cheap dirt hustles, no glorious tales, but it did keep my black *** from
Going to jail
And I'm a

H-U-S-T-L-E (Hustler!)
You'll never find a dime that ain't mine ************
Roll not to be broke and have to stroll like a sucker
So pay me what you owe me, and don't play with me homie

H-U-S-T-L-E (Hustler!)
You'll never find a dime that ain't mine ************
Roll not to be broke and have to stroll like a sucker
So pay me what you owe me, and don't play with me homie

I can make a dollar out a dime when I hollar out a rhyme
From the school of hard knocks, so a scholar of the grind
Used to dub tapes myself, claim the quality was fine
But it sounded like ****, lots of hits, hella static
But for three plus two, them shits moved like magic
That's five well spent for true hip-hop addicts
And once they're friends heard it, then they all had to have it
So I took it on the road with little to no baggage
Just some draws and casettes, droppin' jaws with my sets
Once they saw the live show they had to take a piece home
Now I'm almost famous, used to be least known
But not to big to walk the streets alone
Stand in front of any venue witha box of cd's
And these kids love me I stay DTE
Down To Earth, and down to merch at any given moment
If there's money on the block, then where am I, Cause I'm a

H-U-S-T-L-E (Hustler!)
You'll never find a dime that ain't mine ************
Roll not to be broke and have to stroll like a sucker
So pay me what you owe me, and don't play with me homie

H-U-S-T-L-E (Hustler!)
You'll never find a dime that ain't mine ************
Roll not to be broke and have to stroll like a sucker
So pay me what you owe me, and don't play with me homie

Walk Like a Man

length: 4:39
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
[Verse 1: MURS]
Now I used to walk with the gun now I walk like a man
And I walk what I talk and I walk never ran
And I never say never but I mean hardly ever
And if shootin' is the solution then you're not that clever
If you don't know s___ then you still know better
Human life is so precious it could never be measured
Have you ever had a load of it c___ back the heat
Poppin' on the next n____ while he walkin' up the street
Trigger off safety s___in an opportunity
These n____z wanna waste me it ain't nothing new to me
Soon as he walked by I was ready to bust
But he just posted up like he was waitin' on the bus
Now I'm all punked up with a steroid trigger
Cause most of y'all are easy just some paranoid n____z
Used to walk with a gun but I never did use it
What's the point of holdin' heat if you ain't gon' shoot it
Stupid [echos]

[different instrumental kicks in]

[Verse 2: MURS]
It was a late night sunset me and him out
Lookin' at the ladies to come up on some trim
Everybody wildin' out cause the summer's about to end
He had the hypnotic he was missin with the hand
Of that mean green laid back with the deep lean on low pro s___
That's how we rolled on the scene
Two girls lookin' probably in they late teens
But these days you can't tell but I figured what the hell
So we yell out: Hey girl, they yell back
Maybe two in the front maybe two in the back
But they had this dark tag couldn't see through the black
We roll up ask 'em where their party at
They just start to laugh and I knew it was a trap
But I couldn't roll out cause the strip was so packed
Now I'm lookin at this n____ in this m_________in' hat
Start talkin' that bullshit like we was on some bullshit
My n____ used to bang but we ain't know no thug s___
I tried to dismantle it but you know Los Angeles
This n____ kept talkin' so my boy had to handle it
He jumped out the Lex s_____ed the dude at his hat
I put it in park jumped out to get his back
But as I did that, I heared two shots
I turned to my right and I see my dude drop
Time stopped, coudln't believe what I seen
I was struck by reality when the two girls screamed
I saw his killer stand up put the gun in his jeans
Saw him wince from the pain as the heat burned his waist
Then he turned up the block disappeared without a trace
I remember his face but what I remember most
Was when I got to my knees and held my n____ close
And asked not to leave us in the name of Christ Jesus
But he's gone and all I got left is his blood on my sneakers

[Hook x2: MURS]
It was a year to this day that my best friend died
For weeks I sat alone in my room and cried
And I tried to pretend everything was fine
But my soul couldn't rest until vengeance was mine

[another different instrumental kicks in]

[Verse 3: MURS]
The day began with me standin' at his grave with his mother
His old girlfriend, his two younger brothers
We said a few words faces covered with tears
How we missed him so much and we wished he was here
Then his girl said a poem put some roses on his stone
And we said our goodbyes and they all went home
I thought I'd use this time for me and him to be alone
I broke out the Hen' poured a little out for him
Told him who was gettin' married, who had went to the pen
How the homie named his newborn son after him
But as the sun went down the talk came to an end
So I said a quick prayer..amen
And I shook in the lab plus the well wrote tracks
And I headed up saw the homie Eyezeer
I asked him what he doin' he was way out of bound
That he had a freak that lived on that side of town
He always kept the heat just in case it went down
A clown, I rolled down my window 'bout to light a ciga-
Hey! Is that that n____ that...hey give me the m_________ing gun
Man, drive around the block and post up for a minute
I hit you on the shirt hit the corner n____ bend it
Splendid now with vengeance in my grasp
I couldn't dream of a better day for me to catch his a__
Slippin while he dippin into the ride by himself
I slid up behind him in the shadows hell of stealth
He started to breakin' stuff I said I didn't want a dime
Remember what you was doin' last year at this time
He looked into my eyes with both shock and surprise
When I split his face with the Glock right before he could reply
He cried as I pressed the heat against his cheek
The I squoze two times for the homie rest in peace

