Love Album

Artist(s): Nude

Cover Art

Nude Love Cover Art


Gender Hacking

length: 16:50

He tried to break it in many ways
this endless life feeling his own skin

Waste what remains stuck deep inside
End with male suffering, bring it back to life
She followed him to act a lover
she needed him, partners for ever
to be involved in a Gender switching
to be involved in a Gender swapping
She needed to behave like
She needed to fill
She needed to feel
what it's like to be inside

And she followed him
Because she needed him
to be involved in
A Gender Swapping

Anna, what does it feel like ?
Andy, what does it feel like ?


length: 3:31


length: 11:10

La Puerta

length: 6:16


length: 4:54

The Hermit

length: 17:39

How to Succeed in Dust

length: 10:16