Nice & Smooth Album

Artist(s): Nice & Smooth

Cover Art

Nice & Smooth Nice & Smooth Cover Art


Early to Rise

length: 2:37

[Smooth Bee] Aiyyo Greg Nice, what time is it?

[G.N.] Early to rise
[S.B.] We gotta get paid
[G.N.] Early to bed
[S.B.] Yo, yo, we gotta get laid
[G.N.] I think it's time for us
[both] to make fresh rhymes out of our heads

[Greg Nice]
Early mornin, break of dawn'n
at the hotel, we be yawnin
Take off your clothes, take off mine
Sun is shinin I'm feelin fine
Stop it booty I don't wanna do the do
but I want the breakfast menu
C'mon, give me a big B-B.L.T.
C'mon, give me a glass of vitamin C
Toast with butter, not a cover
If you burn it I'll want a-nother
Because I'm choosy and I'm small
I'm like Cinderella at the ball
I throw my hands, up in the air
I got the juice you never com-pare
Ladies shake your derriere
Homeboy, this ain't a fashion fair
Who's that booty over there?
Whattup baby, what's your name?
You oughta be in pictures, you know what I'm sayin?

[G.N.] Early to rise
[S.B.] Yo, we gotta get paid
[G.N.] C'mon early to bed
[S.B.] We gotta get laid
[G.N.] I think it's time for us
[both] to make fresh rhymes out of our heads

[Smooth Bee]
Rap czar, superstar
No limitation in my life and I'm known to go far
Live in the Bronx upon a street called Marion
Girls on the block call me a black Blake Carrington
Handsome as hell, I dress real swell
By the tone of my voice maybe you can tell that I
shampoo with Prell and live life well
When I pass you on the street it's lack of failure smell
I'm gonna let you know that I'm divine competition
When I give a show don't front just pay admission
to see, the greatest rapper that will ever perform
cause this is, a rap attack not a quiet storm
Went downtown to meet my girl
Light brown dimples and natural curls
Got to her school, what did I see?
Some onionhead brother tryin to talk to my G
I said, "I beg your pardon, no need for alarm
but I am the man with finesse and charm"
A man of good nature no quiver or qualm
Didn't wanna have to do the boy no bodily harm
Told him Silvie is the girl that I came to pick up
and if he kept talkin to her he'd be pressin his luck
He said, "I'm sorry Smooth Bee, I didn't recognize
Didn't recollect nor did I realize
that she was your girl, but it's no surprise
cause when it comes to cutiepies you win first prize"
So I thanked for the compliment then stepped off
Grabbed my girl, and jumped in my ride and broke North
Took her uptown so we could make love
Cause while she's in school I'm all she thinks of
Smooth Bee, the only MC
that's guaranteed to be free cause I posess the key, c'mon

[G.N.] Early to rise
[S.B.] We gotta get paid
[G.N.] C'mon early to bed
[S.B.] Yo, yo, we gotta get laid
[G.N.] I think it's time for us
[both] to make fresh rhymes out of our heads

Something I Can't Explain

length: 6:07
[girls singing]
Some-thing, I can't, ex-plain (*repeat 7X*)

[Smooth Bee]
I think I love her
but the Lord only knows if she's the one for me
My true Queen
I can't ask for more physical attraction
Baby girl is real hype
She says she wants to bear my child
Is it because I make hit records
or cause I'm a good lover?
I don't know, I guess I'm a little petrol
Together we do things that I've never done with anyone else
like eat ice cream together, sharing Chinese food
and of course entering each other, endlessly
You see, when I make love to my woman
I like to tear down walls and build new ones
I take her through multiple ecstasy
and this girlie insists that she's my match
My new love level
But I just can't front anymore
I can't feel it
So therefore I must carry on
Just take me to Love Court
cause Smooth Bee's not settling down
Call me a tramp, jiggalo, ho, et cetera
but my jimmy's not for sale
More than one woman's my motto
I'll never be caught stranded with a flat tire and no spare, word
Yeah right
In four more months, you'll be having our child
That's if you intend to have our child
And since we both made this commitment
which brings forth fruit through light
be like a strong tree, with strong roots
And like a strong limb, I'll never fall off
unless the sustainer of all living things, allows it
And I want you to remember baby, that I do love you
I really do

