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P!nk Trouble Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Trouble
    length: 3:14
    producer: Tim Armstrong
    lead vocals: P!nk
    mixer: Tom Lordā€Alge
    engineer: Dave Carlock, Tim Armstrong and John Fields
    additional producer: John Fields
    background vocals: Tim Armstrong, Galadriel Masterson and Hopey Rock
    additional engineer: Steven Miller and Atticus Ross
    programming: John Fields
    sampler: Atticus Ross
    drums (drum set): Travis Barker
    guitar & sampler: Tim Armstrong
    horn arranger: Lon Price
    percussion & drums (drum set): Joshua Seth Eagan
    assistant engineer: Fredrik Sarhagen, John Silas Cranfield, Fermio Hernandez, Chris Testa and Tony Cooper
    keyboard & guitar & percussion & bass guitar: John Fields
    glockenspiel & omnichord & drums (drum set) & turntable: Matt Mahaffey
    lyricist: Tim Armstrong, P!nk
    composer: Tim Armstrong, P!nk