How the West Was Lost - Volume Two Album

Artist(s): Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai


How the West Was Lost - Overture

length: 2:58

How the West Was Lost (Seminole)

length: 1:44

Themes for the Cherokee

length: 3:15

Hand in Hand

length: 1:39

Prayer for Peace

length: 3:21

Our Land, Our Life

length: 2:36

How the West Was Lost (Indian Territory)

length: 2:19

The Seminole Everglades

length: 3:52

Challenge at White River

length: 2:51

Dakota Justice

length: 2:12

Cherokee Faith

length: 1:56

Indian Territory

length: 1:58

White River Utes

length: 2:37

Landscape of War

length: 4:25

Proud Warrior

length: 2:19

Slight of Land

length: 1:44

Iroquois Longhouse

length: 1:07

Chief Ouray's Death Song

length: 2:26

The Cherokee's Brother

length: 3:52

Everglade Farewell

length: 2:34

Grandmother's Lament

length: 3:21

Dance of the North

length: 3:47

Dakota Medicine

length: 2:21

How the Wast Was Lost - Closing Theme

length: 1:48