[girls singing]
Some-thing, I can't, ex-plain (*repeat 5X*)

[Greg Nice]
I'm sorry baby, I'm so so sorry
I didn't mean to bruise your delicate flower-like emotions
Listen - I was on some hardcore illusion of what love really is
You know I used to put up a phony forcefield shield
and the whole nine yards
Keep my true feelings, locked deep inside a box
But when your love was so strong, so potent
it was too much for my heart at last
Guess I was somewhat immature, but I've grown up now
Baby you gotta take me back, I'm on the verge of self destruction
I never had a love like yours before
Remember our walks through the park, our cozy dinners for two?
Our exhange of love juices? MMM-mmm!
Baby, don't throw 'em all away
The only reason I broke like I did, is because
I love - I mean, I couldn't react any other way
Just think - another man, sleepin in my bed
with the one I love? Please, tch
I'm just too nice for that
Please baby, take some time, think about us, you and I, me and you
I'm sure you'll realize that I'm the one for you
I guess I'll say peace now, and remember baby
please remember, I'll always, and always, always, love you
See you!

[girls singing]
Some-thing, I can't, ex-plain (*repeat 3X*)

[D.J. Teddy Ted]
Baby, you don't love me anymore
I'm not sure you really did before
You see I couldn't see through your phony charms
Nothin really mattered when I took you in my arms
You see I found you so fascinatin
Oh baby so fascinatin
You see I thought you were the one for me
Found out you were nothin but a fantasy
You know, you left me standing lonely
Girl, you left me standing to cry
But yet you weren't woman enough to say goodbye
But there is, there is one thing I must thank you for
You taught me a lesson in life I'll never make the same mistake anymore

Perfect Harmony

length: 3:01
[all singing off key]
We'd like to teach the world to sing
in perfect harmony

What's your name?
I'm Teddy Ted
My name is Greg Nice
and I'm MC Smooth Bee

[Greg Nice]
Humor! I'll make you laugh
Go take a bath you don't know the half
Yeah my structure, is like a skyscraper
Greg, Nice not a comic book caper
Like Bruce Wayne or even Dick Grayson
I'm not Freddie and I'm not Jason
I hate base and, chasin clouds of illusion
Mass confusion, which drug are you usin?
Greg, N-I-C-E
Freelance style, mother's last child
I'm buckwild don't make me pull your file
Used to wear a frown now you wear a smile
Teddy Ted is the jewel of the Nile
The original ooh child, versatile
Eagles wanna fly, rappers made to ramble
My name is Greg Nice I used to scramble
Met this dip who changed my world around
At night she wore diamonds and pearls, and I say
what a way to agree, she walked up to me and said umm
"Oh no, it can't be!
The incredible sounds of Greg N-I-C-E"
I said yes, Nice Greg, Greg N-I-C-E
Come to my cabin baby doll and see
Thirty minutes we can go around the galaxy
She, bought it for sure when I walked through the door
Turned around I saw her bloomers on the floor
I said umm, golly gee I know this can't be
Then I thought BA-BOW did it all for me
So we got busy and her name was Missy
I gave her permission to be my main squeeze
Never felt lips like these, I'm telling you!
She blessed me well, made me perspire
Missy, my number one heart's desire

[Smooth Bee]
Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes
I just write rhymes, as I incline I design
Denyin me is like frontin on Jesus
And it's a sin to begin, knowing you'll never win
You wanna be my friend? Blend
I can't extend, neither pretend
to be better than the next man, that only comes in when
others try to apprehend fake styles and then smile
while I create rhymes by the miles
No hot towels, nor weak bowels
What's with the why's anw who's, you're not an owl
I'm watching you, mm-hmm, ready to close in
And like a thief in the night, nobody knows
when I'll strike and flex and vex, against your literature
I don't bite but I write while you snore
I have to rupture your senses while you pay consequences
Smooth Bee not he now battle commences
I'm VICKING YOU! Of all your knowledge and all of your lessons
Of all your strifes through life and all your BLESSINGS
Terminating you! Subtracting cells from your brain
Can you refrain? Let me explain
Nice & Smooth came to leave a stain
Nice & Smooth came to leave a stain

