*NSYNC Album Cover Art


Cover Art



CD 1
  • 1 Tearin' Up My Heart
    length: 4:47
  • 2 You Got It
    length: 3:34
    producer: Veit Renn
    mixer: Joe Smith
    assistant mixer: Justin "Ringo" Star
  • 3 Sailing
    length: 4:37
    producer: Veit Renn
    mixer: Joe Smith
  • 4 Crazy for You
    length: 3:41
    producer: Gary Carolla
    mixer: Gary Carolla and Joe Smith
    guitar: Mark Matteo
  • 5 Riddle
    length: 3:42
  • 6 For the Girl Who Has Everything
    length: 3:47
    producer: Veit Renn
    mixer: Joe Smith
    recording engineer: Joe Smith
    additional: Justin Timberlake
    bass guitar: Jolyon Skinner
    executive producer: Johnny Wright
    assistant engineer: Adam Barber and Michael Tucker
    guitar: Veit Renn
  • 7 I Need Love
    length: 3:15
    producer: Gary Carolla
    mixer: Joe Smith and Gary Carolla
  • 8 Giddy Up
    length: 4:10
    producer: Veit Renn
    mixer: Joe Smith
    guitar: Veit Renn
    assistant mixer: Tommie Hicks Jr.
  • 9 Here We Go
    length: 3:35
    producer: B├╝lent Aris and Toni Cottura
    co-producer: Jan van der Toorn and G.J.O.R. Rollocks
  • 10 Best of My Life
    length: 4:44
  • 11 More Than a Feeling
    length: 3:42
  • 12 I Want You Back
    length: 4:24
    producer: Denniz PoP and Max Martin
    vocal: Chris Kirkpatrick, James Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, *NSYNC and Joey Fatone
    additional editor: Thomas Ljung
  • 13 Together Again
    length: 4:09
  • 14 Forever Young
    length: 4:07