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Neil Young + Promise of the Real


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Already Great
    length: 5:47
    producer: John Hanlon and Neil Young
    membranophone: Anthony LoGerfo
    piano: Micah Nelson
    lead vocals: Neil Young
    mixer: John Hanlon
    engineer: Dana Nielsen and Bil Lane
    recording engineer: Dana Nielsen
    background vocals: Lukas Nelson, Micah Nelson and Corey McCormick
    guitar: Micah Nelson, Lukas Nelson and Neil Young
    percussion: Tato Melgar
    bass guitar: Corey McCormick
    creative direction: Elliot Roberts, Lookout Management and Frank Gironda
    assistant engineer: Rob Bisel and Johnnie Burik
    artist & repertoire support: Lookout Management, Bonnie Levetin and Tim Bruegger
    composer: Neil Young
    lyricist: Neil Young