We Are No. 1

length: 3:36
[Smooth bee]
Mmm-hmm, that's right {"I-I can dig it, I can dig it!"
Aww yeah, I can dig it too
Hey yo man, I wanna talk about our day Greg Nice, word
(Nice & Smooth) Check it out

Yo, I went downtown today (I went downtown today..)
I saw this girl named Fay (Saw this girl named Fay..)
She said, "Hey Smooth Bee, where you goin to?"
Yo, I said I'm goin to meet Greg Nice (Goin to meet Greg Nice..)
The time is quite precise (Time is quite precise..)
And then she grabbed my hand, and said, "I'm with you!"
Huh-huh, yeah, huh
So we met the Greg N-I-C-E (Nice & Smooth)
Fay had a girlfriend named Nicey
We took 'em to the hotel one by one
and we had big fun, uh-huh {"I can dig it!" (Nice & Smooth)
We met with Greg N-I-C-E
And Fay had a girlfriend named Nicey
Shot 'em to the crib, one by one
and then we had big fun, ho, ho

(Weeee are number one...) Uh-huh, I'm tryin to tell you
(Weeee are number one...) Yeahhh, whatchu gonna tell 'em Greg Nice?
(Weeee are number one...) Whatchu gonna tell 'em?
Tell baby what time it is, what time is it?
(Weeee are number one...) What time is it? Uhh

[Greg Nice]
Hey yo, you don't have to stay, hey yo hey yo (you don't have to stay)
Turn and walk away (turn and walk away)
I'll find another little honeydip, ah to fill your shoes
Now-now, now, now-now {"I-I can dig it, I can dig it!"
I bought you everything (bought you everything)
from furs to diamond rings (furs to diamond rings)
But you have to go, and act like a fool
It's a Friday afternoon
Hey yo the sun seems like the moon (Nice & Smooth)
One minute you're hot, ah then the next you're cool
Ah-now-now, na-now-now, now
Now you don't have to stay (Nice & Smooth)
C'mon turn and walk away
I'll find another little honeydip, to fill your shoes
Now-now, n-now-now-now {"I can-I-I-I-I-I can dig it!"
Man I bought you everything hey yo
From furs, to diamond rings (Nice & Smooth)
But you had to go, and act like a fool

(Weeee are number one...) Nice & Smooth
(Weeee are number one...) Nice & Smooth
(Weeee are number one...) Nice & Smooth
(Weeee are number one...) {"I can-I-I-I-I-I can dig it!"

Hey yo, that's right, we in the house cold coolin (uh-huh)
I wanna give a crazy crazy dumb retarded shout out (Nice & Smooth)
to my man engineerin the boom, doin things to the doom
D-Square (yeah yeah)
And to my man Smooth Bee {"I can dig it!"
And to the girlie girl Early {"I can dig it!"
Taron in the house {"I can dig it!"
Uh-huh, and my man Joey Ghost (Nice & Smooth)
Gettin paper, to my DJ
The original ooh child, Teddy Ted
Special K, sidekick aww yeah (Nice & Smooth)
Slick Nick and Cool Chris

(Weeee are number one...)

[Smooth Bee]
Ahh yeah to my man Tim from Uptown in TDP
To the posse, the fam y'all know how we doin
Knahmsayin? Shake and Blue in the house
Aiyyo check this out {"I can dig it!"
{"I can dig it!"
(Nice & Smooth) {"I can dig it!"
(Nice & Smooth) {"I can dig it!"
(Nice & Smooth) {"I can dig it!"
(Nice & Smooth) {"I can dig it!"
(Nice & Smooth) {"I can dig it!"..

No Delayin'

length: 3:39
Ah yeah..
I'm with this..
Ahhh yeah..
I'm with this..

