Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed Album

Artist(s): Nice & Smooth

Cover Art

Nice & Smooth Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed Cover Art



length: 3:34
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

This is the way we harmonize (4x)
Smooth be , can you harmonize?
(Yes) I can harmonize
Greg Nice, can you harmonize?
(Yes) I can harmonize (2x)

[ Greg Nice ]
Ladies call me Candyman
Flowin through the hour glass just like sand
Like the piano I am grand
Rush the stage, don't need no stand
Just my fans wavin their hands
Put it in stereo, put it in pan
Grand vernacular, spectacular
(Yo gee, he bit yo **** like Dracula)
Puff, the Magic Dragon
I'm not braggin, lollygaggin
Got much clout, drink Guinness Stout
(Yo gee, here's the pipe) (Count me out)
No way José
You like my style plus my clichee
Troop along, a share of ricochet
erratic, got a bad habit
See that redbone? I already stabbed it
Hold that blunt too long, I'm gonna grab it

[ Smooth be ]
Go within, feel your heartbeat, then
Let your soul and mind blend, grin
Now you're at peace with yourself
And that's more than material wealth
Cause everytime I put my mind on God
Things really don't seem so hard
And I can be the man I really want to be
(Smooth) and that's more than an MC
Everytime I rock a mic
It's like ology-psych
And I just want to press on like Lee
And make a movie like Spike
But I proceed to give you what you need
Indeed, my rhymes take heed
Mystical, magical, metaphysical topics
And no one can stop this

This is the way we harmonize
[ Pure Blend ]
Nice & Smooth and Pure Blend are back again
(You know we're back again)

Cake & Eat It Too

length: 3:49
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B
Intro/Chorus: Greg Nice

You can't have your cake and eat it too, girl
Cause I guess that two loves just won't do, girl
You say you want a love that's new, girl
Between me and him you've got to choose, girl

Verse One: Greg Nice

I've spent most my life, searchin for yours true
And when we first met I thought that girl was you
You really captured me, right there from the start
But how was I to know that today you'd break my heart?


Verse Two: Smooth Bee

I bought you Fendi, Louis', diamond rings
Mink jackets all the fly material things
Thought you were mine, from the heaven above
But I see another knucklehead sharin my love
I thought you were the lock and I, had the key
My personal jewel, my life's entity
But I see, you're now for Greg N-I-C-E
E, E, E, and


Verse Three: Smooth Bee

Say you want freedom and respect
Never tied you down, no need to check
But you called me up, wishin to explain
How your man has a car no need for a train
Then you see me with my brand new girl
Eyes like emeralds, teeth like pearls
Put a frown on your face and you act all rash
Wanna pull her hair and face you wanna bash {echoes}


Down the Line

length: 4:18
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B
f/ Preacher Earl, Melo T, Bass Blaster, Asu, Guru

[ Greg Nice ]
Check it out, check it out
I got my whole crew in the house
and we gon' turn this house into a home
straight up and down
I got my man Melo T in the house
I got my man Preacher Earl in the house
I got my man Asu in the house
I got my man Gang Starr in the house
and to my brother Smooth B is in the house
and I'm Greg N-i-c-e, I'm in the house
So peep it

[ VERSE 1: Greg Nice ]
I got a shitload of story tales in my sack
Please come in, hang your coat on the rag
While you at it, make my coffee black
So I can get the monkey from off my back
15 cents minus 5 is a dime
Sexy young ladies, let's intertwine
Greg N-i-c-e ran it down the line-line

[ VERSE 2: Preacher Earl ]
I'm the P-r-e-a-c-h-e-r, uh
Preacher Earl and I'm considered a superstar
Pick up the microphone and I proceed to rock 'n roll
By the time I sweat I'm out of control
I'm like a locomotive goin express
My lyrics written in spraypaint on the wall (ssss...) def
I'm from Uptown, I'm a gangster from the projects
Either or, take it all, get much respect
Destined for fame when I'm goin for mine
This, this is how I run it down the line

[ VERSE 3: Melo T ]
Hey yo, beats, styles, mics I be flashin
If you step up step in a orderly fashion
See, I collect the dough for the show and then I'm dashin
House parties I'm crashin, pool parties I'm splashin
Eatin candy yams, drinkin Baby Sham, breakin down ( ? )
Got the masterplan, glance at the Melo stance
Arms are crisscrossed, posture rasta
When I wanna go to the mall, I need a helicopter
Rrrrring - I think that's my time
Yo, (this is how we run it down the line)

