Snuff the Punk Album

Artist(s): P.O.D.

Cover Art

P.O.D. Snuff the Punk Cover Art


Coming Back

length: 3:49

He's coming back
He's coming back for me and you

It's the low down, the showdown, brothers ready to throw down
No need for us to go down, the Truth is what we know now
That we have we have life through my Lord, Christ Jesus
No one can love you more than to do the things that He did
So give Him your pass so that He can start to mold ya
Full fledged, dedicated, hardcore, christian soldier
Spiritual war, it's a spiritual bout
and we're the first ones in P.O.D. and we're the last ones out

He's coming back
He's coming back for me and you

Let the Music Do the Talking

length: 3:45
When the beat starts pumping, that's it -- Yeah
The hitman's on the mic getting lyrically sick
My boys with the tools to groove to make you want to move
The P.O.D. is rock'n and we have nothing to prove
So with the mic in my hand let me state this now
You can get with this, now way no how
Forget your fingers homeboy, you'll do the walking
No need for words, we let the music do the talking

God made me
-- And I'm funky
We're set Free
-- Close your eyes and let your heart see
God made me
-- It's the P.O.D. and we're funky
We're set free
-- For all eternity

Now it's obvious to see that we're dope
-- We're dope
Confusing your mid with this flow you can't cope
-- Cope
What you're gonna do when you're faced with my crew
With the game that is true there's no hope
-- Hope
Why do you try to front, you know that my God is so hard
Taking out you chumps is just a walk in the park
Keep your lips shut with all your Hawking and Squaking
No need for words, we let the music do the talking

God made me
-- And I'm funky
We're set Free
-- Close your eyes and let your heart see
God made me
-- It's the P.O.D. and we're funky
We're set free
-- For all eternity

Draw the Line

length: 2:51
Brothers and Sisters
We're gonna draw the line to forget about the problems abroad
But, in the end, we all have problems of our own
Gangs, Crack, Racism, and many people don't have hope
It probably don't matter much to you
In the struggles, the time that we live
But, you don't know your future, so you better take time to give
Who's gonna draw the line?
We're gonna draw the line
Together, forever and ever
You must be thinking, I can't do a thing
But look at me, I help when I sing
Where man can make a difference
Like Ceasar Chaves and Doctor King
We all have the ability to release a positive capability
Where the youth is our responsibility
It's time to take a stand
Who's gonna draw the line?
We're gonna draw the line
Together, forever and ever
Brothers and sisters
Where gonna draw the line to make people change
Yo I'm optimistic, down with positivity
But yo I'm realistic, this line will be drawn over night
This is a struggle so prepare to fight
Who's gonna draw the line?
We're gonna draw the line
Together, forever and ever

Who Is Right?

length: 3:50
I'm just a loc'd out brother
Com'n straight from S.D.
Just another islander, beaner, wop, minority
Taught to love one antogher, all races
All tipes of colors, different skin, different faces
Can you answer my question, when I ask you who is right?
Racists come in all forms of colors black of white
So take that when I say your hatred sucks!
Coming from the H-I-T man, so what's up?
If you ain't down with my white brother we ain't down with you
And if you ain't down with my clack brother then we ain't down with you
Punk, punk talking that trash
White trash, black trash, you get a back to back slap
You tink I'm soft, the you don't know me
Cause no I don't play that and we're definitely not your homie
He'll take your pride for a long ride, try and hide
You hate my outside, how bout my inside
It's just me and my boys and we'll hit 'em up
Yeah, come on ya'll, get 'em up
One for peace, two for love and three for my G-O-D
Yeah, come on ya'll, get 'em up
Get your hands up
One for peace, two for love and three for my G-O-D
Now that's dread to you head for my final conclusion
Straight up acts 10 holmes it's Peter's vision
So get up Peter, kill and eat
Surely not Lord this meat is unclean
For my Lord makes nothng unclean
Creatures of the world, all beasts and human beings
Black or white, who is right?
Peace and love through my Lord Jesus Christ!
Then Peter began to speak, I now realize how God does not show
Favoritism but accepts man from every nation
Who fear Him and do what is right
Black or white, who is right?