Hey yo, kickin wicked rhymes like a fortune teller
Had a dog by the name of Old Yeller
Old, Yeller, had a fiendish plot
Schemed and dreamed, for me to make a knot
Ever since then booties clock me like Big Ben
As I go on and kick more
Got more songs than a record store
Some is sniffin and some is buffin
Some is riffin some ain't sayin nothin
But my pockets I am stuffin
Huffin puffin blow the house down
Nice and Smooth is in your town
I own a sailboat, and this I quote
Collect federal notes, from songs I wrote
Not the Shah of Iran and I'm not the Pope
But my name is on the Walk of Fame like Bob Hope
Baby doll, bust the sketch, don't forget
That I'm a trooper and you're troopette
I'm Mr. Smurf and you're Smurfette
I, take you, to the hotel
You, take me, to the motel
Like a rocketship I will excel
When you do a crime you go to jail
Pay the bail then hop the bail
Bounty hunter is on yo' tail
Mission to bring you back to jail
Pump a little weight so I'm not frail
Baby doll, you know what I'm sayin?

"When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'"
"When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'"
"When I'm on the mic, there won't be no delayin'"

Smooth be, my rhymes express awareness
And I possess finesse and we share this
I'm at the top of the pile
My long rhymes span infinite miles
'Cause I'm buildin, a new rap level
Through bass and treble, I will abolish the devil
I must prevail
Smooth be, too fresh to be stale
I stay def beyond 2000
And my spirit will keep arousin
All new jack boys and girls
And I never had jheri curls
Smooth be rollin' right and exact
And givin no slack, I'm tellin you flat, that
I am an orator, dope rhyme conniseur
Never leavin you bored on the dancefloor
You want more, Smooth be's got enough for 4 scores
Chewin MC's like Reese's Pieces
And treatin other MC's like feces
They walk around with no direction
They get mad over our complexion
They didn't pass inspection
Nice and Smooth is your resurrection
I'm like an Audi with fuel injection
Don't wear glasses, got good perception
Used to rock at the T-Connection
And Teddy Ted got the scratch in section
You know what I'm sayin?

Funky for You

length: 3:59
writer: George Clinton, Garry Shider, Bernie Worrell, Greg Nice, Smooth B

(Ladies and gentlemen)
Let's make it funky
[VERSE 1: Greg Nice]
Hey yo
Dizzy Gillespie plays a sax
Me, myself, I love to max
Redbone booties I'm out to wax
Stick up kids is out to tax
Spring again, and I'm feelin fine
Pass me an ice-cold glass of wine
So I can get mellow
Lay back, and let my girl play the cello
I hate Jell-O
Let me be me, relax in my tipi
Watch a hardy boy mystery
Greg N-i-c-e
I'm nitro
And I'm hype, so
Don't ever believe
That you can deceive me
See many visions of love and splendor
I'm the real thing, not like a pretender
I rock rhymes over beats on the real tip
Stay real strong and hang on like a vise grip
Use my mind to control all my body parts
Got an early start, plus I'm very smart
Type of man that the girls wanna read about
Indeed I proceed to rock the house without a doubt
Steppin up next, no further ado
Smooth B is gonna make it real funky for you
[CHORUS: Pure Blend]
I'm gonna make it real funky for you
[VERSE 2: Smooth B]
Smooth B, notorious, glorious
Knowledge is infinite, I live in a fortress
I'm so astronomical, yet on a physical plane
My body's just a shell, in control is my brain
I strain to gain spirituality
So I can finally be in unity
Harmony with the all eye-seeing
Supreme being
Knower of histories and mysteries
I'm mystic, also stylistic
Not materialistic, simplistic
Humble while others tumble, stumble
Smooth B, not Bumble
Rumble, no, that's not likely
That's in my old 'school daze' like Spike Lee
Smooth B, my rhymes get better with time
I should get an endorsement for creating fresh lines
And as I grow older, lyrics get hyper
Cause I'm a dominant black pied piper
Spreadin peace and love throughout my travels
And take time to read and unravel
Day to day problems, and then solve
Them, I can see clearly now as I revolve
Around suckers
Who perpetrate heroes
But I'm no sandwich
More like a manwich
Or maybe like a meal
Which is much more real
Than Clark Kent or the Man of Steel
Teddy Tedd, a hip-hop ambassador
Keepin you on the floor, givin you more and more
His cuts exquisite, what is it? A blizzard
The musical wizard you should come visit
The man in the back, without further ado
Teddy Tedd is gonna make it real funky for you
I'm gonna make it real funky for you
Let's make it funky
Greg Nice makes it funky
Smooth B makes it funky
Teddy Tedd makes it funky
Special K makes it funky
DJ Doc makes it funky
And the Blend made it funky