[ VERSE 4: Bass Blaster ]
The biggeda-Bass Blaster with a tongue-twistin rhyme
(This is how we run it down the line)
Yo, literally, literary literature
Six slippery Seals slippin silently ashore
Sally sold seashells down by the seashore
Sold two shells but couldn't see to sell no more
Beautiful babblin brooks bubba between blossom and banks
Brothers above the Brooks take a punch off the plank
A big black bug bit a big black bear, bit him on the rear
The bear was big but the bug didn't care, he had no fear
How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Yo, I don't know, all I know is I say it good
Asu, you got the funky, funky rhymes
Yo my brother, run it down the line

[ VERSE 5: Asu ]
Yo, rhymes is rippin and the mic is passed to me
It was too young so they got me for statuatory
Don't take me for granted, punk, yeah, and think I'm worthless
Fuck movin mountains I move planets and you'll be earthless
You don't wanna battle Asu, all I leave is fossils
Lethal Weapons Die Harder cause the Mission's Impossible
And my rhymes is riper, I'm ready to come crisper
Old jacks know that so they go back and whisper
Takin surveys, gettin nervous, I'm just too worthy
They can't stand me and say, "He can't be from Jersey"

[ VERSE 6: Guru ]
Mad, mad response I'm catchin just as soon as I step into the place
That's why a smile's on my face
I got styles that you trace with haste but I'm too deep
Lots of the ladies I meet, I must be sweet
So I say hold up and wait up and then listen here
My rhymes come crisp and clear, but beware
My format is all that, my concept's refined
The Gang to the S-t-a-double r shines
Chumps be losin it, abusin it, not gainin
So there my gain is they vanish while I'm remainin
And twice as Nice with a Smooth groove I end my rhyme
And yo (this is how we run it down the line)

[ VERSE 7: Smooth B ]
Yeah, lyrical, financial and spiritual
A dream of touchin my style would take a miracle
You didn't know how deadly was my flow as I grow
And bumrush and crush any foe
But I prefer to have a good time when I rhyme
But lately I have had to refine and be sublime
Cause sometimes some people don't understand
That I'm a man with ambitious plans and I stand to live grand
And they fight with all their money invested to hold me back
But now I'm featuring the mack pack
Smooth B, you know I'm feelin fine
(This is how we run it down the line)

[ Greg Nice ]
As I go on
the Bass Blaster's in the house
to my man [name] in the house
to my man [name] in the house
to my man Slick Nick
to my man Vance Wright in the house
and Premier, you'se a mutha

Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

length: 2:51
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B
lyricist: Nice & Smooth
Where is he now? The guy who used to put the cape on James Brown

Intro/Chorus: Greg Nice

Do what cha got ta do do whatcha gotta (3X)
International do the Lambada

Verse One: Greg Nice

Yes I'm the man with the mic in my hand
Give me elbow room it's time to expand
Styles that I be kickin is grand
Can't catch me with a radar scan
Now what's a rock what's a pebble what's a stone?
What's a bitin MC, that's a clone
I'm Big Willie on my cellular phone
All I wanna do is make the fly girls moan, hey!!
I bring drama like Prince
I been rippin microphones (how long?) ever since
Rubber boots and Lee suits
Three Card Molly and prostitutes
Get down, uhh! I stain like ink
Comin to your rescue just like Link
Tuesday night on my way to the rink
Bag me a dime piece dressed in pink

Chorus 2X

Verse Two: Smooth B

Now don't get uptight, I'm travelling at the speed of light
And everything's gonna be alright
Smooth B, sort of like an action figure
Uptown Boogie Down Bronx rap nigga
Doin what I gotta
Gonna make the Planet Rock like Afrika Bambaata
Peace to Red Alert
Aiyyo, back up from the ropes, so no one gets hurt
It's the MC with the golden charm
Dustin rappers off with the golden arm
This style deals with the mic in my palm
I never leave my crib without readin the psalms
I gotta read my scriptures for they keep me refined
I gotta keep my nine for the deaf dumb and blind
Rewind selector, lead by supreme protector
keepin the tax collector
off my back, and I could never afford to have wack, styles
of rap, check my almanac
("I did it like this, I did it like that")

Chorus 5X


length: 4:46
producer: “Little” Louie Vega
co-producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