Get It Straight

length: 3:19
God's invisible qualities
Eternal Power and dignity
Ruling over everything
Forever and ever eternity

Take a step back chump it's the word don't you know it
Strictly hardcore Underground is how I flow it
I show it and let it be known, this good news
I love my life for Christ, But you live now you choose
We rock a show we rock some more, He gets the glory
Cause this is how we preach his word and tell his story
Cause when it comes to my God, there ain't no playing around
We either get on our knees or we can get down
And we can get down
So come and get some of this christianity
Dedicated my life, Now I'm a Soldier of G.O.D.
I stuff his words in your face cause you know I can
You heard this before, I don't care, hear it again
This is your final warning Yeah Get It Straight
So come and get a piece of his love before it's too late
We bless you Lord, You're my GOD and you're my life
That's how we do, so what that P.O.D. like?
Now what my G-O-D like?


length: 3:20
Living on the streets of nowhere
Nobody unrerstands and nobody cares
Nobody listens, so who can tell my life is just a living hell!
I'm going back and forth, no one to run to
Slowly losing my mind so what am I doing
If you could only see the pain and hurt in my soul
But you don't understand me so how could you know
Sometimes it gets so bad I think I'm losing it
Can't get my hand out of life and I'm losing my grip
And when you loose your grip you begin to slip
Death is just waiting one to trip
Heading down the path to nowhere
No one can hear me cause nobody's there
Life gets darker and there is no light at all
When the ways of this world just prepares me for the fall
What can I do what can I say
I don't know love, only hate
What would you do if you were me?
I guess you'll never know
How would it feel to walk in my shoes
A victim of this world only used and abused
Trapped in a box with the walls coming down on me
They say they know how I feel
Let's it end all right now, that's how I feel
Don't have a care in the world, life means nothing
Don't look back, don't look back, just keep running
RUN - keep running
RUN - keep running
How long o Lord? Will you forget me forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long must I wrestle with my thoughts
And everyday have sorrow in my heart
How long will my enemy triumph over me?
Look at me and give me an answer o Lord my God
Give light to my eyes or I'll sleep in death
My enemy will say I overcame him
And my foes will rejoice at my fall
But I still believe in you Lord
And I know You're real, You're so real Lord
Come and take me from this place Lord
Everyday I will follow and see your face Lord
But I trust in your unfailable love
My heart rejoices Your salvation
I will sing to you my Lord
For He has been, for He has been good to me
You're the one who rescued me
And You're the one who'll set me free
I keep on running, but there ain't no where to hide
You took me in with your arms open wide
You loved me first when no one else would
You died for me, so I give my life to you
False hopes and lies, but you're the One who's
next time I run, I'm running straight to you

Snuff the Punk

length: 3:04
Snuff the punk, I'm getting tired of you chump
Bass in your face You'll get a taste of P.O.D. Funk
When I say punk or chump I don't mean you
Talkin about the Devil and his crew
You came to rob and steal from the helpless
Warriors in Christ we stand up for the defensless
So if you can get with this then step to this
And if you say yes sing the P.O.D. checklist
This is a spiritual war, we take no prisoners
Live a life of sin, you don't know what your getting into
You picked a winner, love the sinner, hate the sin dude
We got a plan to understand, Here's what we gonna do

Snuff Da Punk, Snuff the Punk, Snuff 'em, Snuff 'em
Snuff the Punk, Snuff the Punk

P.O.D. hit one more time for those that don't be knowin'
Merrily, merrily, merrily down the stream is how I'm flowin'
Keep goin, don't stop all props to P.O.D.
P.O.D. The Gospel, The Gospel that Rocks
Rock You, We did it, I think it's time to quit it
And when my King is greaking, Yo, You better take a seat kid
The Shield of God, ain't nothin' gonna hurt me
And too rough, We're gonna get down and dirty
I told you once before homie, This is the real deal
No time to win your soul, it's too late, we gotta steal it
Blinded by ignorance use some common sense
Though so tough God challenged my bluff 'G
I thank the Lord the day he snuffed a Punk like Me

Snuff the Punk, P.O.D. Snuff the Punk

Can You Feel It?

length: 4:51
Welcome to the minds of imfamous ones
Children of God, Jesus' son
Gonna hit you hard, it's the hit man for Christ
Gonna steal your soul, you just might

You had no idea that Christians could be so hard core
We'll keep you flowing to the rythem seeking more and more
Can you deal with it? Cuz this is real kid
You must be one in a mil if you can't feel it
How could you feel it boy if you don't move
How could you say you feel it if you don't groove
Just let your spirit go and keep going
Don't even try to stop this flow, it keeps coming
I see you there, you think you're really tough
But if you got soul you're rockin and ready to burst
Go with the flow and let yourself go
Gods running the show He's got control of my soul