Skill Trade

length: 4:54
[Chorus: Greg Nice]
Together we're coolin, the mic we're rulin
Suckers we're schoolin, you better stop booin
Skill trade (we know what we doin)

[Greg Nice]
My name is Greg Nice I like to swing
Went to Canal Street I bought the dookie rings
After that, I bought a fur
Then I went to see the lady for a manicure
Cut my nails down low and my rings was glowin
Around my neck the dookie ropes was showin
Went outside, to the BM ride
With the VVS rims on all fo' sides
I was, butter soft had on fresh gear
Kickin it live to the girl in the air
Baby doll, when can we hang?
You got my number, give me a rang
Called me up yo, late one night
Let's get busy cause the time was right
You know what she wanted, she wanted to do (What? What?)
Yo she wanted to date (what?) she wanted to OOH!
Took her to the movies, I took her to dinner
Told her I'm a vet, I ain't no beginner
Grabbed her hand and said, "Let's catch a cab
baby don't worry I'll pay the tab"
Dug in my pockets, for the gusto
Big bills, had nothin low

[Greg Nice]

[Smooth Bee]
The S to the M double-O T-H'er
B-E-E no time to waste
Ah right about now I'm gonna reminisce
of how a fly MC became a rap-ologist
Around the time when Chubby Checker, invented "The Twist"
I used to play spin the bottle, run catch and kiss
Smooth Bee's my name, that's what I said
I got a blue Mercedes, a big brass bed
I live on a hill overlookin a view
and I came here tonight just to rock for you
So let's a rock y'all, and get dowwwn
Let's take a trip on a funky merry-go-round
You see, round and around and around we go
And when the funky beat stops everybody will know
Cause there's a time and a place where we'll all have fun
and Smooth Bee will be your number one
Master of Ceremonies and you must admit
that I was, born and raised to make top hits
So vicious, malicious, and very discrete
I have mystical powers I perform any fete
I'm gonna be ranked at the top of my field
I'm gonna see my name in the Rappers Guild
with all the other rappers, who wanna be known
I'll be boastin with a gold-tone microphone
Cause I'm death-defyin, never caught lyin
Not a female's love I'm ever caught buyin
Get so much sex that I might explode
and on a sperm count scale I'm an overload


[Greg Nice]
Yo, I'm a trooper, and I do loopers
I do stunts and I smoke blunts
Forty ounce of private stizzinock
Standin on the corner, holdin my jizzinock
Watching all the GIRLS, PASS
Boy she got a BIG (oooh oooh)
Hey, baby, whatcha eatin?
Looks to me, like you be beefin
Sneakin by I saw you peepin
Did you think Greg Nice was sleepin?
I'm not rich like Donald Trump
And I don't have no big fat lump
Slouch, only on the couch
And if you fight me girl I will say ouch
(Ahhhhh yeah!)


[Smooth Bee]
Smooth Bee guaranteed to make a mic sing
I'm Smooth Bee I'm guaranteed, to give you what you need
Not a sip not a swallow but the whole damn bottle
Got a lot of juice but my girl cut me loose
for a sucker with cazals and plate named Bruce
Little did she know that I'm choice and not moist
Undisputed rapper with a golden voice
An entrepeneur, undercover love
Man of the world with my life to explore
Minks socks leather suits shirts made of velour
Smooth articulate entertainer MC
I'm rappin to a funky beat, my dialogue's unique
Every time she sees me she offers me a skeeze
She says, "Please Smooth Bee, please, please!
Let me ride in your blue Mercedes"
I taunt and tease as she drops to her knees
and I let her wipe my nose everytime that I sneeze..
.. we know what we doin!