[Hook: MURS]
It was a year to this day that my best friend died
For weeks I sat alone in my room and cried
And I tried to pretend everything was fine
But my soul couldn't rest until vengeance was mine
It was a year to this day that my best friend died
For weeks I sat alone in my room and cried
And I thought that's what I wanted until the problem was confronted
Now I'm haunted by remorse that I wished I hadn't done it

And This Is For...

length: 4:57
recording engineer: 9th Wonder
Damn time's done changed these thugs do what they like
Some of them be your friends to try and find a new wife
And still hit the block and slang rocks at night
But you could be dead wrong with your pockets right
Contrary to what the legendary B.I.G. had to say
You don't have to sell drugs or make the NBA
It's easy to get a grant and get an MBA
To achieve one goal there's more than one way
Young people on the whole we have lost our way
I don't care what it cost I'm not impressed my *****
That throwback jersey is a dress my *****
I remember diamonds used to be girl's best friend
Enslaving Black children with them third world gems
I don't care about your rims, kids ride Big Wheels
Up until they learn balance and it's obvious you haven't
With way more ego than you have true talent

Any white boy who thinks he knows my struggle
Cause he listens to Pac and his adrenaline doubles
Now I ain't got problems with you being yourself
But when you front and use the N word, it just don't help
I might not trip, and your friends'll laugh at you
But I know some real *****z that'll straight up slap you
Now you could be down, but let's act growed up
Cause we ain't the same color when police show up
My culture's not a trend, being Black is not in
But for you it's just a phase you're gonna have to transcend
While even if I tried, I could never blend in
To society's mainstream, American dream
Yeah, it's all one love, but remember one thing
This music is my life, not a cultural fling
It's an expression of the soul when we dance and sing
And you are blessed to have a chance to even glance the scene

Man I do the same music, they stop coming to shows
It's like they scared of the white boys in the front row
First I was like "so?" I'mma get my dough
But the numbers kept falling as my fan base would grow
And now I'm concerned so I gotta speak up
First the money was the only thing shutting me up
But now I don't care, don't support me, get mad
Why wouldn't you abort me, my own people have
I feel I should have the scans white rappers have
It's sad but that's the way it is
What's the reason that my album doesn't sell like his?
And don't front like you don't why the hell that is
It's because he's white, you can relate to his face
Through the years you've been taught that Black is unsafe
Plus it's only natural for your own to be embraced
Conscious or subconscious you can't say that ain't the case
Only reason it took so long to take place
Was up until now your only choice was 3rd Bass
Or others like Ice, wasn't really that tight
Now you got some white dudes who can truly rock the mic
You relate to their stories cause you share that past
Question is, why would you listen to MURS' Black ***?
I asked myself for a while but now I finally get it
Good music transcends all physical limits
It's more than something that you hear, it's something that you feel
When the author and experience and passion is real
Used to feel I should be silent, I was scared to do this song
But I want everyone aware of what is going on
Yes it is jazz and yes it is the blues
And yes it is the exact same way they did rock
But I refuse to watch the same thing happen to hip-hop
I refuse to watch that bullshit...

.is for...>

The Animal

length: 3:06
performer: Joe Scudda and Phonte
recording engineer: Khrysis
I heard your style and I beat you *****
Your whole album I sleep through *****
'cause 'Te's an avalanche so call an ambulance
And tell 'em to pick up ya people *****
Don't call Pharocon to squash it
Better yet call the sheriff
And the coroner's office
Tell 'em there's a dead body
In the corner of Lawson
And Alston, I would proceed with caution
These **********a's really think the 'Te done lost it
He sold a couple records now they think he flossin'
But I ain't stopped battling, I just stopped rattling
Off rhymes for free 'cuz y'all were making me nauseous
Understand ****a I'm gon win regardless
I still got the hunger pains from my apartment
When me and 9th were both splittin' cans of StarKist
Arguing about who LP was the hardest
And a hand full of CD's ready to burn
Some real hip hop for your listening nerves
A year later hooked up with a ***** named Murs
Now everybody play our records for they women and churn
Jay-Lee got the Eastcoast getting the loot
Living Legends on the Westcoast, ready to shoot
Get ourselves while they call up the troops
Phonte Taylor made for the game y'all just following suits

Hey yo the animals, ready for war, destined for combat
Play the CD or tape and then rewind that
You want beef ************ never mind that
(And if he owe me money, ***** ***** better find that)
We animals, ready for war, destined for combat
Play the CD or tape and then rewind that
So let me know where ya mind at? (what!)

Murs 3:16 meets Foreign Exchange
Keep ya ear to the speaker, quit ignoring the names
Welcome to the next level, top floor in the game
Felize done hooked up with a clubbed-out ***** so
Skip the sidekick, I'm a nextel *****
If I hit ya on the chirp, with a verse you better roger that
Picture word-perfect from the land where the Dodgers at
Trying to get some money with some ***** on the side of that
Never have to ask where my killas or my riders at
But when fake gangstas try to find where them dollars at
Go to any city where there's pretty ma's to holla at
The illest in your state, one on the tour-date
And more-great, than your grandfather's father
'Te I know it gotta hurt a man they stand by the slaughter
Oughta be locked away when I rock this way
Get rocked on the airwaves but not for play
If my heart should stop and I drop today
I went against all odds and I got my way

Hey yo the animals, ready for war, destined for combat
Play the CD or tape and then rewind that
You want beef ************ never mind that
(And if he owe me money, ***** ***** better find that)
We animals, ready for war, destined for combat
Play the CD or tape and then rewind that
So let me know where ya mind at? (what!)