Can you feel it x4
P.O.D. (chanted x4)

What's the problem son? You said you wanted some
But when I started rocking POD got the job done
My Lord said hard, hard is how you hit 'em
One blow with the mic and the quincess is how I get 'em
Alternative thrash can you deal with it?
funk and groove with a hip hop feel to it
Giving you a style with a different kind of sound
So keep on rockin even when we bring it down
Bring it down, bring it down, bring it down ya'll
Bring it down, bring it down, bring it down
Bring it down, bring it down, bring it down ya'll
But don't change the funky funky sound

Three in the Power of One

length: 4:20
Souls black as night
But it's nothing for the children of God to fight
We wrestle not with flesh and blood
But with the principalities fo darkness
So put on your Armor of God
For the day of battle will come
But the victory is already ours
Through Christ in the power of one

The Power of Christ
Surrounded by the Angels of God
Step to the realm where evil reins
We are soldiers prepared for war
With the power to speak His name
Satan with his legion of demons
Decieving with his wicked ways
With his life He has paid
With his word I will slay
Any demon that steps in my way
So bring it on
It's the P.O.D. on the mic rockin the set
In case you didn't know Payable on Death
Makin suckers drop, kick n' non-stop
The hard rock and thrash with a little hip-hop
Four christian borther's on a roll, there we go
Coming up hard but you know we got soul
I'm strapped yes, we're packed and it's about time
Jesus go my back, P.O.D. on the frontline

Three in the Power of One

Every Knee

length: 4:18
Wherefore God had highly exlted Him and given Him a name
Which is above every name and at the feet of Jesus
Every Knee Shall Bow
Of things of heaven and of things of Earth
And things under the Earth and at the name of Jesus
Every tongue shall confess that He is King
Under God the Father
Christ is King, He is God
Who so you seek you deny
That in the begining was the word and the word was with God
The Word was God. So why do you fight
Which were not born of Blood, nor of the flesh
Nor of the will of man, but of God
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
And We beheld His glory
Full of grace and truth

Who's gonna bow down? Every Knee
Who's gonna confess? Every Tongue

Prophets of the past, claim the son of man would come
With their hands lifted up and their eyes to the sky
They problaim the name of Jesus Christ
People may ask why, who do you live this way
But they know the truth, for He is the Truth
Desperate is their lives, so what's the use
Here's on for the funky drummer: Keep the rythems rollin'
In your face, I got the bass, without a trace
He's going, he's gone and I'm on the microphone
And I'm known to get rough
So thake some time out of my rhyme bro and strutt your stuff
Prophets we're four, I'll show you what's in store
Give praises to my King so now can I get an Encore?
And keep clapping, keep clapping, keep clapping, keep clapping
Hey, yo, what' kappening Brother's getting jacked
When you step up to me with that disrespect
I thinks it's time for us to put your evil butt in check
And if you don't believe me, tell me who is next
And somebody tell the devil, that his match is met
From the Word of God, so you know it's the Truth
And I tell you with power Chump, so what ya gonna do?
I'll make it known again that we're just spreading the good news
And we'll have your crews saying your jesus is one smooth

Who's gonna bow down? Every Knee

Wherefore God has highly exalted him and given him a name
Which is above every name, and the feet of Jesus,
Every Knee shall bow
Of things of heaven, of things of Earth, and Things under Earth
And at the name of Jesus, every tongue shall confess that He is King
Under God the Father


length: 7:17
Yeah it's the P.O.D. right here
Coming straight from the S.D.C.-A
619's in affect, know what I'm sayin'
Givin you that hardcore sound, Yeah
Comin up from the ground
That's where it all started y'know what I'm sayin
Yeah, this is hardcore, you know why it's so hardcore
Cuz it's built on the Rock - what Rock you ask
The Rock of Jesus Christ, yeah that's right
Givin you the truth cuz the truth hurts y'know
But that's how we sayin' it's down
We ain't got nothin to hide
And we're breakin it down like that y'know what I'm sayin'
Hardlove, hardcore one way, Yeah, Check it out

Abortion is murder
There's nothin you can say or do
To justify the fact
That there's a living breathin being inside of you

Abortion is murder

Abortion is murder
There's nothing you can say or do
To justify the fact
That there's a living breathing being inside of you

Abortion is murder


Abortion is murder