[GN] A skill trade [SB] We know what we doin
[GN] A skill trade [SB] We know what we doin

Teddy Ted down with the skill trade
Slice and dice, he must get paid
Sip iced tea, and lay in the shade
You gaze be dazed as he will amaze!

{*Teddy Ted cuts'n'scratches*

More and More Hits

length: 4:02
Ah yeah
It's 1989 and this is Nice & Smooth
Getti to the part
But yo
I dedicate this jam
To the beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful ladies of the world
Oh yeah, definitely, definitely
City to city, keep em pretty
State to state
From Cali to New York
Back to Brazil to London
All that
All over

(I'm gonna give it to ya)
(I'm gonna give it to ya, give it to ya, give it to ya)

Nice & Smooth
We're here to soothe you
And make you move
And show and prove to you
We keep coming back with more and more hits

Nice & Smooth
We're here to soothe you
And make you move
And show and prove to you
We keep coming back with more and more hits

I met this girl at the French Riviera
She said, "Smooth B, won't you come nearer
And let me kiss your lips and give you a - treat?"
I said, "Baby, listen, I'm not dissing
But I'm not one who goes round kissing
Each and every woman I meet on the - street
I like a girl with some class
(Got a big, big, big)
Nice and smooth, not a girl that's too fast
Please, take my beeper number, and chill
I'm not ill, I like things at a cool-out pace
It's me and you, not a relay race
You see, I'm not greedy, slow down, speedy
Save those hand-downs for the needy
I respect you and won't neglect you
And try my damn best to protect you
Cause you're fly, girl, so don't play yourself
Splurging's bad for your health

Nice & Smooth
We're here to soothe you
And make you move
And show and prove to you
We keep coming back with more and more hits

Nice & Smooth
We're here to soothe you
And make you move
And show and prove to you
We keep coming back with more and more hits

Greg Nice, I met this dame
I like her style, she feels the same
Is she gaming, merely claiming
To be my girl, to change my world?
I don't like to be uptight
I don't wanna fuss, I don't wanna fight
She's obsessive, too possessive
I wish I knew this girl's objective
I met baby girl when I was on tour
Gave me more than what I bargained for
Makes me breakfast while in bed
She loves to keep her man well fed
Diplomatic, socialistic
Baby girl had strawberry lipstick
It tastes sweet, just like honey
Said to myself, "Yo, this dip's a dummy"
Tried to gas me for my money
Teddy Tedd, she looks like a Playboy Bunny!

Nice & Smooth
We're here to soothe you
And make you move
And show and prove to you
We keep coming back with more and more hits

Nice & Smooth
We're here to soothe you
And make you move
And show and prove to you
We keep coming back with more and more hits

Ooh Child

length: 2:40
{*scratch: "Kick it, for me, one, time"*
{"Ohhhhh, Teddy Ted!"

[Smooth Bee]
Teddy Ted, that's what I said
He and Special K are like Barney and Fred
(Greg Nice) Smooth Bee is MC's
We grow from roots to trees and then leaves
When he's strollin, high-rollin
All the girlies on the block he's controllin
He's Teddy Ted baby, livin care free
You don't scare him, so don't fear him
We're all equal, so be peaceful

{*Teddy Ted scratches over an "Ooooh child" refrain 10X*
{"Ooooh child" sample repeats 4X more

{"Ooooh child" sample repeats 4X
{"Ohhhhh, Teddy Ted!", {"You are an expert"

[Greg Nice]
Teddy Ted, a pimp with a gangster limp
Class he's flowin like sand through the hourglass
He does work, he loves to flirt
{"Ohhhhh..", {"You are an expert"