Sex, Sex, Sex

length: 3:41
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B


length: 1:07
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

How to Flow

length: 4:26
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

I'm Greg Nice
And I am MC Smooth B
Together we are Nice & Smooth with Pure Blend harmony
And just in case you've wondered where we roamed
We'll say that we're sorry for keeping you waiting so long
[VERSE 1: Greg Nice]
Now countries at war, little kids cry rape
Some are lyin, dyin, cryin, pullin on my cape
Massive meltdown, bring the red tape
Back up victims who caught the vapes
New lp, time to make papes
Get the album, the single, cd and tapes
Stylin, profilin, smilin, buck wildin
As the dough keeps on pilin
Somebody's knockin at my do'
(Who is it?) Somebody's ringin my bell
(Should I let em in?) Oh, what the hell
Flippin my wig like I never did before
Got my rhymes than the mighty Thor
Peace, arrivederci, I'm out the door
Yeah, yeah
Make it rain, mutha
[VERSE 2: Smooth B]
I'm Smooth B, I'm at the top of the pile
Rap and sing, cause I'm versatile
Give me an inch, damn right, I'll take a mile
Cause I keep funky fresh routines on file
There's a lot of MC's out there that show and don't prove
Runnin round town, talkin bout they're smooth
They're smooth operators, Smooth imitators
But only one Smooth B, the smooth originator
Smooth connaisseur, there's no one truer
Select a rhyme, and you'll find that few are
Able to match my professional blend
With Greg Nice by my side I continue to ascend
Movin on up through the lyrical light
I'm like the Alpha Omega, my rhymes will excite
Bust what I'm sayin, cause I'll always exist
And the girl that I select will be an emperess
[VERSE 3: Greg Nice]
Now I scooped this high heel, sweet as a shroodle
Found out she liked to eat noodles
For her birthday I bought her a french poodle
Now - get down, get down
It's a Friday night, let's paint the town
Tim Snake on the funky drum sound
Can I tic-toc, ah-ha, toc-tic?
No other than my man Slick Nick is on the mix
25 lashes, 35 licks
As I pose in a mackadocious stand
Maybe one day I might have a band
It ain't gonna rain no more no more
It ain't gonna rain no more
Comin this summer, catch us out on tour
I wanna see you (girl next door)
I got more rhymes in store
Watch my hand as I slam the door
[VERSE 4: Smooth B]
Smooth B, I'm like a lotus flower, with great power
And all invadin perpetrators I must devour
Excelling to a level in time, not like a vagabond
Not like a rattling snake, I'm not from Babylon
Much like a prince on a throne, within a state of my own
I'm not a kid, I'm grown
Righteously leading a path, my wisdom's shown
Phone calls I'll accept, Smooth, I keep a positive rep
Call me the Tap Dance Man, I never stutter or step
And wrong doing's my mission, it's just influencing you
To benefit, cause I'm legit - and I can't quit
Conversed with prophets on how we must receive our blessings
Studying hard every night, I have reviewed my lessons
And now I'm ready and strong, I'm movin right, not wrong
I'm battling back and forth, like a game of ping-pong
Prevailing victoriously, I must continue to strive
Focussing on destinies to keep my spirit alive

Hip Hop Junkies

length: 3:30
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

[Greg Nice]
I gotta funky funky rhyme with a funky style
I gotta funky funky rhyme with a funky funky style
I gotta funky rhyme... wit a funky funky style
I gotta funky rhyme... wit a funky funky style
Pete's rickety rocket was my favorite cartoon
After marriage the honeymoon
I'll be damn gag me with a spoon
Who loves Popeye, Alice the goon
Ladies let your body flow
Send a chill up your spine like an eskimo
Here's a backstage pass to a funky show
Come give me a kiss under the missle toe
Greg Nice, my lifes like a fairy tale
Orca, was a great big whale
I knew a fat girl who broke the scale
You won't tell, I won't tell
Clientele I must excel
Took a little test, I passed then failed
Breaks... HUH, no need to hit'em
Skins, ya got 'em - I wanna get wit 'em!
Nice & Smooth is funky
Also hip-hop junkies
All we wanna do...
Is Unh Unh and you...
Nice & Smooth is funky
Also hip-hop junkies
All we wanna do...
Is Unh Unh, oh yeah
[Smooth B]
Yo, I gotta funky funky rhyme wit a funky funky style
Funky rhyme wit a funky funky style
Funky funky rhyme wit a funky funky style
I gotta funky rhyme wit a funky funky style
Got outta my about eight
And then I called Greg Nice cause it wasn't too late
To get some skins and come around the block
Cause man, my tip is harder than a rock
He said bet, so I let
Greg Nice call this girl named Annazette
Annazette, the teacher's pet
You sure shes gonna come on this set
He said Smooth B don't you fret
My twive is on his way yo, quite as kept
The tall slim, fly kid with dope steps
Yep, coming with a box of hats
Yo Greg Nice is that girl all that
He said Smooth B the skins is fat
I don't beg cause cause I'm not at begonia
I dress warm so that I won't catch pneumonia
My rhymes are stronger than ammonia
I'm a diamond, you're a cubic zirconia [repeats & fades away]
[Chorus x5]
Nice & Smooth is funky
Also hip-hop junkies
All we wanna do...
Is Unh Unh and you...

One, Two and One More Makes Three

length: 3:25
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

Pump It Up

length: 2:44
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B

Step by Step

length: 3:20
producer: Greg Nice and Smooth B