{*Teddy Ted scratches over an "Ooooh child" refrain 9X*
{"slice'n'dice", {"expert"
{"Ooooh child", {"expert"
{"slice'n'dice, he.. he.."
{"Ooooh child", {"he, he, he loves to fade"
{"sip iced tea, and lay in the shade"
{"Ooooh child", {"you gaze.." {"You are an expert"
{"You gaze.. you gaze.. you gaze.."
{"You gaze be dazed as he will amaze!"
{"Ooooh child"
{"Be home by eleven!" -> Richard Pryor

Hit Me

length: 2:59
[GN] Aiyyo
[SB] Ahh yeah
[GN] Straight up and down
[SB] Uh-huh
[GN] I want everybody to know
[SB] Yeah
[GN] This jam right here contains..
[SB] special effects
[GN] .. explicit lyrics
[SB] Uh-huh
[GN] Crazy wicked nasty dirty nasty, snotty lyrics
[SB] But you'll love it
[GN] But overall, with e'rythang
[GN] I dedicate this to the memory, of my main man June Luv
[SB] Ahh yeah
[GN] My brother there is no other
[SB] Ahh my brother
[GN] Rest in peace
[SB] Peace my brother, and to my man Tito
[GN] Rest in peace
[SB] Ahh yeah peace, you know that, here we go

[Chorus: Nice & Smooth]
[GN] Makin rhymes just ain't no thang
All I do is siiiiing
[SB] When they boo and when they diss
I grab my ding-a-liiiing

[Greg Nice]
Met the girl from down the hill
She said, "Umm whassup Jack?" Said, "Whassup Jill?"
We can get busy if you're on the pill
How you feel what's the deal girl I'm for real
Li-sten booty and listen good
I should I would if I only could
Jazzy Jill, you're a cutie
See yo' body I see your booty
Jack Lalanne ain't get you fruity
Spankin me up down, givin me a frown
Tryin my best must to act like a clown
Oooh, baby yo' skin is brown
Can we hang out and play the town?
Yo bust it, play the town
I took the booty to the flick on Rolla(?)
It was wack, a bullshit drama
Usher where's the balcony?
Damn my dick is hard baby
Hickies icky make me sick
Next thing you know she was suckin my
ding-ding-ding-ding-ding don't be so quick
Take it slow, get every lick
YEAHHH BABY! Way to go!
Shot it in her mouth, she wanted mo'
Breath is Scope'n, stop your hopin
She's all mine I got her chokin
Where's my gun, you think I'm jokin?
Motherfucker, all you got is a token
Jill, your moms get skied alone
Pops is drunk so he is gone
Brother's jerkin his dick in the bed
Sister got FORTY LICKS suckin the head
So I swung the ho, I did a stunt
I'm good to go, baby don't you front
Sat her on my lap, put my finger in her cunt
Sat her on my lap, sat her on my lap
Sat her on my lap and put my finger in her cunt
When I finished I smoked a blunt {*laughing*
Ahhhh, D-Square

{sample: "c'mon, hit me" - various uses, repeat to fade


length: 2:44
[Greg Nice]
G-O-L-D gold and I've been told
It's too hot to hold you can get it sold
In the summer heat in the winter cold
Fourteen karat gold won't mold, now
Bust the sketch that I'm about to tell
I saw a dookie rope downtown on sale
Was it Wall Street or was it Canal?
Anyway I'm steppin out in style
Yo fellas there's a treasure trunk (where?) Up in the attic
(You mean Johnson-ohnson-on?) No-no-no-no, twenty-four karat
(How we get it?) What you mean we? (Aiyyo man you changed)
But around my neck, I got the rope chain
It's Greg Nice and I'm gonna go far
I get my hair cut, at the Superstar
We're talkin bout G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D

[Smooth Bee]
G-O-L-D gold I'm twenty-two years old
And uhh, I never fold, I'm livin my role
as a diplomat, and my pockets are fat
My rings are eighteen karat skeezer, and it's like that
Went to the jeweler, had a fifty G budget
Bought a turkish rope, a medallion made of nuggets
You can look, you can touch it, but don't smudge it
Milky, milky, I'm so silky
I met this cutie and her name was Judy
Judy was top choice, had golden brown eyes
Def lips, and fly thighs
Jet black hair, her complexion clear
And her derriere, had savoire-faire
Big gold teeth in her mouth
Mmmmmmmm - Judy was from down South
She had a warm heart, that could get real cold
Judy was all about, G-O-L-D gold

[Teddy Ted]
Now, Teddy Ted, and I must prevail
I buy my gold by the pennyweight scale
On Thursday I got a check in the mail
I bought a solid gold 500 S-E-L
I tour the world, my fortune untold
On the wheels of steel, sportin dookie gold

[Nice & Smooth]
We're talkin bout G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D G-O-L-D

[Greg Nice]
We like real gold, patent seal gold
(Not like some gold) which is slum gold
G-O-L-D gold, and I've been told
It's too hot to hold, you can get it sold
June Luv, was rockin the stupid gold
Scott LaRock, was rockin the stupid gold
Red Alert, rocks, stupid gold
Chuck Chillout, rocks, stupid gold
And Marl, rocks, stupid gold
Special K, rocks, stupid gold
Schoolly School, rocks, stupid gold
Hackensack, rocks, stupid gold
(??), rocks, stupid gold
Boogie Down Bronx, rocks, stupid gold
Jungle Brothers, rocks, stupid gold
Ultramagnetic, rocks.. {"feels so good"
{"You'd better think!"

Dope Not Hype

length: 3:58

Nice and Smooth

length: 4:08

Dope on a Rope

length: 3:25
[Nice & Smooth]
Look, stare, you can scope
Because Nice & Smooth is like dope on a rope
Yo, Nice & Smooth is like dope on a rope

[Greg Nice]
A cyclops, has one eyeball
Hello Dolly like how'd you fall
I can riff cause my name's not Biff
I'll drink a Heineken (well I'll smoke a spliff)
Yo I caught a ci-zzab, paid the ti-zzab
Jump, (?) a boot to bi-zzack
Ooh man damn dag forgot my doo rag
Like Popeye need spinach to beat up the sea hag
My name is Greg Nice, I got gusto
I got a little booty and she better no be no ho
On the mic I'll never diss
But if I diss you know what you can kiss
Kiss me, yo, I'm not a star baby
I eat beef baby, not caviar
No chaffeur and no Benz car
Down with Nice & Smooth and I'm gonna go far

[Nice & Smooth]
Look, stare, you can scope
Because Nice & Smooth is like dope on a rope

[Smooth Bee]
Lookin out beyond a level of sight and sound
To wear a crown might be profound
but pound for pound I must astound you
or leave a stain inside your membrane
I wanna reign, supreme like a Powerlord
And use my brain and a pen, like a shield and a sword
Since my mind conceive this, why not believe it
My hands receive it, and therefore I must achieve it
Then I have no other alternative
than to show the party people just how I live
See I emerged from a level called brown
And like an atom radiates, I develop from the elements
Then I saw a vision of greatness
So I proceeded to follow a path, where only warriors go
I found the glow, I learned to know to go with the flow
I've grown, but must continue to grow
I'm like the sun, or should I say the North Star
A black pearl, or maybe I'm a quasar
I'm bright as hell, sometimes it even scares me
How in the world could one MC, be so deep?
I don't creep, like a frog I leap
And I, reap what I sew and sew what I reap
My lyrics seep into your soul and gain control
This is a fact not rigamarole
I'm icy cold but warm like a mink stole
See I've been writin rhymes, since I was pre-natal
I have a lust and hunger for stage, my attraction is fatal
If I was to categorize me
I'd be a bigger surprise than human eyes could see

[Nice & Smooth]
Look, stare, you can scope
Because Nice & Smooth is like dope on a rope
Yo, Nice & Smooth is like dope on a rope
Yo, Nice & Smooth is like dope on a rope

[Greg Nice]
Teddy Ted, the late night rocker
Gets a little tipsy when he drinks a little vodka
but his hands stay steady on the wheels of steel
You duck DJ's y'all know the deal

{*Teddy Ted scratches the above lines and more*

Sum Pimped Out Shit

length: 3:03